So this game is already so much popular but here’s. A quick review, slash gameplay of this game. If you are not familiar with it, so without any further ado let’s do it so now let’s talk about gameplay, there’s, so much to cover in the game. But the basic idea of the game is that you hatch different dragon eggs. Then you race them, you use them in battles as well, and you grow your island that’s. How you progress in the game. The game is basically set up on different floating islands that you expand as you progress in the game. Talking about dragons in the game. There is a big dragon book in the game that has 1400 plus dragons yeah. You heard it right. It is like a never ending list of dragons. Each dragon is made up of some elements. There are nature, tara, flames, c, etc. Elements in the game and one element can be effective against other and very bad against some other element. We’Ll talk about it later in the video. There is a hatchery in the game as well, where you hatch dragon eggs that you get while progressing in the game or you can purchase dragon eggs in the shop as well. You can even breed dragons as well. That can get you some new dragons, so these are the basic ways to collect dragons. Now there are different buildings in the game that have different purposes to raise your dragons, you feed them food.

The food is collected in farms as each dragon has different power level. Raising dragons increase their attack and health as well, which is useful in battles, and each dragon gives you specific amount of core that you collect to upgrade and to construct different buildings, etc. There’S a dragon rooster as well. You need to upgrade it to break your dragon limits. That means you can raise your dragon up to certain level. Then you need to upgrade rooster which allows you to raise your dragon level. Even more now, let’s talk about different battle modes in this game. There are different ways to battle with your dragons in this game, like you can participate in leagues, where you fight with other players that give you some rewards, and once you win all battles required to progress to next league, you get your final reward of the league As shown at bottom rewards of leaks keep increasing as well as you progress. There are quests as well. Each quest has 10 stages and also has some requirements so fulfill these requirements. Only then you would be able to battle on winning all stages. You get a dragon as a reward. You can even get legendary dragons, so it is worth playing, but there is one drawback: you can’t play all 10 stages at once. After one stage there is a rest time other than that. You also get some xp on winning quests, which helps in increasing your level in the game.

There is arena as well in the game. This is by far the best battle mode. In my opinion, here, you actually make trophies and become master of masters. There are different arenas based on number of trophies and as you reach next arena, you also get a gift that has dragon in it and also some rewards, which is amazing. Each arena also has some rules which you need to follow. Now the most important thing about battles. It is the battle chart which helps you to select dragons wisely before any battle. So if you press this info button during battle, you can see battle chart so basically, as some dragons have more than one elements in their nature, so their main element is the first one called defending element and in battle chart you can clearly see what type of Attacking elements deal most damage against world defending elements. For example, if flame is a defending element, you can go with nature rice element attacks, because that would do maximum damage and suppose, if you are defending against flame attacking element, then it would be better if your defending element is nature or ice, because flame attacks would Deal half damage to them and if both attacking and defending elements is same, then nothing happens because that is zero damage. So this chart can be very helpful to select dragons and in the battle. The strong and weak attacks have automatically up and down arrows next to them, which is pretty useful.

There is a gold tab in the game where you can see different goals to completion. The rewards that you get on your completion. This is also one of the ways to keep playing and progressing in the game. Now you might be wondering what are these other structures like this tower, so you’ll see these kind of towers at different places in the game, so you have to rebuild these towers by sending your dragons on mission. The mission is to basically find tower parts higher level. Dragons increase the chances of getting the part, but you can’t send all your dragons on mission. There are some element conditions. Only such dragons can go on mission and the mission lasts for couple hours and during that time you can’t battle with those dragons, because they are on mission and sometimes they come back empty handed, which is also not good. Then there is a tree of life which has different purposes in the game. By using tree of life, you can summon different dragons if you got their orbs or you can send your dragons, which you don’t need back to dragon vs in return. They will give you some sort of gift, or you can also make your dragons more powerful, which also requires some mobs. Now, how do you get these orbs? You can get them in different ways. You can get some moves in the arena or in different events as well. Next, up we have alliances joining option.

You can join in lines that would give you extra rewards. You would be able to trade dragon orbs as well with your alliance members, which can be very helpful. Then there is a breeding event island, where, if you have certain element dragons, you can breed them and if you are lucky that can get you the dragon shown below. In my experience, this doesn’t work most of the time, but still you can try your luck. If you want now let’s talk about different events in the game, there are different events going on in the game all the time. Like this spirit of nature event, so here you can spend great coins to unlock chests, which give you rewards. You can get great coins by performing different actions in the game like collecting gold, collecting food feeding, dragons, etc, or there is this mini game event as well, in which you have to match three same items together. Matching four items together can create a booster. It is like candy crush game. You have to match required items to get rewards that even includes legendary dragons and you get moves by completing different missions. Now let’s talk about graphics of this game. This is by far the best respect of this game. Just look at this breathtaking game style. You know these floating islands and everything it actually feels like a fantasy world, and when you look at these dragons, just look how amazing they are. You know from development perspective.

This is not so easy. This definitely requires so much effort and they have a youtube channel as well named dragon city. You can watch how these dragons are made. Just from dragon takes so much work, then you realize that they are not just 50 or 100. There are more than 1400 dragons in the game and then you are literally shocked, so the artwork gameplay dragons everything is so realistic. Believe me, you won’t, be disappointed by this game. Now let’s talk about some drawbacks of this game. The first thing that annoys you is its ads: all these promotional offers immediately pop up, as you enter the game which is so annoying. This doesn’t end here actually, while playing the game. Your right side is always full of all the offers, which is actually very bad way for promotion. In my opinion, especially if everyone has to see all promotions ads forcefully at start of the game, then why always during gameplay as well – and let me tell you one more thing – these are just in game promotional offers. They also have implemented video ads in the game which you have to see forcefully, sometimes as well. So there are so many ads promotions in the game which annoys you so much, and the second thing is that you know, in my honest opinion, you can’t enjoy this game to the fullest without spending real money on it. Maybe there are 1400 plus dragons in the game, but the top ones must be purchased with gems and the heroic dragons actually become available in events and not for free.

Obviously, then, to upgrade buildings you need gems. Maybe these floating islands look beautiful, but they are also on sale for real money. They are also not free. Expansion is much more needed in this game and look how much that costs – and this keeps increasing – i guess – on each new expansion as well. So basically, all important things in the game require gems and we all know gems are not that easy to get in any game. So, honestly, this game is hugely focused on earning money as compared to gameplay experience. In my opinion, which is pretty disappointing, but still you can play and enjoy it, but not to the fullest, so that’s it for today. I hope you guys enjoyed the video like subscribe and tell me in the comments.