First drobo is a brand that makes uh Nas and Das units so dass direct access, storage and NASAs network attached storage that uses a hybrid raid type solution, so the five scene, 5D r5a and they can be set up depending on uh. How much storage you need with one disk redundancy or two disk redundancy leaving you with three discs for storage and, as I mentioned, they use a hybrid rate solution. So that means that you could put any size, hard drive in any Bay, but note that if too large a mix match between drives are in there if youre going to lose some amount of storage until you put it in there. So, for example, if you have uh like 2 8 and two tens and like uh, four terabyte uh youre, not gon na, be fully utilizing all of them. But if you have like 2, 8 or 3 8 and two tens itll actually be able to use the full, the full storage of it minus one of the largest hard drives. One of the tens basically and itll create its hybrid raid, which they call Beyond raid and drobo, makes a very Mac like a piece of software and its very simple to use and when Ill bring up the software. In another section of the video, when you set it up, you can select what kind of file system you want it to use. But in the background this runs a Linux type kernel on an arm processor in the back or theres.

A cooling fan um power in USBC, the old one uses a USB p b, plug and uh, but because it uses a specific file system that the operating system sees um like you, cant use it with Windows and then plug it into a Mac and have a Read write on both operating systems like you can with a Nas, so that is a downside of using something like this um. It has indicator lights, so green means everything is healthy. Yellow means, you need to add a drive soon so like if youre running out of storage in there uh one of the drives will turn yellow. One of the smaller drives will turn yellow, assuming that theyre mixed matched um. Let me see dont remove this drive its flashing, green, yellow thats. Normally, when you have a new one plugged in added right here now so thats indicating uh and its basically out of the red that a drive has failed and you need to add a new Drive and itll have a light bar in the bottom to indicate how Full, your storage is, and power and access times and uh drobo has um, essentially a warranty void sticker which of course, is not valid inside the United States, so you, but if you do go into it, they still may say that you messed something up. I personally found that the 5D is easier to service than the 5c meaning Ive opened it up and uh.

The only things you would need to service are to open it up to replace the fan. In the back. I had a drobo gen, 3, forebay or user replaced the fan uh by uh or essentially rewiring uh, just some random fan. I had around the house um what else to install a drive in the drobo line it up with the tabs and Slot it in push it firmly into the back. And then you hear the drive spin up, and you know that it is installed. One thing about turbo: that is both equal parts advantage and disadvantage, is the way that it organizes drives. So lets say you have four hard drives in here. You can add one more Drive expand your storage, you can also replace OneDrive and it will automatically start reorganizing. The the data on the other three drives to give you the same level of redundancy that you previously had. So, if you had effectively similar to a rate five one thats redundant, it would reorganize the three drives in there to attempt to have OneDrive redundant. If you had two drives redundant, it would attempt to reorganize the drives to have two drives redundant. If you have too much storage, meaning the hard drive is filled too much itll say uh cannot cannot uh like reorganize. I forget the term that it uses, because there isnt enough storage and itll, give you that warning so youre not locked in the same way on the Synology to the same number of drives at all times.

But this also means that, in my example, where I just pulled out on hard drive, it is now automatically trying to reorganize the data. So then, if I put one drive back in even if its the same Drive, itll itll have already started re organizing these drives. So its already doing read write operations on these three and then you put this one in and then it has to redo that again. So this is why its kind of an issue with drobo, where it causes more read, write operations on your drive drives. When you go to replace upgrade or when a drive fails, it is just something to keep in mind uh with this type of unit all right. The reason the lights were read previously is just because I needed to reformat the whole uh drobo, because when I was using it last, I had a different array in there and for this example, I just chucked uh two empty hard drives that I had lying around For the purpose of this video, so I havent been using the 5c for a while now, which is why I dont mind doing that and doing this reset. So we click on the drobo go to tools. Uh your drives, do not appear to be formatted. Would you like to format them? Yes, I would, and we can do NTFS for our Windows system and call it whatever you like Im going to just make sure I dont mess anything up and its maximum volume size for each volume.

So if you had more than 64 terabytes worth of hard drives in it, it would create a second volume within it. So by default you can just make the 64., and that means windows will think youve got 64 terabytes on the drawable, so you would need to read the light indicators on the front to know how much storage you actually have. This is very important. Ive never tried to overfill it meaning put more than the amount of storage space on it than it actually had. So I dont know what would happen if it would just start reading over itself or if it would basically just stop you and say: hey theres enough storage, even though Windows thinks theres 64 terabytes on it all right once were in the software, we can change the Backlight shut it down, restart check for updates, reformat Factor reset uh itll, have events a log of whats going on itll show you your volumes. How much is used, how much capacity you have uh a capacity indicator so again, this is where I was talking about the mix match so theres raw storage and then what is actually used and free. So if uh you had different hard drives in there, it would have a different color bar area indicating that uh used area that can be used for expansion. When you add more hard drives kind of thing, I forget its if its on this graph or this one or if its on both but available data reserved for expansion, huh itll indicate a blue line used for protection.

