I need to put out a disclaimer that pablo sent this graphics tablet to me at no cost in exchange for a video review, but its my policy here on this channel. To always give you a 100 honest review of any product, and pablo hasnt influenced my opinion of this product at all. In fact, they havent even seen this video prior to it being published on youtube links to any products in the description of this, video will be clearly marked as affiliate links which allow me to get a small portion of any sale using those links now im actually Going to give this device away over on my patreon to somebody who needs a graphics tablet. If you are one of those people who dont have one and youd like to get your hands on one head over to my patreon, to see how you could be entered to win this device now with all of that out of the way, why would you want A graphics tablet well theyre great tools for digital artists who like to draw, because it gives you a much more natural response to actually drawing than you would with a mouse because youre using something thats, much more like a pen or a pencil. So its a much more natural experience to be able to draw inside a photoshop or illustrator or whatever drawing program youre, using on top of that. A lot of artists have completely replaced their mouse with a pen and tablet, because its a much more ergonomic experience and doesnt create problems with your wrist like carpal tunnel.

I havent personally made that jump from mouse to pen, but i have lots of friends who have another big reason that people use graphics tablets over a mouse is because you can take advantage of pressure and tilt sensitivity which, in programs like photoshop, can actually shape the Way that your brush looks as youre pressing down and tilting your pen and thats, obviously something you just cannot do with a mouse on its own and since it unlocks this workflow of a much more natural drawing experience on a computer youre able to use it for Animation as well doing frame by frame or cell animation, or even just drawing overlays, on top of footage, theres lots of possibilities and applications for animation with a graphics tablet. The entangle m has a 10 inch by six and a quarter inch drawing surface, which is a great amount of space to be able to work right on your desk. It feels very similar to a sketchbook in terms of the size and it doesnt take up too much space on your desk. So what does the entangle bring to the table? Well, obviously, the pen is one of the most important features. This is what allows you to draw on the tablet, and it also has two customizable buttons right here that allow you to assign basically any command you want to it like. Maybe right clicking or undoing, or switching to a different tool like the brush tool in photoshop and on the tablet itself.

We have eight customizable buttons, as well as a dial ring that rotates and allows you to switch functions with a button press. All of these buttons are completely customizable and you can assign hotkeys to any one of them. The dial could be used to zoom in and out on the canvas or rotate your canvas or just scroll up and down on a webpage if thats, what you want to do. The tablet even has a little indentation for your pen to sit on and hold it. While youre not using it – and there are some pretty strong similarities between this and the way common to host pro heres, the in tango m and heres, the intuos pro – and this is a banana for scale, as you can see – theyre almost identical in size and have The same exact button layout now i should say that i dont use graphics tablets on a daily basis. I have the wacom because i wanted to have that pressure sensitivity capability whenever i wanted to add a hand drawn feel to a project but its not something that im going to every day im, not a cell animator. I dont really know how to draw so its, not something that comes up all the time, but it is extremely valuable when i need it, and my first impressions with the pablo and tangbo are incredibly positive. I cant really tell a difference between the tangbo versus the intuos and if you compare the specs of each tablet, you might be able to tell why theyre almost identical in size, with the intuos being slightly smaller overall and having a smaller working area.

But they both have the exact same pressure, sensitivity, levels of 8192 levels and identical tilt, sensitivity, angles of plus or minus 60 degrees in either direction. With my level of experience, the drawing experience between the two tablets feels absolutely identical, but there are a few key differences between the two tablets and i want to talk about that really quickly. First of all, the entangbo pen only has a drawing tip and not an eraser on the opposite end like the wacom pro pen, the in tangbos pen grip is plastic, while the wacoms pen grip is rubber, and that does make a difference in how it feels, but Its not a deal breaker for me, some of the bigger differences between the tablets is that the intuos pro can actually be used wirelessly, but i use it so infrequently that every time i get it out, i have to plug it in anyways, because the battery drains, When im not using it so thats, not a feature that i ever took advantage of, it can also be switched into touchpad mode, which basically lets you use it like a giant trackpad. So your fingers can actually move the mouse around instead of just the pen. I do not like working that way. I pretty much hate track pads, so neither of those big differences make much of a difference. In my own workflow, the biggest difference between these two tablets are their price tags. At the time of this video, the wacom intuos pro medium size is listed for 379.

