This one right here is a new laptop from Asus that features dual screen technology that well, you know, changes the game in terms of productivity, on the go with your laptop, but before we dive into showcasing this laptop lets, hear a word from todays sponsor todays. Video is brought to you by gvg mall, the Online Marketplace to gain access to some really awesome, discounted game keys and more specifically, Windows, 10 licenses with Windows 10. It is so easy just to go onto the website, using the link in the description down below and then go to the Windows. 10 click buy. It now add. Code tb20 then go to the checkout put in your payment info and then boom. You will get within a few seconds or a few minutes, an activation code that you will go into Windows 10, put in an activation code and its fully legit. It will work out of the box and you will have a fully activated Windows 10 license. We use gbg mall for all the PCS we built here at the toasty Bros, and so should you so definitely check the link in the description down below and use code tb20 to save money on checkouts. So you guys have probably seen here in the channel weve done quite a few laptop setups, where we showcase a laptop and a gaming monitor or even a portable monitor that costs you an extra 150 dollars. Well, you might not know about these.

These are pretty cool because these actually have a built in secondary display, and, yes, it is a whole secondary display. That is in fact a separate monitor, so were going to go ahead and do is Showcase. The laptop that Jackson has been using for a while as his daily driver, which is the older version right here and then Asus was nice, never sent over this new version. With this beautiful screen, you can already tell a massive difference in terms of the brightness just on this Arrow right here, but then well be diving into some weld benchmarks with this one, because it has a better GPU in it. So you definitely have some more gaming capabilities here, along with productivity, so lets just go over the unboxing of this laptop and then compare the two laptops. So the new laptop that were unboxing is the Asus Zenbook Pro 14 Duo. Oled. The exact model is the ux8402ze db74t. This laptop comes standard with Windows, 11 home 16 gigs of RAM running in dual Channel Wi Fi 6E, the Intel Core i712700h at 2.3, gigahertz 14, core 20 thread and an RTX 3050 TI 4 gig of gddr6, and it has a one terabyte nbme SSD and the Best part is the display is a 14 and a half inch OLED touchscreen, that is 2880 by 1800, so 2.8 k at 120, hertz and youll notice in the unboxing. It also comes with a very nice soft case and also comes with a Asus pin as well.

So you probably want to know the difference between these two because theyre very similar, this is kind of the older generation. So this was a really good laptop, its an i7 10510 yeah thats a mouthful, and that was a 4 core 8 thread, its a u processor. So a little bit slower in terms of the productivity Department. We have 16 gigs dual Channel 2133, so thats ddr4. Of course we have a one terabyte Intel, SSD and thats more than likely an nvme Intel, SSD really good drives. We do have Wi Fi 6. On this, which is definitely nice that came with it, we of course have the USD Graphics, but we also had the mx250, which I believe was just two gigs yeah, two gigs of dedicated Ram. This thing wasnt bad, I mean I could play like Skyrim. I could play balloons, I could play Minecraft when you got into AAA titles. It was a little bit iffy this one right here, though, definitely going to do everything and more because we have the i712 700h, which is a 14 core 20 thread and its a base. Speed of 2.3 gigahertz, we have 16 gigs of RAM. I dont know if this is uh even close to factual. It says that theres eight sticks and actually that Ive never seen it actually come down with this Dropbox must be a Windows 11 feature, but it shows that theres, eight of eight Us – and you can see here it shows like two gigs in each slot.

