My name is florence: at, in today’s, review we’ll be taking a look at what exactly is drives press. So all about i’m here in the members area and i’ll, be taking a walk around and show you exactly what it’s all about and um. In a nutshell, uh drive pressure is a similar to dropbox or a google drive. You know, it’s a cloud based storage and the big difference between the google drive or draw box between the drives press. So is a one time payment, only one time payment with the drive press so and you get unlimited access to everything you want. So that is a big uh difference, it’s just one time payment. There is no monthly fee in addition to it. So that is a big difference compared to the other uh store, um cloud storage that we have, so i would one i just want to show you the prices, the price differences, that is between uh dropbox and google, compared to drive espresso. So here we are i’m here in google, drive pricing and you can see uh. They have 15 gigabyte, which is free that you can use anything to 100 gigabyte you’ll be paying 1.99 a month. Anything 200. You know gigabytes, you pay to uh 2.99 a month. If you want a 2 terabyte it’s going to cost you 9.99 a month that is a month and let’s see what is the price compared to dropbox so dropbox? This is for individuals, you are paying 9.

99 and let’s see what this is. So this is going to be um only up to two gigabytes: the transfer and you’ll be paying paid one person, one individual you’ll be paying 9.99 and when you go to the family plan, where you will want to share your file with others, and you get two Gigabytes then, you will be paying this sent up to between three documents: it’s even limited to three documents and you’ll be paying this amount 16.99 a month. So that is a huge difference between the price, the drive espresso and these other cloud based uh storages. So now before i take you to the members area uh, what are the benefits of this? This storage that we’re talking about so the benefit is it allows you to upload and store a variety of files format. You know, including document images, music, videos, anything and then until you you can share a file. It is private until you want it to share, you can share it with anyone. You want, or you can have others view the file or modify it or download the file and document at any time and any smartphone tablet or computer may have access to the files. So there is so much that you can do with this, and so that is the big difference between uh, dropbox and uh, and google drives and drives presso. So this is um if this is something you are interested in then stay with me during this review.

As i will show you how this works in the members area that i just show you also, i have a custom made bonuses for anyone who would like to pick this up by my link, which is going to be below the description of this video. This youtube video. When you click on that link, it will take you to my bonus page, which rule looks like this. So this here we are in my bonus, but you can see florence amazing, mega bonuses, as you can see, this is live drive. Presso is live right now, so this is your time if you click on this link and it’s, going to take you to the sales page where you get access to all my bonuses, so i will show you what bonuses you are you’ll be getting so the first Bonus you will get is going to be assets, lazy, traffic sniper first 12 hours only once you click on this link. You get access to this within the first 12 hours and bonus number two is going to be the bin ads, so get traffic to your bin. Um pages using the bin ads and it’s going to show you everything. Bin ad is it’s a microsoft kind of like a youtube, um ads or facebook ads. Microsoft also has an ad, and that is bin ads, where their prices are much much cheaper compared to facebook. Ads or youtube ads, so you’d be learning a lot about how to use this uh platform to drive traffic to whatever you are promoting and bonus number three is going to be get traffic to your pages, using youtube ad that’s going to be another two uh lesson That you will learn how to actually create your youtube ads and bonus number four it’s going to be enigma, get traffic to your pages using enigma.

That is going to be a software that you’re going to learn how to leverage this to get traffic on facebook. So this is a good good, good lesson that you’ll be learning from this bonus and bonus. Number five is going to be all the vendor bonuses that you get, that the uh the product creators give me to be giving to you once you click on my link to purchase this mic this product. And what will you see when you click the vendor? Bonuses is going to be this uh bonuses, all these bonuses that you will be getting right here, so your bonus number one is going to be affiliate. Booster 10 blog posts into an affiliate profit machine in seconds i’m. Gon na get all this in that bonus number one bonus number two is going to be a live chat. Boot plugin that you get access to and bonus number three is going to be affiliate. Booster, you draw attention to high paying affiliate offers with customizable pop ups. So that’s going to be another lesson, a bonus that you get in addition to my bonuses that i just showed you and you get access to all that free of charge, so that’s what you’ll be getting so now. I would like to uh show you exactly what the sales page is. So once you click on my link here on my bonus page it’s, going to take you to the sales page – and this is what it says so it says start paying the expensive monthly fees for dropbox.

Google drive, vimeo or wistia get unlimited cloud storage for life. At an unbeatable one time, price wave goodbye to tech, headaches and overpriced monthly fees, so you get access to all these. You will store uh, store, host, share and backup all your files for a low one time. Investment never worry about storage restriction, again. Unlimited storage for life instantly share files for easy collaboration, 100 newbie friendly, easy to use dashboard. No tech skills needed just drag and drop to upload, host videos and images on your website with lightning, fast upload speeds and ultimate privacy and protection with end to end ssl encryption access, your files from anywhere all you need is internet, skyrocket, your business efficiency efficient and With all files stored in one central location, cancel dropbox, uh, google drive, wistia and vimeo today and start saving only pay once and get lifetime storage. No limits, no restrictions 30 day money back guarantee. So this is really great, because when you compare this to other cloud based storage, you can see how monthly fees you have to pay every month, and so one time fee of uh drives pretzel it’s. I think it’s, a good good good thing to invest in you. Can go through this sales page, as you can see step one all you have to do is locate the files you would like to store on drive. Espresso choose as many files as you would like remember. There are no storage limits and two steps to drag and drop offers into your drives.

