Today i want to review the latest update. I have not done an update review before so. This is a first of this category. For me, i’m, a little bit excited because there’s a lot going on with this new update, so there’s a lot to review i’m not going to cover the new season because we can’t really see stuff in the new season. Yet and i’ll do that in my regular seasonal review and some of the minor things like oh, the gauntlets listed is coming up i’m, not going to go through. All of that. If you don’t know you can find the release notes on the forum. I’Ll have that link in the description below, so you can look at the detailed forum. Notes i’m not going to be going through everything i might i don’t know i haven’t planned this out very well, but we’ve got level expansion and some changes to brawl and all sorts of things. So let’s go ahead and get started um. So the biggest thing is the level upgrade to 150, sorry from 150 to level 175, the last time they upped it. It was from 135 to 150, and that was back. I think in august of 2019, so it’s been about a year and a half since they did another level move up: um that’s, pretty big um. I myself am a little apprehensive because i was getting to a nice comfortable place. I have several dragons at 150, but my max dragon production is not enough that i need more than i’m trying to open it up.

Um i don’t have six academy spaces yet for the dome academy, because i’m not there. Yet i don’t have quite the fish infrastructure or the iron infrastructure to maintain six full dragons in the dome academy. So i’m i’m a little miffed i’m like no i’m, not ready to go beyond, but this is big, especially for some of our end game players that have been playing longer than me and have way more max level. Dragons than me they might. Some of them are are into the level increase. I am not my biggest complaint right now, but the level increase is that i’m used to having my dragons at max level and then um you don’t have a cursor. I guess they’re. My cursor are using used to seeing here like nothing. I can’t upgrade it and now it’s fish, so i click all of my dragons and they all want fish. They all want fish, so i’m, already overwhelmed trying to supply fish. To my to my regular guys and trading, but looking at steam, spewer and steam, spewer wants 1.21 giga, whatever fish i’m like oh, my god, i don’t have that kind of fish to feed everyone um. So this is a little bit of the feeding of the five thousands here, so that’s it’s, not a real complaint it’s. Just my frustration that um i can’t have a like kind of completeness. Now i have to move on to the next stage and i’m, not ready um.

So personally i will be spending more time on my fish gatherers and upgrading that to make sure that my i have enough fish batteries, because i pretty much at this point have enough. Dragons maxed out that i can have good gatherers at at all spots, even with guys training, but i don’t really have enough to have more than like one two, three batteries. I call batteries because it means that um they just sit there full holding fish well or wood, while others are gathering, because i have plenty to gather some of the later guys who’ve been playing longer can do that. I can’t do that yet so i need more batteries before i feel really comfortable. Moving on how am i gon na decide who to train? I am going to use the companion tool. They are currently re reorganizing, our companion tool because there’s a lot to adjust for with the new 25 levels, so they have to make sure they have the right stats for every dragon. The training, calculator there’s a whole bunch of stuff, so our companion tool guys are working on that and revamping that once that is done, i do plan on doing a tool for you guys. I need to go through it myself anyway and make sure i know who i’m training next, so that is a video i plan to do very soon for you so watch out for that. I know most of you aren’t this far yet to be considering what to do with your one getting off to 175, but this is where i’m at um.

So this is pretty big, because this is um. This is the first change like this in a year and a half is this? What i want i don’t know i didn’t want it this soon. I wanted it in like six months um, because i was really about to film um, a video for you to be like. Oh look at all my max triple strikes because they are all of them: maxed, um and now i can’t because now they’re not maxed but isn’t that lovely. I have all of these triple strikes at 150. You can’t see them because they’re gathering, i use them for wood, can you tell but yeah um, so i’ll have to make that video when i do max them out? Okay, um! Oh before i forget, i do want to say kudos to ludia the past few updates. They’Ve delayed the update um this time they seem to be really on top of it and they had the update way long out um before the projected end of the season. So i really appreciate that sorry, i forgot to say that sooner but props to lydia for getting that done sooner. Okay. The second thing that i am really happy for is they have upped the dragon limit so now we can have 200 dragons. I don’t know why. I’M roaming around look at all my bjorns, okay um. You can have up to 200 dragons. So now i can go into my hanger.

