Today is nationals children’s day and today guys i’m going to be giving away to one lucky child one of this tablets. I wish i could give every child in the world one, but i can only get one to give out. So let me tell you guys a little bit more about this tablet. This is the dragon touch and it’s the y8x pro for kids. It has disney story. Central, it includes top rated content from read along disney digital books and also it’s featuring beloved characters from the disney and disney pixar movies. So what’s in the box, we have a 7 inch. Multi touch tablet matching silicone case with stand: a user manual, ac adapter and a micro, usb cable, so let’s go ahead and open this up. I know my son is going to be so excited when he gets this. This is, and at the top here is where you will find the power button, and you guys saw that it came on. So let me just put this down for one second, because i want to see what else is in the box. We got a pink case, but i’m cooking. This comes out. Let me take this out um, so this pops out comes down and then there are different levels and it goes back up by just pressing okay, so you guys see how easy that is to use okay. So let me put the tablet into the case: it’s very easy to maneuver.

You just have to pull it around and it goes on really well nice and, and you see the camera is there and then we have where you can put in an sd card, and here is the speaker at the back so guys. My tablet has been set up. It took a little while so i didn’t want to share that with you all, because it would have been a long waiting process. So i set it up and everything is working and now the kid could go ahead and use the tablet we do have. I did drag the youtube onto the screen so that he can find it easily and if you were to go here and then you hit play movies, you’re going to get a list of movies that you can watch, including the disney movies and all of the kid Movies so guys to be entered into this, you will need to have a us address, because the company will only ship it to someone that has a us address. So if you have a u.s address, you can enter or if you even have a sky box, because that’s a us address. You can enter i’m. Sorry that this giveaway couldn’t be open to everyone but i’m, just going with the rules at the company that’s sponsoring this set out so leave a comment in the description box say: hi natasha, my name is my child is how old the child is and where, in The us you’re located and if you’re from trinidad stay away in trinidad you’re you’re, located if you’re using your skybox as a us address, so good luck to everyone happy national children’s day today.

I wish you all nothing but love. Follow your dreams and good luck to the lucky person who is going to win this? The results will be posted one week from today. Bye.