This is like the what i car they used to not get sued um. How to install. Maybe you’ll show me a download link, uh nope there. It is okay, here’s, a download link, uh system requirements, let’s see what that is. It requires you to have at least an intel i3 with four gigabytes of ram uh at least 128 megabytes in your gpu and 50 gigabyte, hard drive, it’s making me wait for the okay that’s silly. It has not been oh, no so out of the uh, the pero s’s we’re going to be checking out this one right here, the snow mojave. I think their website does not say hardly anything at all. Other services looks like they have some uh pair id url shortener, but they have no wiki or anything so i’m, not sure if peros is arch or ubuntu but i’m just going to make a wild assumption and say it’s an ubuntu based distribution. But i could be completely wrong: oh it’s, based on kabuntu, okay and it’s, just a highly modified version of kde or their personal modified kde thing. But but we’ll we’ll see what this looks like here. We’Ve got some wobbly ones. We got some wobbly windows out of the gate. I would not recommend adding that effect to a uh installer let’s see if they have virtualbox drivers. They do not um let’s just go ahead. Let’S go in all the way, let’s just install it. We’Ll check it out.

After we install it, i wonder what installer this is, because i have no clue. Guided use. Entire disk sounds good to me. Continue don’t install first. First, try install no we’re going to install it first we’re just going in, for it continue. My name is indeed brandon. So we’re going to go with that, make sure the password doesn’t show and i’m not going to say it out loud, like i’ve done in a previous stream by mistake. So now it’s installing it says, thanks for picking pero os peros, combines the best of mac os design with ubuntu’s base. To make a great desktop experience, this slideshow will go over exclusive pair os apps and how to get help and how to contribute to pair os. Okay hold on, we got the pair os cloud storage. I don’t know how much i would trust that considering some of the uh download links on their website was broken. Uh pair os sweeper, so that’s, probably cool um, developer tool, pex installer pair terminal that’s going to be fun to go ahead and check out okay, so it looks like we are in here now. This is going to be pair os it’s, not going to look very good for a second, because i need to fix the resolution and all that how safe is the aur, i would say, it’s very safe okay. So we need to fix this so because it doesn’t look too good. Quite yet they do not have virtualbox drivers out of the gate um.

So where are their settings? Oh that’s cool got that got that mac dock. This reminds me of rocket dock, so let’s go ahead and try to change this again, see if that’s disabled, so we’re going to try to go with something. Uh like this apply. Oh beautiful dominique is a lifesaver, the lifesaver of the stream okay. So now we’re actually going to be able to go ahead and check this santa. So here is pero s we’re, finally, getting into it um. So what we’re going to do is first, the this is looks exactly like mac, except for like a cheap rip off version. But if i go ahead and click over here, we can see we have the finder. We have file edit view all that jazz. If i hit file, none of these buttons really work. So maybe, if i open something like uh what’s pefari did they really call it pafari the web browser is called pafari. What the heck let’s see what’s in there read me here, so hello user hope you enjoy pair os. There are a few small bugs i like how right on the uh the desktop there’s, a readme that talks about the bugs. Oh no, actually one. Second, i want to open that back up because i want, i hope this global menu actually works for something. So kate is open, okay, that’s cool, so it does work for things. So this is super cool, so you have file and overall the rounded corners and all that looks pretty good, so that’s cool that that works.

But i really wish it would and it works for their uh finder, which is actually just dolphin, so that’s cool but like. If you go over to the desktop and you hit the little pair, it shows up again, but it doesn’t do anything but that’s something we can kind of look over. I guess so. We have launch pad 2, which this is probably just a um uh. What what’s? The menu that’s a kde menu that you can go ahead and open up that’s, probably what it is. I think, it’s simple menu, which is just this full screen type menu, but we’ll use that to go ahead and flip through our applications. Uh. In addition to pafari, which i think is absolutely hilarious, this is buffari uh let’s, see about webb, so it’s, just gnome web clean, beautiful powered by web gtk, so they just renamed gnome web pafari. They have firefox uh looks like they have a contacts, application, let’s let’s, go ahead and see what this is here: um contact, setup, yeah i’m, not gon na. Do it um calendar usb utility, which uh was one of their applications. It said usb medium not found. So this is cool, they have partition. Erase restore first aid. Stuff so looks like we have the pair. Oh, this is their like developer thing, i’m, not going to get much into that, because i don’t understand it enough back to this we’re going to check out some of these other applications that aren’t specifically on the um on the dock on the bottom.

