You know we are testing many different products on our channel, but i really like to review projectors. We already have many videos about projectors, but i am very interested in this one because it has very good specifications, such as 7500 lumens, brightness, full hd native resolution. Five gigahertz wi fi support up to 300 inches projection size. The projector is called drg professional ak 40. You can buy it on amazon for only 180 dollars using 100 of coupon code. The price is very attractive, however, before you go to place the order watch this video to the end the projector comes in this black box. To be honest, i thought that the projector is also black, but it is white. There are no specifications or features on the box. When you open it, you will find the cardboard box with remote control, av, cable, hdmi, cable and power cable. There is also a manual screwdriver and a web close to clean the dust card and inner of the lens. Then we have 100 inches 16 to 9 projection screen. I didn’t order it additionally, so it probably comes with every projector. It is awesome. I also like the user manual. There is all information about projector its specifications and how to use it. Finally, we reach the projector itself. Let’S take a close look at it. As i already said, dr g professional ak, 40 projector has a wide body. You know projector is not very compact. The dimensions are 310 by 230 by 110 millimeters, the weight is a 2500 grams.

You probably won’t carry it with you to the office or college or even from room to room. It is better to find a good place for projector in the living room, install it on the ceiling or a special tripod on the front of projector. We can see lens and iron receiver by the way the lens is protected from dust by plastic cap on the top. There are focus and keystone wheels, as well as control panel with power button source menu, return up down, left right and okay. By the way, there is a warning, but not to look into the lens. I think you should listen to it before using projector. You need to connect the power, cable and switch on the power. There is also vga port, the second ir receiver, two usb ports, tf car slot, ev and 3.5 millimeters audi jack on the back of projector. I also want to show you the remote control. Actually, it has the same buttons as the control panel on projector. However, of course, it is more comfortable to use remote control, then go to projector every time you want to change the video or turn the volume up or down now, let’s start on the projector and check the user manual and settings menu. Drg professional ak40 projector doesn’t have android operating system, so you need to connect external device to it to place a video or game. Fortunately, there are many connectivity options. For example, you can use vga or hdmi ports to connect the laptop pc or game console to projector.

There is also wi fi support, so you can use miracast or ios cast for wireless connection with android and ios smartphones. By the way you can also connect mobile devices to projector using usb cable. You can also play video or presentation from usb flash drive or a tf memory card. Let’S go to the settings menu. Now there are four sections available in the settings, such as network projection, advanced and information. As i already said, drg professional ek40 projector supports the wi fi, and you can connect to your home wifi network in this menu in projection. There is only one option available projection mode. This function is useful. For example, when you have placed the projector upside down on the ceiling in advance, we can change the language boot source, sleep, timer, iso, play mode miracast play mode, local, update online update and restore factory default. The last menu has only information software before watching the video let’s check the sound and noise volume. As you can see, the maximum sound volume is 82 decibels, Music Applause, Music. I also want to see that the sound is really good. It is not only loud, but also has a good beast. The sound plays an important role on projector because it gives the feeling of a movie set at home. The noise volume of this projector is about 43 decibels. Yes, you will hear the projector making noise in a quiet room but that’s not a problem when you’re watching a movie.

By the way, i forgot to tell you about specifications of dr j professional ak: 40 projector. While you watch the video samples, i will tell you about specs. The projector has lcd display technology and led light. The native resolution is full hd, 1920 by 1080 pixels. The manufacturer recommends placing the projector at a distance from one to nine meters from the wall. Then the projection size will be from 50 to 300 inches. The expect ratio is 4×3 or 16×9. The keystone is plus minus 15 degrees, Music, Music, Music. I this area is insubordinate Music, so Music and power iron pro. It has 2.4 gigahertz wireless connection, multi platform compatibility 50 millimeters drivers analog battery life up to 30 hours on a single charge. You know this given headset doesn’t have the tools because it uses Music Applause. Music, you know the brightness of projector is so high that it looks like the room has lights on. In fact, it is night outside, and the lights in the room are off. So you have watched the video in the dark room, and now i want to show you the projection quality in daytime Applause, Music. You know, i believe that dr j professional ak40 projector has 7500 lumens brightness, because it lights up the whole room. The projection quality is also good. I want to recall that it is full hd native resolution projector. You will not see even the pixels at a close range. However, i noticed that, for some reason, the bottom right corner is blurry, as the other corners of projector are good.

However, it is not a big problem. I also like that. This projector supports 5g wifi. You can connect android and ios smartphone to it. In my opinion, drg professional ak 40 is a very good projector for 180 dollars.