Let’S go let’s, go oh pen by the way let’s go pen by the way oh let’s go dude. He was not blinded for very long. Maybe i blinded behind him dude. This feels like dude. This feels like a cs map. Man i’m telling you this was like a cs map. I know where he is: okay, there’s a tunnel hey what’s up found one um. I got the head shot, but no kill dude, oh my god: okay, i’m, not mad. Why would i be mad? There’S literally, no reason to be mad about that. No reason at all i’m, not mad. Oh my god that scared, the hell out of me. I know where killjoy is so. I need to know where viper is she’s, probably on the other side or watching the bomb. She’S a mid literally right in front of me and then the last one’s on b, because he was in his turrets range yep he’s, hiding in the little uh scrub corner. Now i need to plant this here and he could have an op i’m gon na play. An off position somewhere like where i can cover a rotate, so i’m gon na go for the spawn rotate, tells me exactly where he is. How did he know? Oh come on, we have lost three games and we’re about to lose a fourth check out the stream. I doubt you can see it because camera probably didn’t focus dude who needs a gun anyway dude.

Why am i cracked in the weirdest situations i feel like when i use a ghost or sorry? Why am i better with the classic than a rifle dude um? Okay? How do we play this? I think i’m, just gon na go no armor uh phantom phantom that’s, a new gun that’s, the new gun they’re coming out with the phantom, the phantom yeah. I use the phantom spike down, get a saving. I want a flash here. Okay, one there, oh god, there’s one there as well. Oh i’m. Sorry, i feel bad for that guy. Sorry, man triple flash, but did it buy enough time for us to win? I mean i mean what can i i mean? What can i say just check out my stream behind me? How did i miss that guy one day, oh, i didn’t see that guy dang double dab. I don’t know what you’re saying i’m dead, dude and i’m not gon na have anything to do so. I’M. Just gon na be in aim lab for, like literally like seven hours, can we get an f in a chat in the chat for that guy. That guy did not deserve to die at all dude. I robbed that guy everyone and their mom is holding mid there’s. Some keys i like clicky and some i don’t like enter backspace escape that’s. That kind of stuff where i’m, like i have read you three times, get destroyed, dude. Finally, dude yo.