1 inch tablet, let’s, take it out of the box in the box, you get a user manual, they give you the plug in charger, plugs in, go, see usb and the charging cable, and this is usb to usb c. So it’s a usbc, connector and, of course, the tablet itself. Now the screen is dirty because i’ve already set this up otherwise it’s a standard, android walkthrough it just walks you through everything, and what was nice is that being that i already have an android tablet. I was able to just enter my account information in and it found a recent backup from my other tablet and automatically downloaded all the apps and everything else. All the contacts that kind of stuff right in so everything just sets up seamlessly. If you already have one, if not, there are ways to transfer over from other devices that you have so the unit itself is very substantial: it’s got a metal backing, it’s, quite heavy, and all around it’s really well made on one side. You see the usb c port coming up to the top there’s, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and your power and volume buttons and it looks like a microphone there and i believe those are the speakers on this side over here camera on the back and, of course, On the front we’ll get into those a bit later, but right now i’m going to set this up, so i can demonstrate it to you now before i get started on showing you this i’d like to tell you about some of the specifications on it.

This has an octa core processor running at 1.6, gigahertz there’s, three gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of onboard storage. You can, of course, put a micro sd card in to expand the storage by putting up to a 128 gig card. It has your standard wireless internet, 2.4 and 5 gigahertz as well as bluetooth and also has a gps receiver in it. The screen on it is 1920 by 1200 full hd resolution it’s an ips screen with quantum dot resolution. It produces very much brighter color than you’d. Otherwise achieve on similar tablets, i’ve tested this and indeed the colors pop. They are really really vibrant. Indeed, it runs android 10 and has a 5 000 milliamp hour battery that can last up to 10 hours. Of course, your usage is going to depend on what you’re actually doing with it. It has a 2 megapixel front and an 8 megapixel rear camera on it. Another interesting thing i found that this tablet has is a flash for the camera and i’ll show that to you, it’s on the back here, of course, there’s your flash to go along with the camera itself and another nice thing. This has is vibration, just like your cell phone would have. This has vibration in it as well, which is something that between the flash and the vibration, i have not seen on a tablet in many years, so that’s really a nice feature that it has so now. What i’m going to do is going to get a video on youtube and play that for you, so you can see the quality of it.

Are you going shopping, or did we just pick you up? What is the cat deal all by yourself? You just went in there say hello to youtube. Oh yes, yes, yes, all right! Go back in your bag, go back in the bag, that’s a good boy, so here’s the main screen when it comes up. Obviously you have your google play store right there. You can swipe up all your apps are right there in alphabetical order, which makes things really easy. I’M gon na show you a game now, uh one that i’ve been playing for many years, and it will definitely demonstrate how nice the screen actually is. Okay, here’s a game called tune. Blast i’ve been playing this for many years. Like i said um, i have the sound off just for copyright reasons, but the color here everything every color is so vibrant and that’s going to show, especially when we go and get into the game right here. So you can see that the blues pop the reds, especially pop just all around it’s, really really nice um. As far as uh that the smoothness of it, you know it’s playing the game, just fine, definitely working just uh, just great it’s, not slowing down or bogging down i’ve had other tablets that have done that before so all around so far, pretty good and the colors. Once again, just really pop, so this has got a really nice screen as far as that goes, we’ll just deploy a couple things here and then we’ll go on to something else.

So with that said, and done i’m going to give you some demos from the front and rear cameras and, of course, i’ll do some voice over with that as well. This is a still image from the front facing camera: the documentation states. This is a two megapixel camera. However, the resolution of this photo is 2592 by 1944 pixels, yielding approximately 5 megapixels, which is what the camera setting on the tablet states as well. This photo as well as the one i will be showing you from the rear facing camera were taken in the 4×3 aspect ratio which, in my opinion, is the correct aspect, ratio for photographs. It can be changed to 16×9, with a reduction in the effective megapixel rating. Here is a video from the front facing camera. This camera records at a maximum of 480p standard definition, 4×3 aspect ratio, here’s a sample, video using the front facing camera and now i’ll get you a shot of the rear facing camera. Here is a still image using the rear facing camera. The effective resolution of the rear facing camera is 8 megapixels. This also was taken in the 4×3 aspect ratio and can be changed to 16×9, with reduction in the effective megapixel rating. Earlier i had mentioned that this tablet has a flash so here’s that same picture taken with the room lights out just using the onboard flash, not that great, but certainly without that you wouldn’t even have this so it’s.

Definitely a nice feature here is a video taken with the rear facing camera. The maximum resolution that this camera supports is 720p 16×9 aspect ratio which this was recorded in and now i’m taking a video using the rear facing camera. The motion is pretty good. All around color once again is very vibrant, at least on the tablets screen, of course, as was discussed before so all around. It works great and remember this one, as i had showed earlier, has a flash as well that can be used for still images. So all around i’m really impressed with this, not only for just how the screen looks and how it performs, but also just the build quality of it entirely. If i just pick it up here, the metal case, i mean this weighs something you know it’s, not just your little flimsy. You know tablet for 69 kind of thing. This is a serious tablet here and, like i said, it’s 10.1 inch. So this can really do a lot, for you has plenty of storage plenty of processing power. All around the sound is great. The video is great the videos and pictures it takes aren’t bad at all, all around a great tablet from dragon touch if you’d like to purchase this item, i’ll leave a link in the video description where you can find it available for sale on amazon. Thanks for watching make sure you click like make sure you click subscribe and take care.

We’Ll see you next time.