Uh 4. 800 megahertz regardless I know its at least dual channel, so they definitely did good there. Now for the SSD weve switched it up a little bit. We no longer have an Intel assistant. We actually have a Samsung, I assume its probably a pretty decent Samsung nvme Im, not really sure if its Gen 4, but would not be surprised. We do have Wi Fi 6E on here, which is a little bit quicker, a little bit further distance. We have our Iris XC graphics, for you know when were not plugged in on the go, and then we have the 3050 TI laptop GPU, which is a four gig of dedicated Ram. So we have double the RAM and in terms of the GPU processing power, it is a lot better and Matt could probably get it pretty well on camera. The screen difference is uncanny theyre, both at Max brightness. Right now – and I have to be honest – the secondary screen on the original Zenbook was almost unusable. I almost had to be like this to really see the screen. If I had it tilted back at all, and the camera might be able to capture this, you almost lose complete sight of the screen. With this laptop, however, lets see the angles we get here on viewing, so I mean I I can be almost like. I mean almost flat with the laptop and still see the screen, just fine, so yeah they definitely a better job.

You definitely have this nice glossy OLED display, and you can definitely see those nice colors. You get all the true black colors as well, which they kind of highlight with this nice little screen saver here you can tell they want to show it off pretty good webcam as well. I always feel like we forget to show these actually funny this one almost does okay, color wise, this one looks better, you can see Matt and I we look extra white in this one right here, but in this one I think they kind of captured some more Uh Vibrance some more colors, so I wouldnt be surprised with the same webcam and the screens itself are just showing the colors different thats, a good point yeah that OLED display it is just a 720p webcam. So in terms of the touch screen too, I havent noticed any like major differences so far um I will say, though, this glossiness definitely Glides better on on your finger. This one kind of has a little bit more of like a matte finish, so you can kind of feel it. This ones just very, very smooth now to talk about the ports on the right hand, side the laptop. We have two usbcs and we have one USB 3.. Now they changed it up a little bit. We actually have some stuff on the back, so we have a full size. Hdmi out. We have a micro SD card reader. We have our 12 volt for charging and then, on the left hand side.

We literally have one port, we have a combo headphone jack and then these are just vents. I almost thought they were USB when I first saw them but theyre just fence. We do have a newer version of the pin, so this is a pretty cool pin because it actually used with more than one different type of Asus product, but this exact pin. This is the active stylus sa203h. So its pretty cool, though, because check this out thats. How you charge it its USBC, it just pops out there, but it does have some macros on it for doing like erasing and stuff like that kind of just like on the Fly, I dont think its even on right. Now you just kind of press this button right here and then it turns on or its dead theres a tiny little indicator light right there that that tells me that its that I have not charged it once. You know its probably dead were gon na charge it while we get our games updating, but I want to show you guys this too. I purposely saved this from the unboxing because I was like wow Ive never actually had a laptop come with a little carrying case. I thought that was kind of nifty. I dont know if this comes with all of them. It might just be because this was one of the more high dollar models, but so pretty cool little velcro case um nice mesh inside kind of like a leather back.

That says: send book Zenbook, Zen book books in whats, the last one books in okay, cool but yeah, pretty nice carrying case thats sort of custom fitted for it, so thats what it comes with pretty dope. Definitely a luxury laptop. You can get them in much cheaper models, but we said: hey send us what youd like to send and they said well were gon na go all out, and this does go all the way up to I9 12th gen by the way, with the 3050 TI, we Got just one step down from that which Im very happy with, because I would have been scared to have an I9 honestly thats a little too much power for me. So now were just gon na go ahead and get all these games that I got downloaded updated. I havent got to try a single game, yet so Im excited to see how it does lets go ahead and dive in all right guys were playing Apex Legends and right now we are at a 1920 by 1200 and were on like medium settings. I decided to lower the settings just a little bit because running almost 4k on a triple a title was you know a little bit cumbersome for this 3050 TI? You got ta remember this 30 bti is basically like a 1660 realistically yeah, so its not going to necessarily push the best frame rate I had. I did the thing: oh, no, you didnt do.

