Video, but first i have some very exciting news. For the first time ever i’ve been sponsored, i didn’t think it was real either. I thought it was a scam. I couldn’t believe it, but here we are thank you to gammon for sponsoring this video. Are you tired of using a tiny drawing tablet which you’ve had for years now? No, would you like a drawing tablet with a screen on it? Nope, maybe actually do you want a humongous drawing tablet that also squidow has i don’t know who squatter is? Can i go, then you should try the gaomon pd156 pro so here’s. My review it’s like a huge ipad. Basically, but you can play minecraft on it. Android, drawing is the main feature, but you can also play minecraft on it. Edit, you oh features, which i like number one. She comes with outfits. She comes with accessories like they gave me the stand so that i can position it at different angles. Number two. She was easy to install my other one. I needed like a tv t reader or something i’d literally cut it out of my pc, not gam one. You literally just go to the website and download them, and it just works. Finally, there’s the pen. They gave me a bunch of charges and stuff, so i was like okay. I guess this thing needs batteries. It needs to be charged, but nope apparently it’s like electromagnets or something so, if you’re a magnet fan.

I couldn’t recommend this more. Overall, i would say: 10 squared is out of 10. and now we’re going to draw on it Music. Here we go so we’re, actually going to start off by coloring in this uh le mans picture i’ve drawn bit of a throwback for you. All i’ve actually had drawn this picture before this is kind of a redraw. I guess where’s skin color it’s up here right, i’ve drawn many people before i know exactly where it is i’m, like a neo surgeon with my precision, oh it’s, wilbur you’re. Looking a little bit smurfy, you like no need to look so blue brown is dark, red and like what is red. Well, it’s, blue, so red is blue. It’S, simple math, therefore, right right, dark red equals light blue, like it’s just physics. So technically, even though he looks like a scene kid right now telling you this is correct. This is good wait! Oh no, my undock is swapped it’s gon na be so hard to shave. This look. I have to like put the light where the darkness – oh he’s, just come out of the shadow room. This is so dumb. This is so dumb. So what does the le mandberg uniform actually look like? What are my google searches? What furry paw patrol no show me the real remember what what is that cream? Color? Oh i’m, sorry that’s, like it’s like dream sans. Who am i to argue here you go! Mr president, sir, oh wait! Okay, how long has it been my my ad timer is going off? Thank you again to my sponsor gaomon.

Another feature which i really like. Is this funky scroll wheel? You can change your speed and the settings i have mindsets are really fast and you can also customize all of these buttons at the side. I have these two sets of redo and undo, but you can change it to whatever you want. They’Re also doing a special discount offer for you guys right now. So if you want to check it out, then the links are in the description back to speed drawing. I thought that this would look like oddly beautiful in some way, but nope it’s, just ugly. You think so right, that’s, not crazy. That’S, not such a stretch, so here’s a squido tip, tm a fun swag way to get a darker color is like you got ta turn the color wheel a bit so like blue gets shaded with purple. Well, in this case, i guess: yellow gets shaded with i don’t know why? Oh my god, i can’t even see it. Look at that one, you can’t, can you that’s the problem? Oh i’m, trusting my third eye i’m. Trusting my spirit, animal to guide me where’s, my spitter animal. You guys know froobs like the tube things. Those are my spirit guides. The go gets beautiful blue shirt. Oh that’s, green you’ve, heard of wilbur you’ve heard of villember will now get ready for ogrebook. Oh grandma, sorry, i was listening to the shrek soundtrack. How do i well whatever scribble yeah that’ll that’ll work that looks good, okay? Well, what was pretty ribbon? I mean it’s got ta, be red right, yeah yeah! This is red.

