The main features of this watch is a big 1.78 inch, bezel less screen, bluetooth calls and 7 days of battery life. However, i am especially interested in this watch because of the strap. Actually, it is not regular strap because it also protects as a dial. The manufacturer says that you can change from business to sports style. The watch looks very nice in this trap. Do you agree? The price of dt94 smartwatch is only 25. However, i already found the drawback of this watch when i first took it in my hands, let’s think about advantages and disadvantages of the new dt number one smartwatch. I received a package with two boxes. One of them has a smartwatch itself, while another has a strap. You know this trap looks very nice later. I will show it to you on the watch on the back of this white box. We can read specifications of smart watch such as chipset screen, size, battery capacity charging, time etc. Inside the box there is a watch, a classic business trap, magnetic charging, cable and a user manual. So i promised to show you the watch in the business and sports straps. This is a classic business trap that we have seen on many other budget, chinese watches it has a width of 20 millimeters and the length of 210 millimeters, but also dt94 smartwatch has a second sports strap. First, you need to remove a classic, strap and then insert the watch in this one.

You know this sports strap makes the watch very special. I didn’t even think that the strap could make such a big difference in the look of the smartwatch. Yes, the watch looks bulky with this strap, but i like it very much. It has a hole for physical button on the right side and the second small hole on the left for microphone. As i already said, dt94 smartwatch supports a bluetooth calls, so it has built in microphone and speaker. The speaker is located on the back. We can also see heart rate sensor, blood, oxygen sensor and charging contacts by the way. Do you remember? I said at the beginning of this video that i found the first low in this watch, so this is charging contacts. The magnets are very weak. The charging cable often comes loose, which stops charging. You know it is quite annoying. A dd94 smart watch has a big 1.78 inch display on the front. It has resolution of 320 by 385 pixels on official website. We can see the display has ips panel white view, viewing angle, 178 degrees, 99.5 percent of rgb, color gamut and other fishes. However, from my experience i can say that the screen brightness is not enough for comparison. You can see a massive gtr and dt94 smart watches in direct sunlight. It is pretty hard to see anything on the screen of dd number one smartwatch. Do you agree now? Let’S talk about functions of the new watch.

There are many of them. The dt94 smartwatch has seven watch faces out of the box later in this video. We will check if it is possible to download more dials from the open smartphone. As usual, you can swipe down to open quick settings menu. Here you can change a screen. Brightness look weather forecast, activate, do not disturb mode open settings, menu turn on audio call, switch and qr code to download companion up on smartphone in the settings menu. We can choose a language – chinese, english, russian and many others. There is also dial switch screen, time, vibration, intensity, bluetooth, phone connection and factory reset. You can swap red from the main dial to read the new notifications and swap lab to check daily activity, heart rate and sleep information. The watch also has a menu with all available functions, such as phone calls, contact book messages, steps, sports modes, heart rate, ecg, blood, oxygen, blood pressure, music player, sleep, monitor, stopwatch weather forecast, find film, breast exercise and female health. By the way, you can also choose a style for this menu: okay, that’s very good, but i’m, still wondering if i can download more dials on the watch through the app the companion app for dt94 smartwatch is called wearer pro. It is available on android and ios devices. Actually it has the same functions as other budget chinese watches such as motion data, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen. There is also a settings menu in the app.

The first option is watch face. Push as you can see, we can download the new dials on the watch. I think there are more than 100 watch faces available. Also you can find found in the settings. Take photo till to week turn on incoming call notifications, sms app notifications, heart rate monitoring, ecg detection, frequent contacts, bluetooth call and others by the way. If you want to receive and make phone calls through the watch, you need to go to bluetooth settings on your phone and connect to watch audio. Now you have a dial on the watch to enter phone number contact book and the history of calls vice versa, microphone and speaker quality of dt94 smartwatch are really good. Talking about the battery of the new watch, it has a capacity of 200 million power. The manufacturer promises 7 days of battery life. You should understand that it depends on usage. You can only watch the time and then the battery life will be even more than 7 days. However, if you always make or receive phone calls measure heart rate and use other functions of the watch and then the battery life can be even less than 7 days, you know i really like the new smartwatch dt94. There are many features and functions. I especially like this sports strap most likely. You can find something similar for the other watches, but this trap comes in the package. That’S very good. The dd94 is perhaps one of the cheapest watches, with bluetooth phone calls you can make and receive calls on the watch.

There are also many other useful functions, such as heart rate, blood pressure and blood, oxygen monitors, music player, sports modes, etc. However, the watcher also has drawbacks. The first one is a weak magnets for charging cable. In addition, the screen brightness is not enough, so it is hard to see anything on the display in direct sunlight. However, i think it is not big deal for 25 smart watch. If you want to buy it, i will leave the link in description under the video.