I got this action camera from my fiance for christmas and uh we’re, going to do a little bit of an unboxing and i’m going to do. My review and personal opinion on it so let’s jump right into the video all right so before we even get into the box. Let’S just take a look at the outside of the box, so it’s a dragon touch action, camera vision, three, as you can see there – and this is what it’s going to look like 4k camera, which is really nice and it it does – connect the wi fi, which Is a good feature to have and looking on the back here, you can see that it’s waterproof up to 98 feet, so that’s really a good feature to have if you’re doing like water sports or even if you’re, just around the water like at the beach doing. Like any kind of sport like that, uh or even skiing, because, like the camera, can definitely get wet when you’re like skiing and stuff, like that, so that’s a really nice feature, and it has a two inch lcd screen on it and yeah lots of lots of Nice features on it, so let’s get into the box so right out of the box. This is what the camera looks like Music. It looks. You know it has a lot of similar features to a gopro Music and then once we dump this out, you’re gon na see that there’s a lot of different accessories, so fresh out of the box, here’s the camera, a ton of accessories and different things here, uh Yeah i’m gon na look into this to see what all these are.

This is a cleaning kit. I know that, and it came with a couple batteries which is nice and a ton of different accessories that we’re gon na look into in this video see what they are other like. Some of them are just like parts that go onto it, and uh covers and stuff like that, but we’re gon na jump right into that as well, and we got so. It came with this, which is a free warranty for two years, which is nice and we got the quick start guide. So i’m gon na uh start trying to put this together and we’re gon na see uh. You know how easy it is to set up and stuff and uh i’ll keep you guys updated all right, so i just took this out of i’m just gon na take this off, so i just took it out of the waterproof case here: uh yeah, the waterproof Case to me, doesn’t look much different than the gopro. It seems pretty sturdy nice design and they got the buttons here on the side that you can press and with this out of the thing. This is what it looks like nice little screen on the back. So so far i’m liking. What i see it looks like a nice camera uh, but so once you get out of the box, you have to fully charge it so that’s. What we’re gon na do now let’s go so another great feature is that it comes with two rechargeable batteries and this charger, so that’s, really nice and uh, but for now, while i’m waiting for this to charge let’s get back into the box and see what else Is in there so other than the waterproof uh casing? We also have this one that’s more of a everyday use like when you’re using it.

I guess and also inside is this strap which could be used for like running or, if you just want to stabilize it, but really cool that they decide to include that, because that can definitely come in handy so i’m in no way an expert when it comes To tech and i’m not really sure what all these things are. They look like mounts, but i could be wrong uh but yeah. This is just my everyday opinion of you know a regular person unboxing this action camera seeing what’s inside and giving it a quick test. So over time, i’m sure i’ll figure out what all this stuff does, but right now to be honest, i’m, not quite sure. So, as you can see here, this is a 4k quality action camera which is really nice and it shoots at 30 frames per second, so that’s pretty good for what it is and uh. It has a 170 degree hd wide angle lens, so that’s pretty good. For this camera, so i’ve showed you what’s inside the box we talked a little bit about the you know, pros of this camera and what it can do. But now we, what we really want to see is what kind of footage can this produce so we’re going to go test this out outside now at that local park and let’s get right into it? Applause, Applause, Music, me, Music, Applause, Music, all right guys! So i just tested out the camera very impressed with the quality of the footage uh like for the value, i think it’s very good, and i also really like that um, when, when i was running there, they had like a sport mode and it’s in like 720, Which is a little bit less resolution, but it’s cool that they have that sport mode for when you’re running or doing an activity like that, so that was really neat so overall, my thoughts on this gopro not go pro vision.

Three dragon touch is you know you get what you pay for it’s, a good action camera, definitely like a good uh, starter action, camera and i definitely think it’s worth the value um. But if you’re looking for like something like, if you’re doing extreme sports, like on a daily basis and like this, is like the heart of what you’re going to be using, i would maybe upgrade to a little more expensive of a camera. But i will say that this is a very good starting camera, very basic and easy to use, which is nice not too complicated, but like. Obviously, your more expensive cameras would have a little bit more features and stuff. But i definitely recommend this to anyone that’s starting out with the action cameras and i definitely think you’ll be impressed with the quality of the footage.