Since you can usually only edit wands inside the holy mountains between levels and leaving them through, the normal exit removes your ability to edit wands in them. You sometimes rely on making your own exit, which then forces you to have to deal with him, who a lot of players are afraid of so much so that theyll actually take this perk right here, which, in my opinion, is a wasted, perk dont, be afraid to Anger, the gods, because its probably gon na happen anyway and its better to know how to deal with this situation than to avoid it completely but other than just learning how to deal with them. Why would you actually want to anger the gods Cold Hard Cash by default? Stevari drops 240 gold and you can increase that by Trick killing him or having one of the greed perks, thats. Quite a lot, a dough for the young aspiring noita early in their run, and this is a game all about dominating the forces of nature. You are the force of nature until you meet this guy for the first time or Scott Steves big brother, who dont worry. I will teach you how to easily take care of as well, oh and he drops 360 Gold by default anyway. Like I said, the gods are gon na get angered at some point, no matter what you do so lets learn how to deal with that. You could just use some form of invisibility to bypass them, but then you dont get that gold, which actually can be significant early on.

If you have invisiblium it can help. You position yourself above Steve to kick or even just drop a tablet on his head and take him out that way. If youre, not good at tablet, kicking dropping the tablet will not break your invisibility. Probably the easiest way to kill him hes not immune to being frozen, so you can use, freeze, charge and a couple kicks or Ambush him with circle of Stillness or just completely blow him away with freezing gaze. But if you dont have any other way to easily kill him, luckily, the Holy Mountain comes equipped with everything you need. While he turns his attention to the fish youre, just gon na run back here behind the statue, and you want to position yourself so that youre standing right next to it facing away from it, then move your cursor way above your head and kick score. If done correctly, this will one shot him. Likewise, you can do it on this side of the Holy Mountain with this statue Im just going to kick it away from the wall, and you want to hide behind the base facing the wall and kick easy peasy. Nothing to it again hold down or S face. The wall put your cursor way above your head and then kick 5135 damage nice. Before we continue. I am going to personally model some of my new merch, for you Im very happy with how this stuff turned out. Both the print quality and the quality of the garments themselves is just perfect, and this is actually now my favorite hoodie and my favorite t shirt.

If you want to help support me as a Creator, and you want some merch, the link will be down below thanks guys. I appreciate it very much all right now lets get back to the video any way you do it after killing, three stavares, the gods are enraged and his big brother Scott will meet you in the next holy mountain. That means, if you kill the first three stavari, the earliest youll need to worry about. Scott is in the Holy Mountain between hissy base and the underground Jungle, which is plenty of time for you to find a way to easily kill him like with homing plasma. I prefer short range homing and plasma cutter, but you can use a normal homing and any plasma all of them will be very effective at killing him. I sort of levitate to lead him into the ceiling and use that to block any of his attacks, though he will die fairly quickly without much effort. A more effective method still using homing were just going to slap a rock spell on here. You do not need unlimited spells, because just one rock is enough as long as he doesnt see you, because as soon as Scott sees you, he activates his matter eating field that will just dissolve the rock as soon as it comes close to him. But as you can see, he did not but Fury what, if I dont have homing its not exactly one of the most common modifiers good point lets get rid of that and kill him with something else.

Something like a tablet kick which to make it easier for this video Ill set up by black holeing through the wall here now, Im just gon na wait for him to come down to the bottom. Then Im gon na go up to the top here and blam. Now that works as long as he doesnt foresee you remember. If he does see you then hell turn on his matter eater and destroy the tablet before it damages him, and then you are probably in a world of hurt, but Fury what, if Im, not good at tablet. Kicking all right! Fine! Well, try something easier! You can use Ambrosia to tank literally anything he can throw at you. Then you can kill him with anything. Even your starting wand keep an eye on your Ambrosia stain, though, and make sure it doesnt drop too low because he just loves to matter eat you guys. All around the Holy Mountain youre going to want to keep moving around so you dont end up getting dropped into the next biome because then youll have a lot more enemies to deal with, and that might not be a good thing. But still this is pretty straightforward. The point is: do not ignore Ambrosia. If you see a flask of it, grab it and use it, it can help. You survive many different challenges in this game. Well, except for something like getting dropped into acid ouch, and now it is time for ping pong loomies on a fast enough wand, luminous, drills, modified with ping pong path will absolutely shred most things, including Scott, no crits or damage mods necessary alright.

Now it is time for look at that thing doesnt. It look like it has a little face anyway. Now that the runestone spawns have been fixed and its much more possible to find a runestone of emptiness, they are an extremely effective defensive tool. In this footage, things could have ended up very different because, as youre about to see, scootys attacks may have hit me and caused me to miss my kick. But the runestone ate his attack almost immediately and now. As an example, Im just gon na have a little fun with this Im gon na toss, a runestone of emptiness down in the fish Basin right here and then lets go and aggro Scott. Now, as soon as he sees me, Im gon na teleport back and Im safe here from all of his attacks. As long as I dont get too close to him, but Im just gon na smash a flask of pheromone on his head and then grab my runestone and then lets be on our way come on little buddy were going for a trip through the Vault. Unfortunately, I was on fire pretty much the entire way through here, its like the worst place to not have fire immunity, but were almost in the Holy Mountain. Now you know what were doing here. You already know my friend Scotty meets Scott. Of course, there are all these other enemies giving bad Scott the unfair advantage, and let me just make sure they dont accidentally murder me, but after a long and intense battle, our friend is the victor.

So you got to the end of this video and youre. Maybe asking so the reason for me to anger: the gods is gold. No, that was an excuse, though it is actually useful early on. The real reason is self empowerment, youre, not gon na.