I want to thank them for sending this over to review on the channel Ill leave a link down below with current pricing and more information. Music, its got a 10.4 inch, IPS 2K display thats, fully laminated 320 nits brightness got eight gigabytes of RAM, but also seven gigabytes of virtual Ram also has 256 gigabytes of storage expandable up to one terabyte with a Micro SD card comes with a unisog t616 processor. Also comes with Android 12 right out of the box, its got a quad speaker setup, pretty thin as well: 7.9 millimeters 478 grams. Its got 18 watt fast charging 8 300 milliamp hour battery. This one also comes with a cover and stylus plus theyve got a keyboard case for this as well. Its got a 16 megapixel rear facing camera 8 megapixel front facing also has Dual Band Wi Fi, so you got 2.4 and 5 gigahertz, as you can see, comes with a case. Youve also got user manual. Warranty information youve got a USBC. The USBC charging cable looks like you will need an adapter if you get this in the United States or you can just use a different charging brake altogether. You get your removal tool for the micro, SD card or SIM card, always a little confusing to me. They include a regular ink pen, they also sent along a separate stylus as well, so well go ahead and try that out Music, its sort of hard to get the sticker off the back there.

Luckily, you can get most of the residue off with a wet wipe and I got ta say this tablet actually looks pretty nice here on the back sort of a blue gray metal material. I kind of like how theyre doing the camera and the Flash here on the back there on the bottom. Youve got two speakers: USBC charging port and your micro SD card or SIM card slot power and volume buttons there on the right hand, side and then Pogo pins are in the bottom for the keyboard. So, overall, a pretty nice build quality on here might be kind of hard to tell in the video, but you do have the front facing camera there. On the long side theyre in the center youll also notice the pre install the screen protector there as well. Now the stylus they sent over actually seems to work pretty good on here. Of course, with this tablet, youre not going to have to worry about storage, it looks like its only using 12 gigabytes of the 256, which should last quite a while when it comes to the navigation. Youve got several different options here you can choose which order the buttons are in, or you can hide the navigation bar altogether. Also theres, not a lot of pre installed. Apps on here looks like mostly the ones from Google. Also by default, you dont have an app drawer on here, so it just sort of puts everything on the home screen, but luckily you can switch that over.

If you want, then all you have to do is just swipe up and theres all of your apps up in the notification. Shade youve got most of your typical stuff here: Wi Fi, Bluetooth, auto brightness, airplane mode, auto rotate screen record flashlight, eye Comfort mode hotspot. Screencast do not disturb invert colors in nearby share theres, also a handful of other things. You can add on there as well, like ultra saving mode, Dark theme, extra dim Focus, mode, storage and alarm. You can also turn on the virtual Ram if you want there in the settings as well. Looks like there is a software update, so Ill go ahead and do that nice thing is looks like its got. The stock wallpaper app from Google, which I like theres, quite a few options in there and theres even a handful to choose from that they put on this device, and then you can also choose your accent colors to match the wallpaper as well. Youve also got a dark themed shortcut there, then, when you swipe left of the home screen youre going to get the Google discover news feed. Overall, I, like this software very similar to stock Android. You can also use the other tip of this stylus as well. One downside to this Stylus is: you have to charge it with micro USB instead of USBC? Now, if you just look at the specs of this tablet online, it actually says this is wide Vine L1 for apps, like Netflix, but Im, not sure.

If thats only certain regions – the one I have says – widevine L3, with SD playback resolution up to 1080p resolution for YouTube videos, it may not be a huge deal for some people, but its something. I thought I would point out now. As far as this keyboard case goes actually pretty decent quality and theres a lot of other tablets in this category that you dont have a keyboard case. For so definitely a nice option to have, in my opinion, Im not sure if Im a fan of the rougher texture on the trackpad, but it seems to work fairly decent and youve got shortcuts there along the top. So overall, not too bad. As far as a keyboard case goes screen, quality on here actually looks pretty decent as well could be a little better on viewing angles, but overall pretty nice contrast, and it feels like its just bright enough for indoor use. So this is going to be fine for watching movies TV shows, playing games or reading on here as well. I also ran my typical battery drain test, just to see how it did and its pretty similar to the T10 tablet lasting about six and a half hours at 100 screen brightness before dying completely, also just above average, compared to other tablets that Ive tested when it Comes to Performance, it looks like a slight improvement over the T10 tablet by Doogie again very comparable to a Galaxy Tab – A8, not quite as powerful as the Galaxy Tab S6 light, but it does feel pretty quick just moving around the software.

I dont see any kind of lag or delay, lay when doing stuff on here and its nice to have the expanded Ram option on here, even if thats only going to help in certain situations when testing out games like pubg mobile Asphalt, 9 and Apex Legends mobile. Everything seemed to be fairly smooth. The graphics, dont look quite as good as on more expensive tablets, but overall, not bad considering the price I think most people will enjoy gaming on here, obviously its going to depend on what games youre playing as far as how good theyre going to look on here. Just keep in mind, this is more of an entry level tablet when it comes to Performance and gaming. Good thing about this tablet is youve, got two speakers on each side and theyre, nice and loud so thats always good to see heres a quick sample just to give you an idea of what they sound like Music. Ive got quite a few options here in the camera. App youve got Panorama Pro capture, video foreign time lapse, and then you also have QR code under more, but as far as quality goes here in my studio, lighting actually looks pretty good and then you can go up to 1080p resolution 30 frames per second. When it comes to video recording heres a few quick samples just to give you an idea of what the video and photo quality is like on the T20 tablet by doogee, as you can see, camera and video quality on here may not be the best out there.

I usually dont expect a lot out of tablets, especially in this category, but overall you could probably get by if you had to use this for Zoom meetings. Other video conference calls I kind of wish. The resolution was a little higher on the front facing camera, but it is what it is. I know not. Everyone uses their cameras on tablets, but I still like to test them just to see how they do probably a little better than I was expecting, and it does feel like a slight upgrade over the T10 tablet. Now, if I already have the T10 tablet Im, not sure that I would upgrade to this one because theres a lot of similarities overall, pretty decent quality on this one, and it feels like you, get pretty good value for the price foreign Music, Music foreign. So if youve made it this far into the video, you may want to say thanks by subscribing and dont forget to give a thumbs up. If this video was helpful, this is Brian from fishbe Productions.