Okay, and now i can go to my hanger and okay. I do not have a problem. Okay, look now, it’s, not telling me! I have to put him away that’s so glorious. I actually don’t want him there um. I do need to do another video of reorganizing, my bark um. Do i have any hair i’ll put him there, just so he’s kind of close to the other. Triple strikes: okay, um, just in the spirit of freedom, okay, um, let’s, okay, let’s put ships bane. I i want to do like others did and just have some rippers on this island, because i think that’s a cute idea um. So anyway, i will do that. But now i can have more than 170., so my complaint from a recent video has now been resolved, so i think they were already working on that um. So there you have it there’s an increased limit. Okay, now um, we can build more. I think it’s just upgrading more buildings, i can’t is it building more yeah it’s just upgrade it’s, not actually making more buildings. So that’s nice, it doesn’t, take up more space, but you do need to upgrade iron so to go further beyond 150. You need to upgrade the forge um, which has 30 dragons at max level 150, which i i have that um or the old max. I should say 30 dragons at level 150, and then it costs nearly all of your iron storage um.

And then you can upgrade iron storage, which is nice wait. Did they change? Oh, they changed the existing capacity. It’S 35 000.. I didn’t realize that they did that um. So that’s nice, but anyway the upgrade for the great forge costs. 29, 000 and our new mac storage is 35 000. don’t judge me i i got the forced update last night, so i’m not super familiar with the update um. I delayed the update as long as possible to avoid bugs so you can get some more vikings on burke, that’s nice by upgrading buildings. It won’t take up space. There is now an upgrade also for fish and wood, so you can upgrade those, but you need to upgrade. You need more vikings, but it’s. Only 250 million um some people are complaining that that’s not much i’m. Complaining too, it may as well. Why don’t you just do 500 million um, because 200 250 million still doesn’t. Even let me do two feedings of steam, spewer steam spewer needs 1.21. So i need another 500 million to be able to do two feedings on one basin. They weren’t really thinking that through. Okay, um iron storage already covered that and the edge academy so now there’s a third level for edge academy um. I would need to upgrade the edge academy to do that. Some people have said that it takes a long time to build. I don’t know what the time is um, but those who are doing it say that it takes a while so i’m, not gon na do that.

Yet i am not ready for it, but these dragons are just gon na be staring at me hungry, asking for food. Okay, um let’s see some other things, because this is already getting too long. Okay, um there have been some complaints about defend. I haven’t played defend yet um let’s go ahead and test it out right, quick. My defense don’t take very long, so, okay um, i don’t, use toothless. I don’t ever use toothless and defend not for this upper level. Okay, this is not an intense strategy. I’M, just picking my top five guys: okay um it didn’t change for this high, so um. The numbers look about the same to me, so maybe it’s affected mostly lower level playing um doesn’t seem to have changed much to me, so i don’t know, but some people, but for lower level, they’re saying that they did balance defend and it’s about the same cost. For the various dragons that hasn’t changed for me, so doesn’t affect me, but it will affect lower level players. Okay also, while i finish this um with all of the upgrades they’ve, also added up some new quests, so that’s some interesting things to do for upper level players i’m, not going to list them all. You can see them on the updates, um, so that’s nice. I, like the quest line i’m kind of ignoring it right now, but they have they have um added to the quest line, so that is that is nice? Okay, let’s collect my defend, rewards and move on okay.

So i want to look at the packs. Okay, um uh fish pack for 500 runes. No! Thank you. Okay, let’s! Look at who’s in our rare and premium packs. Let’S go through the rares first, okay, so the rare pack. We have sniffle hunch, gobsucker, firework princess egg biter crab cavern crasher and thread tail um. Yeah my opinion of rare packs. Is you do them for premiums, so we have royal fireworm um. He was available last season um, but that’s not terrible to have that repeated mildew strain. I still need mildew strength, so i’m going to be going for mildew strain spike. Back spike back is not a good gatherer, but i do love quakens egg fang. If anyone uses egg fang good for you, okay prismark, i will get to prismark. When i talk about new dragons, um it’s, an okay rare pack, i just need mildew strain and the new prismark okay and then the premiums are usually about the same. The difference is this: one is sweet stripes. So if you missed sweet stripe last season, you get a second chance or in the christmas season, if you miss sweet start um, sweet stripe is awesome, awesome stats, i can’t click them and look okay, prismark let’s talk about the new dragons for this season. Okay, so um don’t do that: okay, um the highlight the absolute highlight of this update is bellworthy um. This is so cute. Some people are kind of complaining because sheep aren’t dragons well neither are chickens and we have like four or five different chickens.

