The dragon touch max 10.. If you want to see just how much of a tablet you can get for 170 bucks, then stick around and we’ll get into it right after the intro Music, all right so let’s get right into it. This is the dragon touch max 10. A relatively inexpensive android 9 tablet, with a 10 inch display, and this one was kindly provided to us by dragon touch to take a look at, but we are in no way being compensated for our review and nothing that i say in this. Video has been reviewed by a third party before uploading, so with all that out of the way i want to find out just how good of an android tablet you can get for under 200, and as i mentioned, this is running android 9 right out of the Box and comes with all the google services that you’d expect, like the google play store and all that good stuff. So first impressions with this tablet are actually really really good right on the front. You’Ll find a really bright and colorful 10 inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1920×1200, meaning that 1080p content playback is surprisingly good and i’d have absolutely no problem watching blu ray rips right from this tablet’s screen and inside the tablet itself. Things get even more impressive for such an affordable device. Here we’ve got an octa core arm: cortex a55 based soc, which, from what i’ve been able to tell, is actually a pretty snappy little processor for regular tasks like youtube and browsing the internet.

We also have three gigabytes of ram and 32 gigs of onboard storage, there’s enough room to install a few games and store a few videos, but to get the most out of this tablet, you’ll definitely want to get an sd card. This tablet supports up to a 120 gigabyte micro sd card, which should be plenty now, of course, this isn’t any sort of gaming tablet, but, to be honest, we’re pretty happy with what this tablet offers right out of the box. It’S obvious that this is more aimed toward watching videos and browsing the internet and considering the 5 000 milliamp hour battery, which is smaller than what we’d like to see on a tablet this size, you definitely won’t, be doing many power hungry tasks like gaming for very Long but with that said it’s important to remember that this tablet comes in at under the 200 mark and the screen alone brings a lot to the table, but i think it’s also important to mention the rest of the tablet itself. The whole thing is made out of glass on the front plastic around the edges and a pretty high quality aluminum on the back. All in all, it feels like a pretty premium and durable tablet, and we especially like the fact that it comes with usb type c. Rather than micro usb, you also get volume up and down buttons, a power button, a headphone, jack and, of course, front and rear facing cameras.

Now i know i already mentioned it right at the beginning of this review, but i just want to stress how good this screen is: it’s a full hd, ips touchscreen that honestly looks way better than it should for the price. It’S super bright, it’s, very colorful, and the black levels are right on point and miles ahead of most the cheap android tablets, with tn panels and even plastic screens in terms of software, as i mentioned before, this tablet is running android 9.. As far as i can tell, this is pretty close to stock android without tons of unnecessary apps cluttering. This tablet and slowing it down everything about this tablet feels premium, but there are some things that i’m, not so happy about with it and the first of which is going to have to be the aspect ratio. This is a 1920 by 1200 pixel screen, meaning that has an aspect ratio of 16 by 10, which basically means that for every 16 pixels it is wide it’s, 10 pixels tall – and this is absolutely fine for most things, but in a tablet form factor. It feels kind of weird when you consider that most of the content you’d be watching is 16 by nine, and you could say that 16 by 10 gives you a little bit of extra vertical space. But if you want extra vertical space, just rotate it. My only other big issue with this tablet is its gaming performance or ability to run games at all for that matter.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t even able to load up games like roblox, but for the price i don’t think it’s that big of a deal. This thing is made with internet and multimedia in mind and, like i said, for the price it does that really well. But on that note i did try emulating some games like super mario 64 without a hitch and it seemed to run nice and smooth the entire time. So it might not be perfect for playing the newest mobile games from the play store. But if you want an affordable, big screen to emulate older games, or possibly even game stream from a gaming pc which would work great thanks to its 5ghz wifi connection, this would actually be a really good option. So with all that in mind, would i buy this tablet for 170 bucks? Well, all things considered absolutely it’s got an awesome screen, pretty good performance, a nice and speedy unmodified, build of android and pretty darn good build quality. So with all that said, i think it’s time to wrap things up. So please, let me know if you have any questions or comments about this tablet down in the comment section below and as always, i hope you enjoyed the video don’t forget to check out our link in the description.