Damn today i got another video now dragon touch reached out to me via email, asked me to check out one of their tablets um. This is a 10.1 inch tablet. I already opened it up, checked it out, make sure everything working and uh i’m gon na give you my pros and cons to it. This is a budget tablet, all right so i’m not going to do any gaming on it because uh the games. I want to play like asphalt. It just was not a good experience, so um, but this is the box right here on the back right here gives you the specification. This is the max 10 plus all right, so dragon touch match 10 plus um. The operating system is android 10 uh. You got three gigs of ram 32 gigs of internal storage, along with the cpu, is running octa core. Now the screen is 1910. I mean 1920 by 1200 uh, so it’s a pretty clean picture. Also, the front camera is a 5 megapixel and the rear camera is an 8 megapixel all right the battery. You know 5 000 and it has dual wi fi all right. So let’s go ahead, unravel this bad boy right here, so we can get the show going. Also, if you look in the description, i will give you a link to amazon plus their website. If you go through the website, you do get a code that you can use to take some money off all right, so let’s go open this bad boy up nice, clean presentation, um before we get to the tablet.

Let me show you everything that comes in it. Inside the box, not that much again, of course you get the power uh right here and you get a manual that is it that’s. All that comes in it is type c all right. It is a type c which is pretty cool. We can set that over there for right now, Music, all right let’s, do that get this bad boy in there all right. So once you get to tablet, of course you are met again. I already opened this up. I already have it got a few apps on it already, but of course it gives you some some literature you can read telling you you can lock it and all that so make sure you read that pretty straightforward though, but once you get it, you just peel. This off all right, let’s get this box out of the way, all right, so we’ll put that right there, all right so looking at it. Of course, you got a nice display. The weight of this tablet is pretty solid, all right, it’s, a nice weight um. If you, you know, i’m, not going to say it because of youtube terms, services, but it is a nice tablet, cast the logo on the back um. You know everything right there all right, but when you have it facing you, you see the camera that we talked about earlier uh the front facing camera, and then you got the rear camera in the back.

Now, on the side, you do got a headphone jack right here you got your power and then you got your volume up and down all right. This is where you would charge it at the the type c right here you could power it up on this side. You have nothing and on the bottom, as you see these are your speakers all right. So this is your speakers. Let’S go and power, this bad boy up and again you go through the settings. It should be. You know pretty easy stuff like that, so um. Let me get this going. Let me go get the code up in here all right, so there’s a couple modes you can do you can do uh landscape, also portrait. So right now is in portrait and of course, when you turn it to the side, you can do landscape. So let me just go portrait right, quick and one thing i can say it does have this glare to it so um the glare is, you know, the reflective glare is very uh it’s, pretty pretty intensive, so um, but one thing about it. You can get to your settings right, just scroll from the front. Also, you know get to everything. You do have some more settings. If you want that way, if you just come down all right, you just come down again. Hopefully, you can see a little bit of it, but now you can go to your settings right here and that way you can see everything that you want all of your applications, your wi fi network.

You can connect bluetooth devices right here, um, you got apps and notification battery. So if you go into the battery, you can see how much more percentage you have right there. I don’t know if y’all can see it, but you have it right here. Let me hit the back button um display. If you want to display, you could turn on dark thing. You can brighten it up lower it eye comfort. All of that, so i like the dark theme so i’m gon na turn on the dark theme, got it all right. So that looks a little bit better, so that’s in the display mode right there um pretty solid. You got your sound! You want to check your storage, tells you um! You can free up some space, how much you use already um. I use 10.42 that’s how, after everything is said and done so pretty pretty good man. I mean it’s, pretty solid um it’s, not the most powerful tablet that i tried, but it does get the job done. I think i think the tablet is great for um using it for iptv. If that’s what you want to do: facebook, instagram tick tock. I think it’s good for that as far as taking pictures. This is okay it’s, not the best. I would probably use my smartphone instead of using this i’m, not going to even display that but i’m letting you know in this video um. When we go out. One thing about it: um i mean it’s just pretty clean.

