We have the iPhone 11 Pro max. We have the Samsung Galaxy fold. Yes, this is a perfectly working samsung galaxy fold and the crazy thing about this guys. I would just want to show you when I got this phone brand new. I posted it on Twitter. It came with this little messed up LED right there, whatever distortion in the display so it’s been around there forever. I haven’t actually taken it back, but just for fun. We’Re also gon na include the legendary Nokia 3310. This is the world’s most indestructible phone, so we’re gon na see exactly all three phones drop test from this height check it out – and this is gon na be as raw as it gets guys no case just a straight up: drop we’re gon na see where it Lands how it does first up, we have the iPhone 11 pro max we’re gon na see what happens so. No cases guys just a real raw and uncut drop test let’s go ahead and see what happens in three two one. Just like that guys. Look at this phone is already glitching. I don’t know if I should be surprised or shocked. When I came down here, the screen was actually glitching out green. It was blinking, but now it started working it’s back to fully working order, it’s horrible, in condition guys the condition is just destroyed. It’S cracked guys can see there’s like a green line on the right side.

The initial kind of impact here with the distortion and the back is the worst looks like you just went through some like robotic transformation. All that glass is missing. Cameras actually held up pretty good, which is crazy, but just look at that in detail. That’S insane, so it actually did fall about 20 stories just for reference when I dropped the galaxy fold, but I wanted to make this you know as real and raw and uncut as it gets with no case next up. We have the samsung galaxy fold guys. This is the long awaited crazy drop test from the staircase 2000 for this smartphone and we’re gon na see exactly what’s gon na happen. So, of course, we have that plastic screen this time around, so I’ll be very interesting to see, even if it drops 20 stories or so, how will it survive? Will it last or about to find out guys in 3 2 1 that was incredibly loud compared to the iPhone and there’s the galaxy fault guys look at it. It’S also blinking, except only part of this display, is blinking your whoa nevermind. Let me take a look: what is going on here, the whole ride screen is kind of working the left side, isn’t let’s go ahead and see if we can close it. What happens when we close the phone? Oh, my goodness, Wow. Look at that guys. Look at the back: this phone is destroyed, let’s see the other, oh whoa, so this part actually still works, guys that’s some good news, so we can still use this phone, but just that small little display here so let’s try and open it up again.

This seems to work a little bit when I have the fold folded in half wait. But as soon as I go like this turns off, but then who turns back on turns off, I guess it’s like a little hack and just for the fun of it guys. We’Re gon na drop, both the galaxy bulb and the iPhone 11 Pro max at the same time, to see as a final result. So both phones, obviously they’re still working the actual display in the fold isn’t, but let’s go ahead and just do it for fun, see what happens in three two one again we got a green screen back, has destroy even more look at this, but let’s. Look at the big one here this is it guys the Galaxy fold, so this thing was still showing a sign of life earlier. I don’t think that’s gon na happen anymore. Now, so horrible condition guys. This thing is bent let’s pop, it open, still snaps open and it does closed but horrible condition and at the end of the day the crazy thing to point out is the iPhone is still showing a sign of life, whereas this is not so definitely sucks here. Let me try hit the power button, yep, no sign of life here. Finally, guys we got the Nokia 3310, of course, we’re gon na turn on the camera, just to see what happens and we’ll see how it survives and if it gets the video footage.

So same height let’s go ahead and do it about 200 feet 20 stories in three two one and look at this guy’s the indestructible phone actually got destroyed. The battery is missing here. The case is basically cracked. Look at this. Oh, my goodness here’s another piece of the Nokia 3310 got the little keyboard here. Beautiful guys. Look at this! This feels like little LEGO pieces. Oh my goodness, nice little surprise. So in conclusion, guys that wraps it up.