Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another video of life made easy. I know i’ve been switching over to xbox content, but i still needed to bring you guys a full in depth. Review of the notepad 102 tablet by a company called dragon touch that sent me out this tablet, so i did already do the unboxing and first impressions if you haven’t seen that go check it out. It’S on my channel one of my most recent videos, i’ve done um but yeah without further ado, let’s hop right into it, shout out to dragon touch for actually sending me out this product. I always love reviewing mobile products such as smartphones, as well as tablets um. So currently i own a tab, seven tablet, so this isn’t going to be replacing my daily driver tablet, um, just because the tab has seven it’s in the samsung ecosystem, and i also have – and this is also like an extremely expensive tablet – which i paid a lot Of money for, but i got a good student discount on it so shout out to samsung for including discounts for students um, so yeah without further ado, let’s hop right into the uh overall review. You can see my reflection in this screen, but i’m, probably gon na be putting some b roll over this review and stuff. So the main categories – and this is what i judge most tech products on, especially like mobile products, screen battery design, speed, sound and then camera that’s, so it’s like six things, i usually score it out of 10 points for each category.

Add them out, add them up. At the end, total of 60 points and see how many points the device gets – um, usually i’m, very honest and fair about this and no biases involved. So without further ado, let’s hop right into the first category, which is screen quality. So uh dragon touch mentions that this is like a 1200 by 800 resolution, so it’s not 1080p. However, they advertise it as full hd on the in on the on their amazon website, i think or it’s, either their amazon website or or on the box i mentioned. I made note of that on my last uh upload on this device, but so with that resolution it you can’t actually pump out full hd because you’re not at the 1080p threshold. So if you’re watching youtube con content or netflix it’s everything’s going to be in 720p resolution because that’s the highest possible resolution that you can hit um, those are presets on most streaming services. Anything with video playback, usually it’ll, go 480, 720, 1080, 1440 and then all the way up to like 4k. So with this, since you have the maximum resolution of 1200 by 800 uh you’re only beginning uh 720p on youtube um, which is i mean, it’s fine for the most part uh it gets. It gets the job done: um it’s, an ips panel, so it’s, not the most pixel dense it’s, not as good as like 120 hertz uh, like 1440p display that samsung makes like my tab.

Seven, however, it gets the job done it for just standard media consumption. So for this um, oh and also the touch responsiveness on the tablet um, i mean i guess that i can fit that in the screen. Uh part of the of the the review, but the touch responsiveness is a little lacking, in my opinion, just like uh there’s a little lag whenever you touch the screen and something actually changes on the display. So there’s a little input lag with your finger. Um i’m. Pretty sure samsung and apple have moved over to like 240 refresh uh like input delay or something like. I don’t know what it’s called exactly, but here i feel like it’s much lower and um things don’t see as seem as smooth when, like scrolling through content stuff, like that so it’s, also like a 60 hertz panel um, so you’re not gon na get 120 hertz. Obviously, at this price point for 150 dollars, i i don’t think most people would even expect that. Nor do i think many people even know what 120 hertz is. If you haven’t seen it go check it out, it’s a lot there’s a lot of those types of displays on samsung tablets and android smartphones right now. So definitely go check that out. I think your the human eye can detect it for the most part um. So for that category i’m going to give it a 6 out of 10 for overall screen quality.

Next, i want to talk about battery. This is a pretty brief category, since you can’t really go too much in depth on battery life. Before talking about battery life, i think it’s important to talk about charging. I believe this came with a 5 watt power adapter in the box, which is relatively slow. I also attempted to charge this on my samsung 15 watt. Charger, sadly, did not support the fast charging, even though it’s usb type c uh. I like that it’s usb type c that you can transfer files quickly, sadly, does not support any sort of fast charging. So you have to wait a pretty long time um when it fully died, and then i was recharging it. It said estimated time to recharge was roughly four hours. So just keep that in mind. If you think that you’re going to need this in a pinch, you need to quick charge, it really quickly, you’re, probably not going to get that with this tablet. Overall battery life was great, though uh came with like several power saving options since it’s not having to power like the most intense display out there, it’s not like a 4k 120 hertz display that the battery life holds up and it has a pretty decent processor to Back it up, which is eight cores um next, is overall design. So i like this overall, oh sorry for the battery life i’m, giving it a 6.5 out of 10 for that category in terms of overall design, i think it’s a great design, as i said in my last video it’s, like kind of similar to my tava 7, Which i like it’s, a great design, it’s, pretty thin it’s lightweight nice dragon touch logo.