I mean, as you see right there, it’s just it’s, so clean um, just touching it you know it’s pretty good. You do have your. You know uh buttons down here at the bottom. If you scroll up, you can go right into all of your applications all right, so you can break them down. If you want to close it, you just scroll up so again, how do you do it? You just scroll from the bottom. That way, you see all your applications on here. Pretty solid let’s go to youtube all right, so add a few things on here. As far as uh youtube running um solid, you know, like i say, the responsive um touch is it’s pretty good. You know i don’t think i don’t saw better, but it is is very responsive. Let me see um the speakers do get loud, though let me tell you that now, so this is a video i did yesterday. Let me turn the volume down up here. All right. Just for right now, until i skip and usually i start, my videos off with music, alright, let me see if the music is playing Music all right, so you see me it’s, pretty clean um. Let me make it full screen right, quick picture, pretty solid! Pretty nice, though man i i can dig it, you know, i can dig it, it is pretty pretty nice um and, like i said, just everything just setting it up playing with it.

I wouldn’t sit back and you know um, you know, do no editing or anything like that with it. I just think it’s it’s a nice setup. Also before i forget, let me show you you can expand your memory all right. Let me screw that up on the back of here right here guys. So when you turn it and you got dragon touch facing you correctly, if you go into this right here, hopefully you can see it, but you can expand the memory. If you put your nail or something over here, just lift it up. There is an opening right here and you got a couple places where you can expand memory now. It says up to 128 gigabytes of memory that you can use all right, that you can expand to so that’s, pretty solid man, pretty pretty solid. You could do a sim card. You know right here, another sim card here um you could do it. Uh um. Your memory right here so it’s, pretty solid, two sim card slots and also you got a memory up to 128 um, so pretty good man, i mean honestly. I went through um i’m not going to get too critical with this because again, this is a budget tablet and i think you know as far as me, you know coming in from uh what i do on youtube. Everything runs good. So again, if you got your streaming apps, you know hbo max. You got your third party apps, along with disney.

All of those apps run great all right, and so, if you use your third party apps those run great as well man. So i just like it. You know it’s pretty solid and uh. You know uh just a couple pointers you know. So i will say this. The pros is it definitely worked. Um for basic usage. You know you’re not doing nothing to their stream. You ain’t out there trying to take no photography. You know other children or anything like that. I think if you want to go to youtube, you want to go to you know you want to watch uh disney plus you want to uh watch some any type of video. I think you’re good, all right um. You know now the cons is, of course no no extreme gaming on here. So if you got a game that’s, you know very intensive graphic wise all that you’re going to have some problems that’s, why i didn’t even display that, because there’s no need to even go into that, if you want to play some basic games like wheel of fortune From the google play store and stuff like that, you’re good, those are solid. You want to play four letters any of those type of games, but as far as uh some intensive uh call of duty or something like that gaming from the play store, you’re gon na run into some problems um from there guys again, everything will be in the Description, i think me personally, if you are a reseller um, if you’re a person that’s on the go, you like to watch your movies, you like to listen to music.

This is awesome all right. I think this would be an awesome tablet for you or you’re. Just looking for something for the kids uh a little budget, you know um tablet, um that’d be solid as of today on march 27 2021. It is 169 on amazon, they do have a 10 discount as of today. But if you go to the website, you get 15 if i’m not mistaken, but i will leave those descriptions and um i’ll leave those links in the uh. In the description of this video so um, i think it’s pretty good for what i needed to do all right, what you needed to do that’s something else so um but pretty solid. I do like the weight of it. I mean it’s just very very nice, and i i just sit it right here and i can just you know and just do what i needed to do um so from there guys. I think um, i would say, give it a go only because in the community that i am in you know the court cutting community. I think this is a a thumbs up. You know, because we are not using it for a gaming or anything like that. We got something for gaming, so um pretty solid weight, wise everything. Everything is just. I just love it. You can change the wallpaper everything, so i could sit it right there. A call coming in. I could do what i got to do or i could just sit back there and watch while i’m working in the background picture is nice.

All of that um vid, i mean the uh speakers is pretty um. Nice too it is, it does get loud again. You know if you’re watching a uh, uh uh a deep film, then yes, it can be um. You know uh. It can get a little muffled all right so um. Thank you. I appreciate y’all following me again. This is the dragon touch all right um. This is the max 10 plus all right, i will again everything will be in the link um salute to everyone on cord cutters. This may be a device that you want to put next to your computer or next to your settings uh when you, when it’s time, to get down to action all right. So i appreciate y’all um any questions you can leave it in the comments of the video and i will try to get to them in a timely manner. Victor’S salute to everyone. I say to salute big salute to everyone.