Yeah might be pink. No, i know a good red when i see one a bit shine: yeah, look at that i’ve got tactics so glowy squido tip, add light bounces to bedazzle your art and dazzle your friends. Okay. I’M. Sorry, look at this! Look at these buttons. No, the clown! Aesthetic! Oh, no, no it’s, fine, they look better later. They don’t stick out at all. I don’t even know what color this shine is gon na be it’s like a surprise, it’s like a fnaf jump scare, but art. Oh can’t forget the beanie that bit’s not so hard cause, it’s just gray and there he is wilbur teeny meeny, miny, tubbo, i’m. So sorry for what’s about to happen, double shouldn’t. Be that hard right, he’s, basically the same colors as wilbur, fun fact: i’m. Pretty sure. It’S canon that he’s, like part coat now i mean i tried to make it cute, but these colors – oh my god, they’re, not helping. Oh look at him with his little fluffy ears. Oh, but yeah i’ve really not been watching the dream. S p. That much lately should i get back into it. All i know is like egg equals bad. I mean yeah, bad boy, halo, technically egg does equal bad okay. So for the eyes, oh god, let me think about it, so black equals white, but the colors are swap. Therefore, white is black, so this, oh god i don’t know so this will be white when we no wait that’s already why oh, the brown and green accents – oh the ogre vibes are returning aside from the putrid eyes, i’m.

Actually really pretty good about this. One let’s put some yellow highlights in his hair. This looks good. This looks good, maybe some blue okay, i don’t, actually know what color that is. It looks a bit like peas right now, but you know when we flip it it’ll be full glam. But trust me green goes to pink, oh, my god, it’s so bright, so neon, oh trouble, oh it’s, worse than wilbur’s buttons, i’m. So sorry, it’s got like the toilet color scheme. I heard it. Oh the jacket. We can just copy it from wilbo and there we go tubbo complete now. I think we should change it up for the next one because we’ve already done you know, inversion challenge. So now we’re gon na do gray challenge Music, wait. It actually looks kind of good. I did that i did that. Oh, my god, i’m actually quite nervous to shade the skin, because before i could sort of see what color i was picking, because i could see what the opposite was on the wheel, but now i’m, like i’m, totally in the dark, because there’s a very fine line Between pink and red, i don’t know if i’ve crossed it or not. We just hope for the best picking good blonde hair is hard with seeing colors, let alone without i have such a love hate relationship with coloring hair, like 50 of the time i’m like yes, this is my favorite part and the other 50.

I literally want to become a pool of oil. We’Re gon na go with wilbur’s mistake, tie which i’m pretty sure has gone purple, but you know what you know what they may be purple, but you know what they also are. They are matching and that’s what matters. The style, the congruency is that a word. I don’t think that shading the jacket could get any harder, but like somehow it has my face is like literally on the screen. Can you guys see that color it’s so dark the shirt, yeah, Music or whatever yeah? It looks good, i have a love hate relationship with shirts, too am i people usually say that they hate line art, but me no i’m, quirky i’m different. I hate drawing shirts, but only fifty percent of the time. Okay to be fair, it’s, much less difficult. When light and dark aren’t inverted – oh, oh, my god, i’ve got square tips. Good idea. I forgot – i might say this earlier – always flip your canvas. Okay, you will suffer if you do not flip your canvas, hello, editing, squidoh, i’m gon na elaborate on this, because i just didn’t when i was recording it pretty much. You should get a drawing and flip it because it makes all the mistakes way. More obvious, like take the string of rambu and tubber, which i never finished when you flip it, you can see the mistakes way more easily back to the video.

You know, i think we’re, looking pretty good. All i have left is these tassel things? What are they called? If you know please comment, i have to animate sometimes, and i can’t google, a reference, because i don’t know what they’re called i have to like study other people’s artwork and be like hmm, okay. Maybe this is correct. I could get a phd in studying other people’s lumber tassels. This is like basically finished right. Oh wait! The flag! Oh i’m. Such a fake fan is the blue on the top. I don’t know i’m using my my third eye. My fourth eye – maybe even please tell me this – is red. I don’t know if it is just a few more touch ups, i think we should add a background, squidoo tip if you’re feeling lazy and you don’t really want to draw a background. A quick fix is to simply put the sky there because it’s just blue right, but if you throw in some clouds, you can be like um. This is a stunning picturesque landscape. It really is a life hack. Should i put some filters on the uh? No, no! No i’m ready, i’m ready, i’m bored. I wan na see it okay, guys we’re gon na reveal the drawing. Are you ready just wan na quickly say again, thank you to gaomon for sponsoring me here we go. Okay! Wait! No! No! No that’s! Not that bad right! Yeah, i kind of love this.

The flag looks a little vitamin deficient, but i peed a size from that. I didn’t even know what color that was going to be oh and the tassels yeah they. Those are pink yeah. I pink’s in season. I guess what do you guys think i think i nailed this i kind of love it leave a comment down below. Thank you for watching subscribe.