The toggle waggle screen is very nice, though High refresh rate nice and pretty it is loud too. Oh yeah, like this thing, definitely hits some bass like an impressive amount. You can definitely see that 120 hertz when its actually getting. You know close to the FPS. We want looks nice and smooth 120.. We hit those yes Music. Turning around Im using like a freaking sniper, rug. Well, thats Apex, I cant yeah, no Apex ran good hes, doing the hes doing the squat, but yeah, you know getting 100 plus FPS um. You know at like medium settings 1920 by 1200, its a little over 1080 and the screen looked beautiful, so pretty happy with it lets go on to some other games. Weve got some Esports titles. We have OverWatch too lets. Do it alrighty Gamers, look at that! We are rocky league and we are actually running on the native resolution, pretty much High settings and look at that were getting 100 FPS. So if youre gon na play games like rocket League, there are a lot lighter titles to play. Uh youll have no problems getting uh well, 100, plus FPS take advantage of that high refresh rate display. Oh, that was, that was a pinch. Crazy and Rocky Lee were using just about 12 gigs of RAM its a lot of ram. To be fair, though you know, were running dual monitors right now, as we speak, it was edible. Uh, okay, I mean Im just saying Ive, never seen you play like this with the.

What do you use like scared? Oh we did it. The tie is broken and ggs yeah, so in each one. Titles, like you know, rockly, I bet Valor would be very similar. Um youll easily get 100 plus FPS on the native resolution, so you really have to turn anything down but yeah its so pretty cool that you know, being a Creator or multitasker focused laptop can actually do some gaming on the side, and you know you can get Good 1v1s here next yeah Balloon Tower Defense, six Matts playing this tutorial right now, because you know you know it thinks its a whole new account yeah. This laptop would also definitely be good. I mean for games like TFT, just normal League of Legends World of Warcraft. Like all of those you know a lot of people consider to be kind of Esports and in their own since theyre, pretty low graphic settings so yeah you could definitely run pretty much anything on this and, as we showed with Apex AAA titles can definitely run at A little bit lower settings lower res look at that Victory, so yeah obviously games like this no problem whatsoever. We just want to demonstrate that you know theres more than just other games out there. You can plan a laptop like this and uh yeah. Theres balloons lets play some OverWatch, all right guys were in OverWatch. Let me show you all the settings. Real quick were actually just playing a death match, but, as you cannot see were on the native resolution, with full field of view, we got the frame rate.

Uncapped were on medium preset right now. I normally play with ultra at home because Im on a 2080 super, but I mean hey, this is respectable right now. This is very good. Yeah, oh youre, trapped, oh get that hog yeah wheres, the other freaking person at my hog. Oh, I just sat on these bombs. You know thats what freaking counts. The 120 FPS uh definitely no problem, even at the native res. So you know. I think this things pretty good. You can even play some War Zone on it for sure, and some other new AAA titles lets wrap up this video all right guys. We just got done benchmarking, this dual screen laptop and overall, it worked really well. It wouldnt really show off a whole lot of the uses of the double screen, but it is literally a second screen. So if you want to pull up your games, maybe youre into stream – and you want to pull up OBS down here – this is definitely capable of some light streaming, especially on those Esports titles. If you have a built in webcam and everything too, so this would be like an all in one solution to get into streaming for extreme multitaskers its pretty cool, to see that this kind of Technology exists. So you can be on the go with multiple screens. Dont have to worry about a portable, monitor things like that. So if you dont learn more about this laptop check, the link down below probably Gon na Fill A Link, and it will help us out and let us know what you think of dual screen laptops.

If youre using one for work or whatever you use it for and if, if you think you might invest well in the future, if you dont have one so overall, we hope you guys enjoyed todays video. If you did check out our other two YouTube channels and also our toasty Bros, and do not forget to like comment and subscribe and well see you guys in the next one goodbye, so over at PC, Bros Ill actually be selling the other one that we Showcased here earlier, along with tons of other gaming desktops and laptops CC bros.text, where we sell gaming, PCs, gaming laptops and so much more and if you use special discount code, toasty Bros 2 on checkout youll save two percent on your next purchase. See you guys later goodbye, buy this shirt too thats, where I got it from you, buy a shirt.