If it is worth your hard earned money and if it’s a good device for casual use for just watching videos or just doing some normal stuff, that you would do as you’re sitting around the house now, dragon touch did send me this tablet. But you know i will not hold off the punches. I will keep it real as far as what i think about this tablet. There are some highs and lows with it and i’m gon na. Let you know by the way i am also giving this tablet away. So it’s a part of a big old giveaway, i’m doing so by the end of april i’m, going to give this tablet away to one lucky: twitter, follower. Okay, so follow me on twitter, at twitter.com, android and you’ll. See me give this tablet away to one lucky person by the end of april. But how good is this tablet, and is it worth even giving away right? Is it worth going in the trash? Is it something that you’re going to want to use every single day because it’s, just a nice handy tablet to have i’m gon na? Let you know right now: let’s get straight into the review, so dragon touch. Is a company that’s made a lot of tablets in the budget category around 100 to 200 and they’ve done that on amazon for a few years? So, if you haven’t heard of them, they have been there and they’re. Normally one of the top sellers on amazon for tablets and the reason why they sell so many a lot of times, i’m sure it’s advertising and things like that, but they also give you decent specs for the price.

So this tablet, for example, it comes with a 1080p screen which you don’t often see in 100 or 150 tablets, and it also has three gigabytes of ram. It comes with android 10, and a lot of older tablets have really really old operating systems like android, 8 or android 9., so it’s good to see at least android 10 3 gig of ram and a lot of tablets only give you 3 gig of ram. If you spend like at least 200 bucks, so it’s a welcome addition in this tablet. Now, if we take a look at the device here, you’re going to notice two speakers on the bottom of the device on the right side of the device you’re going to notice the power button and up and down on the volume on the top of the device. You are going to notice this right here, which is for charging of course, your usb c port and you’re going to see this here, which that’s where you could stick things like your sd card slot, and it also even has sim card slots as well. They have, of course, on the back of the tablet, this camera right here and you don’t really see much on the left side of the tablet. Now, on the front of the tablet, you’re going to see pretty big bezels, those bezels are pretty large for a tablet. But again you have to consider the price as far as weight. This is a little bit heavier as well than tablets, i’ve seen at least in the past year or two, so you are giving up things like weight and you’re, also giving up things like bezels.

When you look at a tablet with good specs for this price, oh – and it does, of course, have a headphone jack here by the power button which i forgot to mention now. The one disappointing thing about this usbc port is that it doesn’t work with every usbc cable, so it worked with my anchor cables, the cables that sort of had a line down the middle, but it didn’t actually work with my laptop charger, for example, or other chargers. So keep that in mind it’s not going to work with every charger you have around your house. Of course it works with the charger that comes in the box, so that is very important now, as far as the display goes, i am just happy to see a good resolution on it: it’s a 1920 by 1200 resolution, so it’s over 1080p, which is great so This has a really good resolution. It looks very, very clear and crisp as far as different tablets out there. I understand right when you look at the tab, a from 2019, when you look at other tablets that retail over two hundred dollars. No, this will not be quite as good as far as the display goes, but i remember: samsung had an 8 inch tablet at this price point and it wasn’t even an hd screen, and it was only 8 inches so to see a 10 inch screen here with A 1080p screen, i think, it’s just fine.

I think it will look good when you’re watching videos on youtube or when you’re just doing some casual stuff or doing some reading. So, if that’s your task, if that’s what you want to do with this, i think you’re going to find out that this will work pretty well for pretty much any task that you set it to. As far as the display goes now, as far as performance goes, it’s really difficult to understand the processor that they put in, i really think they honestly just used a whole bunch of parts from last year’s tablet, because this uses a very similar body, it’s a similar Style it’s got similar bezels, so i think this is very similar to last year’s model. But if you look on the amazon page you’re not going to actually see the specific name of the processor, i know it’s probably made by a different chinese company out there, just like last year’s model and it’s good it’s, not great speed right. So i would say it’s going to be worse than something like the tab, a from 2019., so you’re going to have to consider that it’s going to be a budget processor, but it did the job for me. I was able to web browse and do okay. Now you don’t want to have a ton of tabs open at once, but i think for 150 tablet. I think it meets expectations. It’S, not the slowest thing i’ve ever had and when you pair it up with three gigabytes of ram, i think that’s a good sweet spot for a budget tablet to where you could still do what you need to do.