So i think incorporating the dragon is really cute um. I think some people are saying this is a dragon. This is a dragon quote available and titan’s uprising. That’S news to me. I don’t play titans uprising um, but i think this is really cute. My toothless is not this high up. My my toothless is not even at 150., so i won’t be able to get bellboy anytime soon um, but i think that’s really cute i’m glad that they did that um it. I just love it. This is probably the best thing even more than the level upgrades. A lot of us are also excited about the defender, death gripper, so that’s, really nice um. Now we have three different death, grippers um, and but this this premium i’m a little annoyed. I don’t have anything against small shadows, but we already had a small shadow premium um in the fall update with um what’s, his name obscure, yeah obscure. We had obscure, already um and so it’s it’s, just unless they did that to have pairs of a black and a white one, but um we’ve been asking for a monstrous nightmare premium for years and they haven’t done it yet. So there are a lot of species that still could use premiums and um we’re kind of annoyed that small shadow already has a second premium, so that’s kind of not cool. I think this guy looks pretty that’s, really pretty it’s like a naruto dragon um.

I want him, i don’t know how i’m gon na get him, though all right and anything left of updates i’m excited about all the space um, and then there are some costumes. I think those will be available in tangent with events and um the new, the new market, the new seasonal market, so i’m gon na skip the costumes. For now we can look at the costumes when i do my seasonal market review next week when that market is out um. So just a quick review at the end of the pros and cons of this new update um, we always love new dragons. The sheep is the most exciting thing. We are glad to be able to upgrade buildings, because the upgrades usually look pretty nice. I can’t tell what they look like yet, but that’s that’s going to be nice um it’s on the viking cabin, so is that a viking yeah it’s gon na be on these buildings. I don’t think they’ve had upgrades yet so um that’s nice um. The dragon limit upgrade is nice for some of us i’m annoyed right now, but i’ll get used to it. Um yeah i’ve covered everything more as far as pros: the new mac storage and the costumes and the quests, but i’ll go over costumes in detail more next week. I think um, one of the big cons so far. We hope they fix this glitch is that packs are giving unneeded items right now.

Most of my collections are full, so i don’t need a whole ton of items but i’m going to open this mystery pack as an example. So i get my writer odin coin, but then i got ta go through these two okay and then look common common gear common like i opened a mystery pack and got five runes and then a bunch of collectibles. I don’t need like there’s a problem here so um. I we. We hope they fix that. I think it was to address a bug about the collection packs before and it just went the wrong way. Um. Some people are complaining about the defend levels. It didn’t affect me in the battle i did today, but it seems to be affecting others. One of the frustrations about the new level max is that there’s, no wood cost it’s only iron and you need six six rounds of fish feeding. So that’s a heck ton of fish um, even cheapos let’s, see um blood crust is a cheapo. Even okay, cheapos you can, i couldn’t even feed a cheapo because six times 231, no, i could feed it yeah. I could feed it. Sorry, my brain didn’t work. I could feed a cheapo like blood crest or the smoke breaths with one basin um, but i couldn’t. I couldn’t do most of the other dragons like um. It would take like three full basins to do some of these, so that that’s really frustrating um.

We are annoyed about the small shadow premium and one of our general complaints is we’ve, been asking for new game. Mechanics um: we would like some writer journey still like for heather or dagger um. They don’t do anything. I click dagger and it just brings me this loser and i click heather and it just brings me to windshear um, so we’ve been asking for journeys for them. Since they’ve been introduced, hopefully ludia is working on incorporating those i know, there’s some steps they have to do with. As far as license material we’ve been asking for tribes for a while. So this is another call ludia, please give us tribes. We want some kind of player, interaction, discord and facebook is not enough. Please um and there were no statues to update they’ve been better with statues overall, but no statues um, so that’s disappointing. I still want my alpha shadow statue. These guys need a statue. They are not miffed without a statue, that’s it pretty much um. This was a long video. I don’t know how long it is. I can’t check time thank you for watching if you watched all of this, but this is my take on the update um videos that i plan on coming out soon. Are i want to do a video on the companion guide so once they finish, updating that i will try to film that as soon as i can, i want to do a video on iron gatherers um, and i want to do a video on journeys and i Want to do a video reorganizing, my book, so those are the videos i have planned for the next month, depending on my pace of being able to film and edit videos.

If you have any other videos in mind, please let me know i do need to get back into some more beginner tutorial videos um. So, but those are my plans for the future – and this was my general review of the new update. So thanks for watching guys have fun playing rise and burke and i’ll see you next time.