. This is a well priced android tablet with an optional pen. These are available pretty much everywhere in the world, but the us and today im going to be testing this one out hello. My name is brad and i review tech for creative professionals and i cant remember a time when a product was so heavily requested on this channel. In fact, the other day i had a poll i said, hey, which surface should i test first and pretty much. Everybody said you shouldnt, you should be testing xiaomi instead, so here we are also im going to be drawing somebodys character in this video. I want to shout out to monica aka cats. Are awesome 145. link down in the description? If you want to draw this in your style too, if you want to be in one of my videos like this, just let me know by posting your character in the comments or on twitter or instagram and tag me according to my metrics, about half of you That watch this channel are in the us, and those of you who are are probably right now wondering whats a xiaomi isnt that some kind of sponge xiaomi is one of the largest tech brands in the world and they are growing fast, but they dont sell products. Here in the us, because of reasons but over the last year or two, they have been pumping out really good flagship phones and some really good budget phones for a good price.

How did i get mine? Well, i tried grabbing one off of ebay, but it wasnt gon na ship until like november. So i got hooked up with this one from my buddy frankie tech, who had a review over on his channel. So if you appreciate this review, go thank him. By subscribing to his channel, i have reviewed a fair amount of samsung android tablets on this channel and i, like them and ive, tried some others and have been underwhelmed. So how does this one stack up? Well lets? Go to the specs, the pad 5 retails for ‘9 euros, which is about 460 dollars price wise. That puts this just under samsungs galaxy tab: s7 fe. This is an 11 inch display its an ips lcd panel and some folks out. There are going to turn their noses up at a non oled screen, but personally, i think this is fine. The colors pop the viewing angles are good and generally it doesnt do anything weird. The resolution is good: 1600 pixels by 2060 pixels. The big number that a lot of people are looking at here is that 120 hertz refresh rate, which is going to give you smoother, animations and scrolling. It has squared off aluminum edges that most tablets have these days with speaker, grilles along the top and the bottom, which sound really good. There are some connectors along the bottom for keyboards and theres, also a usbc port for charging and attaching other accessories pulling this out of the box.

The very first thing that i saw was the matte back just by looking at it its kind of a boring off white color, but as soon as i picked it up and saw it at different angles, it has this shiny pearly, look to it its. It really looks good theres, also a gray version available. I kind of want to see what that looks like along the back. You have your cameras, theres a little camera bump here. I didnt find that it really got in my way of drawing. Sometimes, when you have a camera bump along the bottom of a tablet, it could get a little tippy, but that only really happens when youre, drawing or tapping along the far side, which you dont really do a whole lot. That back camera has 13 megapixels im. Not really a photographer here, but uh pictures look good to me. The front facing camera has 8 megapixels and again it looks solid for a front facing camera on the inside. You have a snapdragon, 860 and six gigabytes of ram. It also comes with 120 gigabytes of storage, but you can up that to 256. also worth noting here. If you need a ton of storage, this is not expandable, like weve seen on a lot of android tablets, so thats, something to take note of. But what i really want to talk about here is the pen the pen is sold separately. This is a battery powered pen think apple pencil, but for android it even charges the same way by magnetically attaching along the side.

Now, unlike samsungs s, pen, this isnt gon na work once the battery dies. Now, the good news is that it charges fast. One minute of charging is gon na, give you about 20 minutes of drawing use theres one quirk. When i was pairing this pen, it asked for my contacts – and i was like no – whenever some app asks for permissions to something it doesnt really need. It kind of freaks me out a little im sure theres some feature tucked in here that i didnt see that needs my contacts, but good news here is that i didnt need to give that over. In order for the pen to pair now, one little quirk ive noticed with the pen is, it needs time to wake up, sometimes ill start using it and ill be like is this? Is this out of battery and then all of a sudden, itll spring to life and start making lines how well the pen works is a bit of a mixed bag. The pressure sensitivity was really good. The initial activation rate was: it was okay thats how hard you have to press to make a line appear, but it was solid. Palm rejection. Palm rejection was really good check. That box. I was very happy with palm rejection where a pen lives or dies for me is in the line quality. Is there any jitter or any wave to the pen lines its right on the edge of acceptable? For me, there is definitely some wave there when i was doing my initial tests.