The second hard drive so right now this would effectively be in a raid one where one hard drive is redundant for the other and then status so by clicking on each of the hard drives. Itll give you information on each hard drive uh like the serial numbers and that kind of good stuff um, so lets get into the uh right test to the hard drives and show you that performance last bit is just showing uh data. So Ive tested every single hard drive that Ive owned and I even tested the drobos with a variety of different hard drives in it. Sorry, I did not make graphs, so this is using um. Oh whats, it called uh Crystal disc, mark and running that my four bay with one Discord redundant got a read: write of 200 to 230. uh the 5D. Well, this would be the theoretical speed, the 5c, with its theoretical and lets see heres the five C again and it had 110 terabyte one six terabyte and three four terabytes and it was only doing 130 to 1′, with its uh data transfer speed at 163. Thats 2, the Das, the 5D with 310 terabytes and a four or a 10 terabyte didnt, really matter. I tested it. Both ways achieve the same so 119, 125 and uh right to it at 175. and the Gen 3. So this reiterates my point about it. Just seemed artificially limited for how fast it could actually read and write to bidrobo, considering what kind of hard drives in it and it just didnt matter what hard drives were in it.

It always maxed out at the same speed all right, theres the drobo, and were going to go ahead and do paste and bring over this performance. So this is with two four terabyte hard drives and you can see were getting around 100 megabytes per second. This leads me into kind of my uh flaw with drobo looking at it now so back when I first started purchasing grobos more than 10 years ago. This speed would have been absolutely acceptable. Perfect very good, because 100 megabytes per second was about the speed of a single hard drive, but now hard drives can push 200 megabytes per second, and – and this is spinny desk car drives Im indicating talking about so no matter what rate format youre using the maximum Speed Ive ever observed on a drobo is about this hundred megabyte per second Ive put in Enterprise hard drive, so Ive had it in raid five and the maximum performance for data transfer to the drillboard scene is a hundred megabytes, maybe 150 megabytes per second, and in This day and age, I just feel that its a little bit too slow. I dont, know why it seems that kind of speed Limited but more or less. It does, and I dont know if its in nature of the drobo or whatever but um the performance. Just isnt keeping up with modern hard drives, despite despite this Im gon na, go over here and show you that its actually putting stuff on there uh and then my second problem with drobo looking at it nowadays, is that I cannot find anywhere if it protects against Bit rot: this is a major concern if youre a data hoarder or you just want to protect your vital personal data.

So bitrot is when a bit on a hardware, just randomly just I was about to say, decides but randomly flips to the other direction and causes data, corruption or loss of the data that was there, so it uh will no longer display correctly. My Synology Nas. I can run a bit rot protection protocol, as often as I want I have it scheduled for like once a month drobo. On the other hand, doesnt seem to indicate this kind of protection. It in theory must, but I cannot find information on it anywhere, and that leads to a real concern about using Robo itself. So these days I primarily use my drobo, my 5D as a backup for my Synology Nas uh, even with its downfalls. It is acting as an adequate backup solution for it, since I already had the hard drives, so its intend additional investment. If you dont already have the hard drives, then its quite an investment, but with any data you have, you should always back it up a rate solution like this uh by itself. Isnt tobacco, it is redundant, but it is not a backup and Ive been lucky that Ive never lost any data, But as time goes on and we collect more data uh, it got more of concern, which is why uh I ended up using the nas Now using The drobo with the nas leads to some oddities on its own, mainly in its capacity indicator. Reading it directly from the Synology.

I cannot access how much storage is actually consumed. I have to estimate how much data I have on my Synology and estimate. If I have enough capacity on the drobo itself to to back everything up, because the light bar indicators will just basically read almost maxed out all the time and well thats kind of annoying, it makes it very hard to gauge if I need to upgrade the hard Drives or if its overwriting itself and how protected is my data, one other annoyance with that Ive come to well thing that I now find annoying about the robo is when this goes into standby mode. So if I turn off the computer, its attached to and or unplug it so, its not uh getting any inputs, itll go into a standby mode. The lights turn off, except for the little power indicator, itll turn yellow and this will still draw 30 Watts. At one point I was running three of these, so thats 30 watts each thats 90 watts of power. That is just using sitting idle and thats. Basically hard drive standby power. Well, my Synology Nas. I can just turn it off. I can have it power down and power up all by itself, so just like little convenience things just to have started, leading me away from drobo now I dont want to say that you shouldnt get one of these. Its a great box, if you need want, were done in storage, uh, Music theyre a little bit expensive.

I think this was 500 new um. You want it directly attached to your computer youre, not running an ass or not comfortable with an ass. You want something really easy to set up. I basically just showed you it Music um. You get a redundant hard drive its a great box, but understand that it has limitations. That uh depend on your use. Case may not be the best fit for you. Uh anyways. Thank you for joining me talking about the drobo fast direct access, storage unit and uh. If you have any questions or comments about the drobo Ill be happy to try to answer them. Ive been using drobo since I believe 2012 uh. The company appears to still be in business, but they havent produced many new models very recently, which uh is one of the reasons why Im making this video now uh anyways.