On the back, i like the camera setup. You can also attach this to a docking station, as i mentioned in the last video. I don’t have it personally, but if you want to get some work done, it comes with a keyboard case as well, but yeah front facing camera here, just like on my tab. S7. The weird thing is is that i think it’s supposed to be held in this orientation, since the camera is right here, it’s supposed to be held in this orientation and it’s kind of weird, because the charger is on the top, as well as the volume and the Power and then the headphone jack is on the side right there, as you can see, which is weird right. I mean, like i, don’t, have the time i don’t know if i’m doing volume up or down on here, just because i’m going left and right as opposed to, if it’s on the side up means volume up and down means volume down here, it’s left and right And i’m kind of sitting here confused about which one to actually do. Oh, i just activated the camera double tapping. The power switch will do that, but yeah i i can’t really tell, and if i go in here, real quick it’s hard for me to tell, which is which apparently right is up and left is down. Luckily it’s running android 10. So it makes it really easy to adjust volumes. Uh i’m, a big fan of android and android 10 – is really good on this device and that’s another perk of this.

It comes with the latest android software. My s9 is still on android 9 and i have no idea comment down below if i should get a new smartphone, i’m i’m, really considering it getting a 120 hertz uh smartphone overall design. I, like it there’s some weird layout stuff, so i’d subtract off some points here, but overall, 7 out of 10 for the design. I think it i think it holds up for overall speed, it’s kind of laggy. For the most part, it does have a uh octa core processor as it claims. However, i believe i mean i’m putting the specs up early in this video. I believe it was uh 1.6 gigahertz um. I did run a geekben i’m, sorry it’s, so for four cores. Uh cluster one on geekbench it was 1.2 gigahertz and then cluster two at four cores was uh 1.6 gigahertz. So the gigahertz speed is pretty low um and that kind of like translates throughout the overall user experience. Um things i mean things load relatively quickly, but if you’re coming from something with like a snapdragon like 845 or above or 835 or above you’re, probably going to think that this is slow compared to that so overall um the speed, i give it a 5 out Of 10. for sound i’ll probably play an audio clip right here. Laughter Applause, oh Applause, Applause, Music Applause me – and i think the sound is good. Uh two bottom firing speakers right here, so it is uh stereo setup.

Sadly, it’s not coming uh up like there’s. No speakers on the front of the display uh, so i think the quality is fine um, it gets relatively loud and it i’d say there’s a lack of bass on on the speakers. However, the highs in the mids are pretty clear. There is some distortion when you max out the volume, but that happens to a lot of speakers. So just keep that in mind if you’re, just watching general youtube and netflix on this you’ll be fine with it um and there’s a headphone jack. If you want to listen to any media um your headphones, so for all sound um, i think it’s 7 out of 10 and then the microphone quality is actually pretty good. I’Ll play sample right here. Okay, this is a quick audio test of what the built in microphone sounds like on the notepad 102. Let me know how this sounds and uh yeah. Moving on to the next section of the review. It was good when i was recording with it. I think gets the job done. I don’t know i don’t think this can take calls um, but if it can i’m not actually too sure uh the microphone would hold up uh, so yeah sound overall, seven out of ten camera. This is the bad part of this device. Every other category i thought, was pretty good uh when it comes to the camera, i’ll put sample images on screen uh but yeah the camera.

For this i don’t like it uh. I think it drastically needs to be improved. Um i don’t think it’s the megapixel count, i think it’s just the lens and the software uh for the camera i’m, not a big fan of their uh software. For the camera app, i was not very intuitive and then it was actually pretty confusing at times, because there was, i had to adjust. I’Ll show you guys you have to go in here and there’s a little button right here and there’s, no like easy switch to switch between the front facing and then the rear facing you have to click this button and then select it here and there’s. Only four options: uh grid, hdr timer and then switch camera and there’s a bit of a lag overall. The camera quality is not very good. Obviously, you’re not buying a tablet for the camera. I don’t think anyone is ever. You just have to keep that in mind. If you are interested in taking some pictures with this they’re not going to come out well the processing, isn’t, very good, and then the shutter speed, i think, is the worst issue here with whenever you have moving subjects or something like that. It’S going to distort the image a ton it’s going to come out, blurry um, so overall for this category, i had to give it a 2 out of 10. i’m, not a fan of this camera. I don’t think you should buy this device for a camera.

However, if you don’t care about the camera – and maybe you just want this – for – like i don’t – know – standard video call – we can get the job done for that uh, but definitely don’t go out searching for a tablet and buy this thinking that the camera is gon Na be amazing – and you can shoot 4k uh raw footage with this, because you can’t, but overall um after adding up all the points. Hopefully i did my math correctly. This got a 33 and a half out of 60., so pretty decent score. You just have to keep in mind. This is a budget tablet um, and so, if i were to rank like my tab of seven, just like the gold standard, i’d, probably get this, give this like a close to like a 55 or higher out of 60 um in terms of these categories, but still For 150 bucks this did pretty well, it held up. It checks a lot of the boxes um for the average consumer.