If you haven’t already hit that subscribe, button hit the like button and leave a comment at the end of the video to tell me what you think about this guitar. Based on my review and don’t, even think about leaving the video early. Because, at the end of the video i’m gon na give details on my latest giveaway, this really cool mini tube drive, pedal also at the end of the video you’re gon na see my full shred demo, so don’t go anywhere. This is the donner dlp 124b electric guitar, and let me just get three things out of the way right now: yes, it’s, a great guitar, yes, it’s worth the money and number three. If you are looking to buy a guitar under 200, yes, absolutely you should buy it being a budget level guitar. I wasn’t expecting much guys really i wasn’t and then i got the guitar and i was pretty much blown away. I’M gon na go over the features of this guitar, and then i will get to the one part in particular about this guitar that really makes it great and so much better than other guitars in this price range. Alright, so it’s got your basic les paul shape like the epiphone les paul special it’s got the toggle switch down here instead of up here and it’s got one volume and one tone instead of two volumes and two tones like a normal les paul it’s, not a Set neck guys, it is a bolt on neck, so this guitar has got a really good design.

It’S got everything you need the one volume, the one tone, the toggle in a good location, two humbuckers and take a look at the finish. This one is in black, but it also comes in pink, a sort of surf, green color and then a type of sunburst finish, and they all look really nice, and you know what else is really nice about. The finish is it’s got a binding. That goes all the way around the body all the way around the neck, both sides of the neck and around the headstock it’s, really nice and the finish is flawless. They really took their time to get this guitar right, they’ve put in the time and the expense to make this guitar really good and really worth the price that it’s selling for the neck is made of a wood called a coma. The fretboard is indian laurel. The frets themselves look to be about medium size, 22, frets, really, nice, steel, metal, tuners. And if you look at the back of the tuners, it’s got the logo stamped on all six of the tuners. Look how nice the neck plate is. There are so many things on this guitar where they could have saved a little bit of money here and there, by putting in a cheaper component or a cheaper price, they could have put cheaper pickups. They didn’t the wood that they used for the neck. How many budget guitars have you seen where the back of the neck looks this nice what’s? The one thing that i said makes this guitar really awesome and really great for the price: well it’s, the fretwork.

I am amazed by the fretwork on this guitar. The frets are completely level. How do you get 169 guitar, where the neck is completely straight? I didn’t even have to adjust the truss rod and all the frets are completely level right out of the box. I’M blown away by that fact, and the other thing that makes this guitar really great for me – is the neck profile. It is not the big fat chunky neck that you would find on a regular les paul. I don’t like les paul next they’re too big they’re too chunky, and they have that high gloss finish on the back of the neck, which makes it harder to move up and down the neck quickly. This is not high gloss. This is just a nice smooth. Satin finish, that makes it feel like wood. Basically, this neck is fantastic, and if you really know anything about guitars, you should know that the neck makes or breaks the guitar. Other things can be easily changed. You don’t, like the pickups, you can easily change the pickups but the neck. You want to change the neck, well, that’s going to be an expensive endeavor and when you have to start messing with the frets that brings on a whole nother set of problems. So that is a huge plus for this guitar. The neck is excellent right out of the box. The frets are perfect. Now i know what you’re saying you’re saying it can’t, be that good, alright, well, you don’t have to believe me.

You don’t have to take my word for it check out the amazon listing, look at the number of reviews, guys 522, for this exact guitar. What does that tell you they like it, but after having checked out this guitar thoroughly, i firmly believe that they do have really good quality control and that they really truly do want to put out a quality instrument. They want good word of mouth and they have a facebook group with over 3 000 members of people that have been purchasing donner products and are happy with them, and they have more than just electric guitars. They have all kinds of stuff and, if you’re interested in checking out this guitar i’ve got the link down in the description to where you can find it on amazon and i’ve also put a link to their facebook group check it out. You know what else tells me that they are doing their best to provide you with a good quality instrument. It’S, all the little things. Look what else the guitar comes with it comes with this 10 foot, guitar, cable, it’s, good quality. You can tell it’s built well: it’s got metal ends, it’s a 10 foot cord. I would use this for performing recording and i absolutely will use it comes with a strap and it’s, not a totally cheap, strap, it’s, good quality and, of course, the gig bag. This is one of the best gig bags i’ve ever had the material is thick it’s got padding in it and one more thing.

Look look on the bottom. It’S got this rubber piece. So when you set this thing down like that, it’s got that extra protection along the bottom it’s. All these little things that show that donner is a company that’s, trying to establish itself as having quality products, making good things, giving you a very good value for your dollar. If you are interested in getting this really cool, little miniature tube drive pedal subscribe. If you haven’t subscribed already, you have to leave a comment on this video and hit the like button. Alright, remember i said i was gon na. Do a couple of really quick, simple modifications to this guitar to make it look even more awesome: i’m gon na change. The volume knobs i’m gon na take off this little plastic ring right here, because i really don’t like the way that looks. It is super easy to take it off. You just unscrew. This thing, pull it off screw it back. Together takes a few seconds. All right! Watch me: do the modifications Music all right there. It is guys so look what i did. I took the volume and the tone knobs off and i replaced them with black metal knobs. I took off that little plastic ring that said, rhythm and treble, and i changed the tip from a cream color to a black color. I think it makes it look even more like an awesome, shred machine.