So a big shout out to them for sending this over for a review. You can pick this up on right now, it’s 152.99 or you can go over to, and you can pick it up over there. I’Ll drop the links in the description. If you guys want to pick this up. This is the dragon touch max 10 plus tablet. This has quantum dot resolution octa core processor, three gigabytes of ram 32 gigabytes of internal storage, which you can also add a micro sd card. To give you more storage, this uh is running android 10.0. This has a 10.1 inch, 1920×1200 fhd stream wide color gamut display, and this also has i care, like i said you can go over to out and you can read all the specs on this over there. So let’s take a look at the box packaging that it comes in some of the same specs got dragon touch up here. Nice picture of the device and 1080p full hd display quantum dot technology. I care you got android 10 and a 5 000 milliamp battery. I don’t i’m not sure if this will be upgradable to android 11. here’s, some more specs max 10 plus see. If anything i missed here. Uh, you do have two cameras. The front camera is a five megapixel camera. The rear cameras are eight megapixel camera with auto focus, wi fi, you can hook up to the 2.4 gigahertz plus the 5 gigahertz band, so yeah let’s take a look at it.

Let’S get this box Music, open, Music, so Music, all right guys. So we have it open and the first thing we’re greeted with is the tablet has a little help to it. I think it’s, a little bit over two pounds, see what’s else in the box. So in the box you get your type a to type c. So that’s a good look type c. You get your charging break here. There are the specs on it, which i can’t really see and you get a little pamphlet right here, get a two year free warranty, and then you get your user’s manual and that is pretty much it in the box. Let’S get this cleaned up and take a look at guys, so here’s the tablet. So when you get that off they’re giving you some instructions here that you guys can pause and read yourself, i’m gon na go ahead and get that off. So here it is, does have a little a little bit of heft to it, not too bad a little bit thick here’s, the back of it got a little piece of film back here as well. So on the back, you got dragon touch. You got your 8 megapixel camera here with a flash. You got your type c charging port right here, your volume up and down your power button 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack. You got another mic. There uh your two speakers here and you got your front facing camera right.

There so see if it has any problem any power, and yes, it does dragon touch powered by android, so let’s get this powered up and check it out. Nice feel to it it’s a plastic design, but feels okay, and i believe right here. Yes, this is where you put your micro sd card right there. So let’s get this powered up i’m going to log into it. Then we’ll come right back all right guys, so we’re back in. I have my information in uh. This is what it looked like. You got your feed over here this way, so not too bad there. This does have facial recognition to unlock it. So let me try demonstrating that and it works pretty good guys, as you guys see, i’m behind the lights and the camera and it’s still work. Let’S. Do that one more time so not too bad for a budget tablet? You do have your bezels here, which are a little bit thick for compared to some tablets uh, but not too bad uh gives you somewhere to grab the display to grab the tablet. Uh the display looks good uh. It could be a little bit bright in my my opinion, but the colors look pretty good on it. This is what’s installed on here, not very much kind of like stock android, pretty much got chrome. We got a fn radio on board. This does have a gps, so you got maps uh youtube, yt, music, uh, keep notes so bare minimum on the install that’s on here.

This is your drop down menu, see so it’s pretty stock. Looking there are no. This is also where you would have your notifications. As well, so if you pull it in the middle it’s going to come down in the middle, if you put it up, pull it over here, so that is pretty neat let’s go into the settings, so this is your settings menu pretty pretty bare minimum. As you see out up to 32 gigabytes on board, uh it’s using 7.58 out the box, so out of the 32, but you also remember: you have a micro sd card slot back there and uh. This is running android 10. I did check it to see if there was an update, uh, no update, so it’s running 10 off the box, and that is pretty much it. You do have dual speakers on here. So let’s try out the speakers see how they sound so i’ll pull up my youtube page here and we’ll check them out, see what they sound like let’s go to. My channel and we’ll play this video here, since it has a little uh, so that was max volume. Let’S turn it up again, so the speakers don’t sound too bad. They definitely don’t have bass, but they are loud. As you see, i have elevated my uh. My tone to uh go, you know, get higher volume than the speakers and uh that video didn’t look bad at all. So uh you got.

Do you got a front facing camera and a rear facing camera and i’m gon na take a little video and shoot a few pictures put that in here and then we’ll come back Music all right guys. So this is the dragon touch max 10 rear facing camera. Shooting 720p uh: this is the quality that you’re gon na get out of it. Just a 720 camera, so it’s not going to be the best, but you do have a camera Music front line contact with enemy. This is all right guys back in, as you guys see, the cameras are not the best on here. You only have a 720p on the back and a 480 on the front, so video capture and photos are not going to be the best, but you do have a camera there in case you uh need to capture something or something like that. So this is a day later, a little bit over a day. Well, a day later, not quite 24 hours. Battery life is still holding up the 5 000 milliamp battery, so i think you’re gon na get pretty good battery life out of this uh. This has a octa core processor and everything seems to be working, opening up great uh, no issues with anything crashing or anything like that, as you guys saw, i played call of duty and asphalt 9.. Now i played those just as i downloaded them. I didn’t go in and change any of the the settings on them, so you of course uh this not being a high end tablet.

There was some frame rate, uh drops uh, but it was definitely playable. Maybe you can go in and set the settings on it to where you get a little bit better, but i played them right out of the box whatever they are when you download them now for things like uh, social media, facebook, twitter instagram. This is a great little tablet. If you need something just for doing stuff like that, then you can go in and this is how fast you’re going to load up facebook or something like that, give it a few seconds then it’s, definitely strollable let’s do twitter. Let you guys get a sense of how fast this loads up and it’s going to depend on your wi fi as well, but this can hook up to 5 gigahertz as well as you see so no issues there. Now again, i want to say that, like gamer gaming would be great on this. I just wouldn’t get this for uh heavy gaming, something like netflix let’s, go ahead and load up netflix, as you guys see not too not too bad on loading it up. Let me make sure i got my volume down here and i’ll. Let you guys see what uh movie on netflix would look like so there it is not too bad uh. This would be great for netflix hulu youtube. You do get your uh picture down here in the corner that you can move around you’re floating there and, like i said, uh the three gigabytes of ram and the octa core processor seem to be working.

Pretty good. Uh let’s. Take a look at the kindle book. App here as well uh, let you guys see that this would be a perfect little uh reader, so here’s the this is what it looks like now. You know you can go in and change the background color to dark or whatever, but this is the perfect size for reading your books if you’re in the book reading and uh yeah man. So i think this is a pretty good deal to pick up and, like i said, it’s uh comparable to something like the amazon fire hd 10 and i think in some ways it’s a little bit better. It performs a little bit better than the amazon fire tablet. So this is the dragon touch max 10 plus tablet. I’Ll drop the link in the description.