, with its name. It comes with a larger 10.95 inch, hallway full display and a 86 screen to body ratio. Slim bezels and what stands out this time? Is it being the first tablet to be equipped with a maximum of 120 hertz, refresh rate, so compared to the usual 60hz refresh rate, with 120hz refresh rate, you get a faster and smoother visual, while youre reading, through your documents or playing games, and i think most Of you will ask me this 120 hertz. Are you sure this device got enough battery to sustain it? Is it powerful enough? Well, the answer is yes: although the battery capacity is just 7250 milliamp, but with the complement from the power saving technology of harmony os, the huawei mate 11 can really last up for a full day of usage. During my review with continuous video playback and executing my work tasks with a single charge using the 22.5 watt, hallway supercharged adapter, as for the huawei mate boot d15 2021. Well, here it may look the same but its not. It is now lighter and more compact, compared to the last one, with just 1.56 kg and 16.99 millimeters thin equipped with either the 10 gen intel or 11 gen intel core i5 processor, with up to 512gb ssd storage and 8gb of ram, as well as an integrated Intel iris xe graphics, not to mention with sufficient ports such as 2 in 1, 3.5 mm earphone and microphone port, one usbc port, one hdmi port, two usb 2.

0 ports and one usb 3.2 gen1 port. It is slim yet provides all the necessary ports for the users and now, for the interesting part, is that, with these two devices being placed side by side or working together side by side, you can have a seamless connectivity between these two, not just for your work, But also for your entertainment, you get three modes under the tablet: pc multi screen, collaboration, mirror x10 and collaborate modes. So for the mirror mode. You get to mirror your display from your laptop to your tablet, and the thing i like the most here is the ability to sign, add comments and draw for my stuff using the huawei m pencil. Second, jet on the tablet – and it simultaneously appears on my laptop without having me to perform another step to save and transfer or download the file from my drive and sign it. Just open up apps, like adobe view and sign and youll, be able to do it on your tablet with the finished product on your laptop straight away, and usually if your line of work requires a lot of monitors, multiple monitors, then at office you always get multiple Monitors side by side on your office desk, but now since were working from home. Most of us dont get the advantage of having multiple monitors. Furthermore, some of our homes doesnt even have a proper working desk. That is where i feel that this extend mode and collaborate mode really comes in handy here with the extend mode you can now drag or open your images file or another window onto your tablet and place it side by side with the huawei matebook.

D15. 2021. So you get to enjoy looking at your documents and references conveniently even if you want to watch your favorite drama while working at ho. So since we talk about watching movies, well, dont judge the book by its cover, especially for this huawei mate pad 11, because the sound quality produced by it is really really cool Music, its not just loud, but also it has nice bass and treble on it because It comes with quite stereo speakers, tuned by human content, with power histone 7.0 to enhance the bass, while it is able to detect the space around you to better enhance the sound algorithm output and guys. Video call on the tablet is also pretty nice, with the 8 megapixel selfie camera along with 4 microphones around it. You can speak clearly without any background noise disciplines, while having nice, video quality like a fingerprint reader can be troublesome, sometimes with password unlocking. You will easily type the wrong password if you type too fast. Unlike the huawei matebook d15, the fingerprint sensor and power button are in one button, one touch and you can access to your laptop in split seconds. It saves your time on typing password and at the same time, it can guarantee your security. So, through my reviews, i really like both of these devices, especially the conveniences. It brought to me – and i think, if you really experience it, you dont really get out of it, and i would recommend these two devices to those of you who are looking for a new laptop for your work or for your uni works or assignments.

And if you ask me, is there any flaws or weaknesses for both of these devices? Well, that is one from the macbook d15 2021 webcam. Well, the camera. It just looks odd so guys this is the camera angle from the hidden camera and it just looks pretty alright. I have to look in the camera that way to talk to you. If i look onto the screen, it just shows my double chin here, and i know i i gotten fattier during mco but well. The anchor is just not the way that i like it. However, the hidden camera feature is really good for security purposes, but when it comes to vehicles well it just doesnt look good for me and another angle: you know, okay, so for the price for the matpat 11 and also the mate book d15 2021. It starts from 1999 ringgit and also 2999 ringgit respectively, so go check it out at huawei official website and, let me know in the comments below what do you think of both of these devices and a subs and a like to this. Video is highly appreciated.