You can get to netflix or you could get to whatever entertainment apps you want without this just completely locking up, so you should have a decent experience, but it’s not going to be perfect, of course, if you’re, comparing it to higher end models now, this does have A good battery life it’s not great, so it has a 5 000 milliamp battery again that’s. What i would expect out of a budget tablet, it’s not going to be the best out there. It won’t be the worst either just keep in mind: it’s not going to have some crazy fast charging to get your tablet charged up fast, it’s, going to take some time to get it charged up now. As far as other things with this well, the speakers aren’t that good they’re, just okay, they’re, really, whatever i think the haptic feedback motor is okay or whatever. These are things that they’re really going to skimp out on on this tablet again and the usbc port, not charging with every single charger out there. I think that’s another really big deal, but this tablet does get a lot of the basics right. A lot of us just want a budget tablet that has a good screen and if you go to walmart and you buy one of their tablets, you’re going to find out the screen looks really blurry it doesn’t. Look that good and they’re going to be slow. They probably won’t have good ram, so those are things you’re gon na get with those budget tablets.

So if you spin just a little more on this at least you’ll get a good screen at least you’ll get considerably okay performance for the price that is, and you’ll just get a good device for general things like reading and just watching, shows and stuff like that. Now the software experience is a little bit of a mixed bag, so this does come with android 10, which is great, but i did notice some minor software issues when i’m using the device. So it’s a little bit strange that if i’m using my device in portrait mode, you’ll see the bottom apps there on the screen. When i flip this into landscape mode, those apps are no longer on the bottom right. So there’s, no apps that you can attach to the bottom. That just seems like a weird software glitch, also other devices that are on android 10. You can use those navigation gestures, so you could do that on the lenovo tab, p11 pro or the tab s7. But you can’t do that on this device you just have to use the normal navigation buttons to go home or back, and things like that. So there’s, no android 10 gestures on this device. So this tablet there’s not a ton to talk about with it there’s. Not anything like samsung dex or all these crazy features. This is just a tablet that retails for about 170 bucks, but it does go on sale with some coupons and stuff on amazon.

So with this tablet, you’re going to get ok performance and a great screen for the price, but the things you’re going to pay for the things that aren’t going to be great, are going to be build quality related. So this is going to be a little bit. Heavier they’re going to be using bigger bezels on the device you’re going to see that with the usb c port. Well, it’s not going to be best for charging, because you can’t use it on every single charger you have in the house. It will only work with specific chargers and you’ll have to try them all out to see which ones work. The speakers aren’t great the haptic feedback isn’t perfect. So this is good if you just want a good display and you want decent performance for a 170 to 150 bucks. Now, if you’re, looking for a good bargain, you want the best bank for your buck. You probably should spend another 30 bucks roughly and get a lenovo tablet. I know that will have a little bit better build quality. Those will probably work with every single usbc charger you have in the house, but you have to understand for the price. A lot of people need to save that extra 20. 30. 40. They need to save money. They can’t afford to spend 200 plus bucks on a tablet, and if that is you i would say yes, i would recommend this tablet for someone who just wants something with a good screen and ok performance, and i think this tablet will give you that.

But for me, if i’m getting a budget tablet, i want something, for example, that’s going to be able to charge with any device. I have, in the house, i’ve seen a lot of sales on the galaxy tab a7 and i think if you look at it on various websites, i know samsung will probably give an educational discount. As long as you have an edu email, you could probably get that. So considering the tab a7 retails for about two hundred and thirty dollars, it will be much faster than this. The display will be even better and i think, that’s a really really good tablet for the money plus you’re, going to get better software support and you’re going to be able to use your android 10 gestures and all of that, and it will work with any charger. In your house, lenovo tablets are also good options. Around 200 bucks as well and at least you’ll get more options there. But if you need something and you’re just saying look, i don’t want to spend 230. I don’t see the tab a7 on sale. I don’t see any lenovo tablets on sale. I just want the best tablet for 150 bucks period or 160 or whatever you see this at and if that’s the case. This is probably one of the better tablets you’re gon na find on amazon for that price, because at least it has a good screen and decent performance. Thank you so much for watching this video.

Please give me a like and a sub and remember i am giving this tablet away, not just giving it away, because i want to use something better right. I have other tablets, though i own other tablets, so since dragon touch did graciously send this to me, i thought you know what let me give this to someone else who could really use it so feel free to follow me on twitter. My twitter handle is digest. Android so follow me there. You could also follow me as well on youtube by just subscribing to my channel and giving this video a like, feel free to share my stuff watch, some more videos, and thank you so much for watching.