com. Welcome to my drives epresso review i’ll be reviewing drivers. Press head today bring you through the sales page running you through the members area and giving you a brief demo, and i have got some bonuses that you are not going to want to miss. This is a phenomenal bonus package. I am not going to run through the bonuses because you can go and take a look in the description below of this youtube video, where you’ll find the link to my bonus page, and you can check out all of my juicy bonuses in your own time. Now. What is drives espresso drive suppressor is basically a cloud file storage system that you’re going to be able to upload any type of file, whether it be mp4, mp3 photos and images. Any given file that you want to. You can upload and you can then save the storage on your uh, pc or mac, and also you can then go and share these files with your subscribers. Your list, your customers, whoever it may be, you can go and share those links to your files. Straight from in the driver’s epresso members area, so if that’s saying something of interest to you, then please do stick with makers again. I’Ll run you through a demo and i’ll run you through the sales page and just remember. You can go and have a look at my bonuses at any point within this video just by clicking that first link in the description below of this youtube.

Video and it’ll take you through to my bonus page and you can go and take a look in your own time: okay, so let’s dive into today’s review. So i am currently inside of the members area of drives epresso, where i’ll give you a rundown of the members area. Um and again, you can go and check out those bonuses just by clicking that first link in the description below of this youtube. Video and you can go check out all my bonuses, what i’m giving away completely free. If you decide to pick up drives you press a through my link. What i would say is drive suppressor goes live at 9am est on the 17th of may, where all bonus uh. All the links on my bonus page will go live as of then. So if you decide you want to pick up and buy drive suppresso, you will get access uh at 11 a.m. Est! I am shooting this video a little earlier um before it goes, live so again, i’m, just giving you the heads up that the links on my bonus page are not live as of yet so okay. So what i’m going to do now is i’m going to run. You, through a demo of the software in action i’m not going to spend too much time um going over things, it’s very simple and straightforward to use um so with that being said, i’m going to just dive in and run through some of the features.

So, as you can see, this is the main drivers, epresso dashboard, and you can upload your files. You can create folders and keep organized again. You can share with your subscribers your list, anyone that you want to share your files with you can share from inside of the dashboard. It shows you, your recent files, your favorite files, and you can also see your trashed files as well, but just drop this down. As you can see, you’ve got categories, so you’ve got all files, you’ve got images, files, video files, audio files, text files, pdfs, zip files and other and again these are all the type of files that you can upload into drives. Epresso free up your storage on your drive, um and again, you can then share those files with your audience. Now guys there is a free option. There is the google drive that you can use, but again you only get a certain amount of storage um and, if you’re anything like me, i have tons and tons of files and my storage just literally um. You know it takes up the full storage inside of my google drive, so something like this is essential if you have a ton of files on your pc in your google docs in your google drive. Sorry – and this will allow you to free up all that space and share all your files quite easily, so let me just show you how it works. So what we do is we click upload file and i’ll.

Just as this is my previous one, i’ll just upload that one so that is uploaded successfully so and then what it’ll do it will load um just give it a moment and as you can see, it’s uploaded to um the drives espresso software, the cloud storage and Then, from inside of here you can click this button. Here you can get shareable link, you can manage people, so you can manage. Who sees the content um? You can add it to your favorites. You can rename the file, you can add a new folder. You can make a copy of that file, you can move it to another folder, you can download it, you can delete it and it gives you all the info as well. So it’s, a pretty cool software. Um again, you have got three options, but i would seriously think about something like this as again: it’s going to um allow you to upload as many files as you want, um with a one time fee, so that’s what i like about it um and again there Isn’T too much going on inside of here, it’s, very straight uh, straightforward and simple: you can then create folders. You can give it a name, so i’ll just put demo um and you then just create Music. Let me just put demo one two three so that folder has been created and then you can move files into that uh folder. So if i just click back here, um that’s making a copy of it.

So what i want to do is i’m going to move. Just wait for it to load i’m, just going to there’s the copy, so it’s copied that file and then what i’m going to do is i’m going to move it to um the file, the folder, sorry that i’ve just created so i’m moving it to demo. One two three and it’s as easy as that: it’s very simple and straightforward, but again guys this is gon na um save a ton of space on your computer and essentially with your google drive. Also, so you can see how it works. It’S very simple, it’s very straightforward and i think it’s very newbie, friendly um and again, as you can see, there’s a ton of other files. This is actually review access, so uh there’s a lot of jv’s that um i’ve actually tested this out and i think it’s a great piece of software um. So that is essentially what it is. There will be some training, um and again there’s, not very much training because it’s, simple and straightforward, but there will be some training and you can check that out. Um if you decide to pick up drives espresso um through my link. So that is the drive espresso members area. In a nutshell, what i’m going to do is just jump across to the sales page, so the sales page headline read: stop paying the expensive monthly fees for dropbox google drive, vimeo or worcester um get unlimited cloud storage for life at an unbeatable one time price wave.

Goodbye to tech, headaches and overpriced monthly fees, now again guys i’m, not gon na run through this sales page too much because you can come and take a look just by clicking that first link in the description below of this youtube. Video and again it will bring you through to my bonus page and then, if you click any of the buttons on my bonus page, it will redirect you through to the sales page of drivers epresso, and you can come, take a look for yourself. There is a ton of information about drivers espresso on the sales page um and again you can come and take a look in your own time. What i’m going to do now is i’m going to bring you through the prices and upsells. So i don’t have a ton of information about all the processing upsells, but i’ve got the prices so the front end of drives espresso is only 19 and i do believe there is a discount. So let me just check, let me get to the top of the page um and i will refresh the page and see if there is a discount i’m, pretty sure there is um. So just bear with me a second i’m just going to refresh the page and we’ll see if there is a discount just wait for it to load it’s, just taking a little longer to load i’m, not too sure why um. So if i go to exit the page, there should be a pop up.

I did see it there we go so there you go. You can see that there’s a five dollar discount, so you won’t actually have to pick it up for 19. You will be able to get this for 14, which is a complete, no brainer. Then you have oto one, which is 47 and i’m guessing. This will be the unlimited version, so it will remove restrictions from the front end. Then you’ve got oto three, which is ninety seven dollars, uh oto, two sorry, which is sixty seven dollars. Then you have oto three, which is 97 and then oto four is ninety seven dollars also and then oto five is 197 dollars. Now all the upsells are optional. Uh but again guys to pick up my bonus package, you will be required to follow the details on my bonus page um, to get access to all of my bonuses, so i am now to the end of my drives epresso review. I hope you’ve enjoyed my drives. Espresso review, i hope, you’re staying safe.