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In my opinion, one of the only thing thats really bad about the ship is its its its its combat capabilities. Smack could be better if you move on to the interior of the ship. We get up the ramp and into this relatively nicely sized cargo hold. I mean this is a big scholarship, the size, the ship. This is pretty big, also giving it a big character at the back, its not gon na fit like a mining vehicle like a rock or anything like that, but smaller ground Vehicles will definitely fit in here, and I believe this is one of the first like low Price starting ships thats actually going to be able to carry any ground vehicles at all. So this hanger here super nice and I love ramp access on the on ships, rather than better axis um, so much better cargo wise. It holds up to four ACU of cargo, which is pretty good, its not the same as the Titan Adventure Titan that holds up to eight, even though its cargo bay is physically smaller um than this. So I dont really know why that is, but at least on the spec sheet it has four SEO of cargo. If you move forward from The Hanger we get into the living space, pretty standard theres a bed, basically living accommodations, those kind of things, nothing too exciting. Here but nice to see a small living space in the ship as well further forward, we find the cockpit and well its a drake ship.

So its not like oversized or anything like that, and it is a single seeder view from the pilot seat – is pretty good. Um, which is a nice addition, I really like having ships with the with good views around uh, so it doesnt feel so crap which some Drake ships can. I think, when it comes to the ships performance, speed, wise and its, not the fastest ship. There is at least not in stoplight Ill come to that in a second in Atmos. I managed to put this thing up to 240 meters, a second and in space. If you give it Full Tilt, it will get up to 1040, something I think, spec sheet says 150, but the big selling point for this ship, for me at least, is the fuel tank. The quantum fuel tank holds six thousand tons of fuel six thousand. That is insane amount of fuel. What this means is that we should be able to fit a vk00, which is the fastest Quantum Drive. This will fit and still be able to go multiple times across Stanton without running out of fuel. This thing is such a good run about because whats going to happen when you play is youre gon na buy your starter ship and you can use that a lot in the beginning, but slowly as you as you, progress in the game, youre gon na buy bigger And bigger ships, what happens with your startership then well in many cases, I think its gon na sit in a hang and collect dust with this.

What you can do with it, when you kind of upgrade to maybe better combat ships or maybe better cargo ships. This will still be a great little Runabout, so fit a fast Quantum Drive on it, and you can get around Stanton as fast as possible. That means, if you need to get around from A to B, to do some things and you just dont, really need any specific, like a lot of cargo space, a lot of Firepower. This thing will just take you around Stanton so quickly, and this is, in my opinion, one of the reasons why this is one of the best starter ships that you can buy, because it is going to be super useful, even after you upgrade to bigger ships down The line price wise – it comes as a game pack because it both gives you the ship and access to the game for 60 US dollars, plus whatever your local vat is. This is a really good value for money, its not the cheapest package. You can get them cheaper for sure, but this is a good value for money ship absolutely. But there is another thing that two new players may seem a little odd, but for veteran players you will know how big a deal this is. It comes with Lifetime Insurance. Most of the starter shifts will come with either number of months, maybe a number of years of insurance and thats going to start rent Insurance.

What the game eventually comes out, but this one has Lifetime Insurance. This means that no matter what happens, you never have to pay any in game fees to to keep that insured running. If you later down the line, decide in the in the game store to upgrade this ship to a to a bigger one that insurance is going to carry over now veteran players, call these things, LTI tokens or Lifetime Insurance tokens and what people will do is they Will buy these cheap ships that has Lifetime Insurance and if they want a bigger ship, they can go and upgrade to that ship and their lifetime Assurance will carry over, even if that ship does normally come with Lifetime Insurance. Now, if you found this video useful, I would really appreciate if you would go down and subscribe to the channel. It would be a lot to me also go down the comment section and let me know what you think of the design of this ship.