Presto account watch your files upload in minutes with our ultra fast compression technology and then step three assets access. All your files from one easy central location find any file in seconds and save precious time rest easy, knowing all your important data is backed up and protected from prying eyes. So you can go through this page to see what people are saying about. These drive espresso. What it does – and here is the creator of this product is mosh. You can read about him, it’s a seven figure online, marketer coach and online entrepreneur since 2008. So he knows exactly what this software does, so you can go through all these to see all the benefits that you will get once you get access to drives press so, through my link with all the bonuses that you will get in addition to this now, i Will take you to the members area and let’s? Take a quick look. What it looks like so here we are in the members area. You can see, drive espresso you here is all your files. You can see all your files that you have already downloaded. You can share with me, so you can share your files with other people to access to edit. You can do that. You can actually upload, you can upload a file or you can create a new file and you can see all your recent files that you’ve already upload here. All your save files.

You can see all that as it’s loading, and you can see you can delete if there is a file that you don’t like you can delete it. You have the trash. Can you can delete it? You can actually search for a particular files that you want. If you have too many files, you don’t know so you can see you have your images, video audio text, documents, pdfs, zip files and others, and you can search for any assuming we just want to see video. We can search for that and then it will just bring you to all the videos that you have uploaded here so uh. There is no match here at the members area, but this is all it does it’s so simple and you have everything you need for where to save your files and have them save in a good place without worrying about any prying eyes on them. Now let’s see what are the prices of um drive espresso and how we can get access to this. So once you are here, this is dresser is a cloud based storage solution that allows you to save files online and access them anywhere from any smartphone tablet or computer. You can use drive espresso on your computer or mobile device to securely upload files and edit them online drive. Espresso also makes it easy for others to edit and collaborate on files, so this is really easy, something to use and you can see the prices and the upsells.

The front end is 19. You have the oto one, which is 47. You have oto2, which is 67 and that you have oto ‘7 and then you have oto 4, which is 97 and oto 5 197, and here are some of the key benefits you may be interested in in getting so unlimited lifetime storage for a super low. One time investment replaces dropbox and vimeo saving you 4’ plus per year every year for life house, all your important files, videos and data in one central location, lightening fast file, transfer speeds for your convenience and you have 30 day money back guarantee and once you click On and there is also a demo for you – and you can click on here – this is a demo for you here, as you can see, and you can go through it and see exactly how to do everything that how to upload the file, how to share your File how to have people edit and all kinds of things you can use with drives pressure once you click on this link, this link here is going to take you to the sales page and once you are in the sales page, this is a trick that i Want to show you just let’s say this is the sales page and you want to leave just try to want to exit the page, and you will see this pop up, and this is a discount. You have five dollars gift card, so click the button below to get your five discount.

Now, and once you click on this button here, you will get five dollars discount of the 17, so you’ll be having that as low as the 17 price that you’ll be paying it’s going to be as low as this it’s going to be as low as 15. For you right, you’re gon na have fourteen dollars for this once you use, so that is a trick when you go on the sales page. Try to see us if you just want to exit once you put your cursor you’re about to exit. This pop up will come up and you get access to the discount here to have that for just uh 14. So that is one trick. I want to show you. I want to save you, as you want to test drive this for 14 and see how it goes 30 days, money back guarantee so that’s what espresso is all about and if you are wondering how you are going to get um once you purchase this through. My link, i have access to all my bonuses that i’ve just shown you here for the access lazy traffic, sniper uh number: two, you get bin as number three you get um get traffic to your page, using youtube ads bonus. Number four enigma get traffic to your pages using enigma pro and then five all the bonus bonus defender bonuses that you get on here. All this. In addition to my bonuses and remember the trick that i show you try to want to exit and then you will see this pop up and then click on this link and get five dollars discount off your first uh uh front, end price, and if you wondered How you’re going to get your your once you purchase this? Where is your purchase? Well, once you do, you create an account it’s going to bring you here.

You have your account set up, you have your name or whatever you use to create your account and you just click on purchase history. Once you click on that it’s going to bring you to a page like this, you will see a page like this and you’ll see this blue button, which says access, affiliate bonuses and you click on that you get access to if it is jvzoo. You click on this and you get access to your product. So, just to remind you you this is going on now. This is live right now, so take advantage of it after this time expired. All my bonuses are going to go away and i do not want you to miss it. So take a good advantage of this and take this link, which is going to be below the description of this youtube video, and it will take bring you to this. So my bonus page here when you click on this bonus page, it will bring you to this sales page and once you try to want to exit the page – and you have this pop up and to be able to have this five dollar discount towards your front End and have it all the nineteen dollars all just for fourteen dollars, so this brings to the end of these um drive espresso review, and i think you can test drive this for 30 days and see how it works for you so that’s. All i want to share with you today if this gives you any value, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and also hit that notification button, so you don’t miss any reviews like this from me.

If you have any questions, please leave it in the comment section below and i’ll get back to you. Thank you for staying through this review with me, don’t forget to click on the button below this video and get access to all my bonuses that i have created for you and get access to these uh five dollars discount before my bonuses all expired, so that’s all. I have for you, stay healthy stay blessed until my next review.