I was like im not a fan of this, but when i sat down to draw i was, i was pretty happy with how it was working and you know really thats thats what counts right. I think the reason that i enjoyed using it is because, when i started to draw, i was drawing in clip studio, one of the things clip studio has is pen stabilization, which gets rid of some of the wobble. So what im? Looking for on any of these devices, if there is some wave to the pen which isnt that uncommon is how easy is it to get rid of that wave a few weeks ago, i reviewed some xp pen products. I had two of them and when you looked at them next to each other, when i was doing my pen test, they both had wave. But the touch version seemed to be much better about being able to kick that wave and get rid of it than the other version was. That seems to be what happened here. Occasionally id be going around a circle or doing a big arc, and i noticed a little bit of a wobble there that i didnt want, but for the most part i thought the pen worked pretty well now. This is something thats going to behave differently on an app to app basis. I mentioned clip studio and i had a good experience there. I went over to hui on sketch and i thought it was a little bit wobblier there and i wasnt wasnt too thrilled with it.

I bet paint x, has a nice stabilizer. I got some really good lines in there. That was a great program. Artflow, infinite painter were both only just kind of okay. So yes, this does pass my test, but i want to kind of emphasize here just barely and if the app that youre used to using on android doesnt have some kind of line stabilization or something like that. Already built in youre, probably not going to enjoy using this pen as much the other thing to note with any kind of stabilizer is you are making a trade off oftentimes when stabilizers are on youre, going to get a little bit more pen leg, but youre going To get a smoother line, so if thats, not a trade off that you want to make you know the s pen or something that samsung makes, is probably a better option. Hey i mentioned lag so lets lets talk about lag for a minute. If youre looking for pen lag, youre gon na find it, but it never really got in the way of my drawing experience when i was actually using it. Even with that 120 hertz refresh rate, i didnt really notice like a huge leap up in quality all right. In conclusion, what is my verdict if youre gon na use this as a content, consumption device? I think its really nice, if youre going to be using this as a drawing tool, im right on the edge.

I i think that, if you really live and die by the quality of your lines, maybe go with something else. On the other hand, i do think this pen does some things better than the s pen. For example, i thought the palm rejection was really good if you have a more painterly style and arent as dependent on really clean line. Work youre probably going to enjoy this pen experience more than you would samsungs, and i think the big details that most reviewers are looking at theyve, theyve, more or less nailed. Like the quality of the speakers. The screen looks good, even though its not an oled display. I do want to point out that refresh rate this is something that a lot of reviewers get really excited about on tech, youtube and im im, usually the bucket of cold water and im im gon na be the cold water guy again. So this is the first time ive used. This particular flavor of android im, mostly used to samsung and samsung, has pretty good animations theyre, not quite as good as what apple has on the iphone and the ipad, but but theyre solid, theyre really good. Here i dont feel like the ui. Animations are as good. Some are way icons slide in and out some of the little elements they put here and there they look really good. But where does the refresh rate help the most when youre scrolling through text – and i thought the text animation just it felt very mechanical – it didnt have a lot of weight to it.

This was happening on web pages. This was happening generally in the ui. There was no spring to it and it really doesnt matter what the refresh rate is. If the animation is only meh, then youre not going to really benefit from it. So its really cool to be able to put the number 120 hertz on the box. But if your device doesnt perform well with that refresh rate whats the point all of this is really just window dressing, but i thought itd be something worth pointing out that if what you really want are smooth animations on a tablet, i dont think this is the One to go with overall, this device exceeded my expectations in a lot of ways. I was not expecting the build to be so good. I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as i did in other ways. I felt like it just kind of fell short in those those little detailed areas. If you really love this brand and you can get a good price for this, i dont think its a bad buy. I think its great that there are more good android tablets coming out and people are starting to pay attention to this category. So what do you think? Let me know down below in the comments.