Oh, thank you. A super chat, and you said orange. I do thank you for that solid statement to go with it. How have they not gotten sued by apple like when you completely just download an app store png from their website? It’S it’s, like you’re, really pushing it here and they’d even go with a good one. Oh we got some errors here and a lot of updates. Oh no yeah! We got a lot of updates going on. This is discover. I’Ve never actually used discover even on any kde distro i’ve ever used it i’ve, always either downloaded pamac or just used the terminal so kde they make some wonderful stuff. They make uh caden live, they make krita, i believe um they make a lot of good stuff, but their discover store is just not that good let’s see what we got going on. This is pair os, snow, 20.11, uh kd, plasma 5.18, so it’s, not the newest, but it’s, not a super old version, um it’s running the 5.4 kernel so definitely not that’s. Like debian level colonel, i went to a version of ubuntu, maybe it’s 20.11 that’s, probably the version of ubuntu it’s based off of all right, so it’s running 1.2 gigs of ram that’s, not too bad that’s about the same as zorin 15. My cpu usage is pretty low. Do you recommend hannah montana, distro i’m afraid to say that i cannot? I cannot recommend the hannah montana linux distribution, at least at this particular moment.

Cute fish is one going from pair os to this. I could recommend cute fish all day if you’re somebody looking for a really good mac os x, alternative cute fish, is beautiful, granted it’s um fairly new, so the development on it hasn’t been around forever, but the manjaro team thought it was stable enough to put it In well listed as a community edition, so this is definitely a desktop that i would say is worth checking out. Um you got the ad remove software it’s all out. Well, softer you’d expect, but like cute fish, the cute fish team did actually put forward some of their own custom applications it’s, not really working, but that’s. Fine we’ll go ahead and install this, so go ahead and jump through this is your typical uh calamaris installer. So let’s just go ahead: boom boom boom and we’re gon na use the same password next install and install, but yeah cute fish out of all of them. If you’re really looking for something that gives you this vibe it’s, absolutely beautiful and they do have some good backgrounds, but it doesn’t look like anything’s really opening up very well but like even if you look at their settings panel, i mean they did an incredible job With this desktop environment, i think this right here was the original wallpaper, so we’ll go ahead and switch to that for now, but i do like their newer wallpaper a lot better. This one, this one’s beautiful um, if you are looking for something like pair os that’s, actually good, go with managerial cute fish, one it’s manjaro, so it’s gon na work, it’s arch, it doesn’t.

It uses main jar repositories and all that, but it uses the pacman package manager and all that. But in addition, we have ad remove software, which is pat mac, and this is great because this gives you access to fund utilities such as enable aur support. And then you can, you have use we’ll. Have you can use a graphical interface like this to go ahead and search for those applications in the aur it’s? Wonderful and i love it and a little spoiler alert. I might get the opportunity to check out one of those uh new jing pads or whatever they’re calling them earlier than later so i’m, really looking forward to checking those out. I know a lot of people don’t really like it, because it is chinese software and all that, but ultimately it’s open sourced. You can check out the source code, see everything that’s going on any data that’s going in and out of the system, um, so that’s. What i say to that 153 people – i do thank you all for stopping on by and checking out some of these distributions with us checking out the jing pad. We don’t have neo fetch. So what we’re going to do is go sudo, yeah, we’re, an hour hour and a half in i got ta go eat dinner and all that good stuff. So i do thank you all for joining in this stream. I know i don’t really plan them out very well or anything like that, but i do hope you all enjoyed it for the most part, summary of everything basically pair os is garbage uh.

If you’re, looking for a mac, os x type thing check out, manjaro cute fish, uh endeavor os is the linux. I usually run i’m currently running windows 11, and that has been about it.