Thank you. Dragon touch see Music it’s dragon touch. This dragon touch. Notepad k10 tablet: a meronetong 64 bit quad core processor, up to 1.3 gigahertz on 2 gigabyte of ram ram, yeah gaming experience and this dragon touch: notepad k10 it’s, a android 8 map or android oreo, not bad map, android, orion or 8.0, and upgrade the bullion handgun. 9.0 nang android pi, and also this tablet, merongian 800 by 1280 ips display, yes, it’s ips display again not or high end tablets and like what i said ganina. This tablet is good for entertainment, on youtube browser, netflix and everything mapped on dragon touch k10 notepad and this dragon touch notepad emerging dual speakers and the thing: namaste and storage marinate on 16 gigabyte of pro and pretty much upgrade it to up to 128 gigabyte using The sd card, so young canyon, 800 ips display for richer color and clarity and merentine multi function or a multi 8 megapixel camera parasanian and meron 2 megapixel s. Light gaming like mobile legends, a good good netong tablet: 64 bit quad core processor, normally hindi native, achieves ips hundred pesos ips display five thousand million power battery 64 bit quad core processor, so again so available. So don’t forget to like share and comment and subscribe to. My lead the bell button, updated video and share the live stream.