95. The in tangbo m is listed for 72.99 and at the time of this, recording its listed on amazon prime for 69.99. Take a second to absorb that intuos pro 379 in tango m 69.99, even at its full price of 72.99 thats over a 300 price difference for something that i cant even tell the difference between while im using it. This is the part of the video that youre, probably saying to yourself theres, no way that jake isnt getting paid a ton of money by pablo to say all this great stuff, but that is not the case. They are not seeing this video until you are. This is actually how i feel about these tablets. I cant tell the difference between drawing on one versus the other and theres over a 300 price difference between the suggested retail prices now, im, not discrediting wacom by any means, theyve been in this game for a very long time, making graphics tablets and tons of artists. All around the world swear by their products, theyre good at what they do, but theyre definitely premium devices. And if you like me, are not a professional illustrator or cell animator, who is constantly every day, working on a graphics tablet or a graphic monitor. Then the intango m is more than likely going to cover everything that you need out of a graphics tablet and just because youre not paying a premium price doesnt mean that youre not getting a premium device.

The entangbo m is fantastic and i havent had any issues with it in my own workflow now the version of the tablet that pablo gave me actually comes with a map protection film, and this is really great for giving it just a little bit of grit. So it feels like youre drawing on a piece of paper rather than just a slick glossy surface, but it also obviously protects the tablet. You can get that version of the tablet with the protective film bundled for a slightly higher price of 76.99 on pablos website or again, as of this recording amazon prime, has it listed for 73.99. The tablet also comes with an artist glove, which is really nice for a couple of reasons. One. It keeps your dirty gross hands off of the tablet. Youre not gon na get all that grime and skin grease onto your tablet when youre wearing this. But it also allows your hand to just glide around the surface really easily so youre not sticking to that surface, and you can freely move around that pen while youre drawing, but even with the drawing glove. Inevitably youre going to need to clean your tablet. And it comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth, which is just a nice little bonus to be able to wipe off any dirt or grime that gets on the surface. It also comes with a pen holder which doubles as storage for eight replacement tips or nibs Music. The pablo app allows you to customize the buttons on both the pen and the tablet, so you can work.

However, you want with those buttons, but it even allows you to change the pressure sensitivity curve so that you can really dial in exactly how responsive you want. The tablet to be to your pressure, there are even customizations for what part of the screen you want to use as your drawing area represented by the drawing surface and what orientation you want to hold the tablet in if youre left handed or you want to do It in a portrait versus a landscape layout its a very simple and straightforward app, but it allows you to customize the tablet so that you can work exactly the way that you want to, in addition to being able to work with mac or pc. This tablet can actually be used with android devices. It comes with both a usbc and a micro, usb adapter that allows you to plug the entangbo into an android phone or tablet and use drawing apps with the in tangbo thats. Not a feature that i really need, and i havent tried it out myself. But the fact that it has that capability is just another great feature for such an affordable package. They also sent me this metal stand, which is great for propping up the tablet at an angle which is really nice because im looking at the screen, while im drawing and not down at the tablet and this matches the angle a little bit more to the screen Than flat on my desk, and it feels a little bit more like im, actually drawing on what im looking at, but the stand is actually multi purpose you dont have to use it just on a graphics tablet.

You could use this little feature right here to prop up a tablet like an ipad to be able to watch some youtube videos or maybe even set it up next to your screen. As a second monitor, it feels very well built its made of metal, its very sturdy, and it really does make that drying experience better for me. So what i recommend in tangbo m? Well, i think its pretty obvious at this point. The answer to that question is absolutely yes, i see this device as being useful for a variety of experience levels, whether youre just getting into digital illustration or animation, and you just want to try your hand at using a graphics tablet. This is an incredibly affordable option for you to be able to test the waters and not have to break the bank, or you might have a lot more experience with traditional animation. Doing frame by frame this tablet is completely capable for working in that traditional workflow. So, yes, i do recommend that you check out the intango m and check out the rest of pablos lineup as well. They make a smaller version of this tablet, as well as a graphic monitor which allows you to draw rate on screen, and i hope to be able to review that product in the future as well. If you have any questions about this device, be sure to leave a comment and ill do my best to answer those questions, and if you have any experience yourself with the in tangbo m, let me know what your experience has been in the comments as well.

I want to give a huge thank you to pablo for sending me this device at no cost and allowing me the time i needed to get comfortable with the device to develop an honest and unbiased review and deliver that to you.