I uploaded some handheld gameplay on the Nintendo switch OLED and then I did a live stream of a few hours. You know playing through the game and sharing my opinions, Etc. So if you want to see live streams, go down there and subscribe as well. So to answer my question at the beginning of the video: is it really that bad on switch? But lets start with saying yes, because if you compare this game to all the other systems that is available on well then yes, it really is that bad, so you know comparing a Nintendo switch to a PS5. Why would you do that? Um? You know you can see how good this could look and run, but to me its not really about that, but anyway Ill get into that more later straight up. Yes, it is pretty bad looking. You know, like theres, lower resolution going on here, both docked and handheld. I dont even think it reaches 1080p docked its more like 720p docked its at a lot 30 FPS frame rate youve got really really bad pop in pretty much on all areas other than the self contained cyberspace areas. So on the like, open World open Zone like areas yeah its its pretty mushy, looking its quite sort of blurrying away – and there is a lot of pop in you – can see that theyve just taken the game and put low resolution Assets in there and just downscaled. The whole thing on every way possible, but it does achieve a 30 FPS locked, its not dipping down to like 10 FPS or anything like that.

It doesnt chug its actually playable, providing you can get over those visual quality differences, its going to be harder for you. If youve already looked at gameplay on any other system, I will say that and of course, if youve got a different system – and you want to play this with the best possible like graphics and blah blah blah – well, then just buy it on another system. Why are you watching this video, but for those that have a Nintendo switch and thats all they have or youre like me and youve got a high end. Gaming, PC Youve Got A PS5, but you just want to play this handheld and you dont have a steam deck well. This is absolutely still playable, because if you can get past those lower resolution assets and the kind of slight mushiness well, then, actually this game is ridiculously fun. Ive played this game now, from I dont know, maybe five hours, so this isnt a full review. Its just kind of my first impressions, but so far these five hours, Ive played, have gone like that theyve gone so fast because I have been having so much fun. So the game itself lets talk about that because previously, I think they didnt Market it overly well. Like nobody really knew what this was going to be, they showed off their first gameplay stuff and it looked like a tech demo. It looked Barren, it looked empty, it looked a bit random.

It was like what is the point. What is going on here? We knew it was like an open Zone sort of thing, but we didnt really know what was going on, and I went into this with kind of like. Is this gon na be fun? Is it not, and I have to say it is insanely fun? This is the best Sonic game I have played, probably since Sonic adventures and Im gon na say that now I know some of you probably gon na give me hate, but I havent played all the Sonic games since then, but the ones I have played. I just didnt find fun. I love Sonic as a character. I love the idea of Sonic and everything else about it, but I just find the game suck, whereas Sonic Frontiers changes that for me personally, massively the game is so fun. Ive seen some reviews. Look at Nintendos live review. They gave it a 4 out of 10. a 4 out of ten. What are you doing like? This is at least a seven on the switch at least and as the game as a whole. Id probably give it like an 8.5. So far and Ive not even completed the game, because Ive had so much fun. Youve got the open World areas. The zones youve got five islands in the game that you can just go freely to explore. You get a nice like tutorial sort of setting in the beginning of the game, which is linear, but it just shows you how to do the controls.

All the basic stuff which I really liked. So youve got these five open World areas and then youve got the cyberspace areas which theres, I think theres like eight per island or something like that, which are then self contained, like pre, rendered kind of like environments that you are locked in which are old school. More Classic Sonic experiences, which are really fun and each one of those cyberspace areas you get, I think, four or five challenges which will be get S rank, meaning get to the end within a certain time limit which can be really hard, but incredibly satisfying while like When you actually do it, when I was live streaming, I spent a good amount of time trying to S rank, and it was so funny because I was getting so Furious. Everyone in chat was laughing at me, and then I finally did it and the success like it just felt so good doing that you can then collect the like red rings. You know, like theres, different things, that you need to do per Cypress space area and that is actually really fun, but then the open Zone area is just as fun, and this is another thing. The open Zone area is way more like relaxed. I want to say theres, not this sense of like urgency and anxiety that you get from the cyberspace areas. It has got relaxed music, really chill like its its just go, explore go, find stuff and you find stuff everywhere and at first I was like well.

This looks a bit random with stuff floating in the air and theres like rails everywhere, like what is going on. But then, when you actually play it just makes so much sense. They all Interlink in their own way and you can go and explore and you find different like things to do: theres puzzles in the open world theres enemies out there, theres like World bosses that are just like wandering around and you can get the cogs. So you have to obviously collect the chaos emeralds and you can get vault keys to do so, but then you can get the cogs from just finding them or defeating certain enemies which then let you unlock the next cyberspace area. There is so much to do. Youve got like the the seeds of power, the seeds of defense, and then you find this little old man dude, like thats just wandering around, and you give them to him and he makes you more powerful, like theres just so much to do. Like Ive spent five hours in this game and I feel like Ive only spent five minutes like I honestly do, and I just want to keep playing thing Ive every time I put the game down and Im playing something else like Im, just thinking about Sonic Frontiers And when Im next gon na actually play it and what Im going to find next, you know and all of the things that we said about at the beginning, about it.

Looking mushy and, like you know, lower resolution asset stuff that didnt matter to me. It really didnt if youre like a pixel Pusher, then youre gon na struggle with this game. Youre gon na focus on oh man that poppings terrible but were running this on seven year old Hardware like the Nintendo switch, the Nvidia. You know the Tegra X1 or whatever it has in it was from 2015 2015. We are running this on a tablet that is nearly eight years old and I think it does a phenomenal job like that. Lot 30 makes this playable if it wasnt, really locked, and it was really dipping and chugging. It would be a bad time but honestly Im having so much fun and as always, the reason why I buy things on switch As opposed closed captioning not available about this game. Even little things like the loading screen, loading screens between things, give you like a Bayonetta feel. I said this game is like really like Bayonetta in the live stream, because youve got the open world. Youve got the like challenge areas that kind of thing and then the loading screens you can test your Combos and try out new Combos and the loading screen doesnt just end when its loaded. It gives you the option to cancel it, so you can stay in the loading screen, which is basically an area where you can test your Combos and if you do it right or move on to the next one Etc or when its loaded.

You just press, minus and then youre back into the game whatever, but so far I am really digging Sonic Frontiers as a game. It is so much fun and any of these reviews that are like below seven ignore them, because thats just not fair, like it really isnt it really isnt and Im someone that normally doesnt like Sonic games, because I just really dont. This is really good. This is really really good, like I Im really happy with how good this game is, and I cant wait to keep playing it some more. I really really cant wait to play as I switch port its on 70 year old Hardware, nearly eight year old Hardware. I think they did well yeah. Maybe it could look a little bit better, but again, youve got to take into consideration what this is running on again, if youre somebody that really wants the best visual quality go, buy it on any other system. Like you know, just do that, but for a switch Port Im really happy Im having fun and thats. What all of this is about. Gaming is about fun to me its not about sitting and pixel peeping of freaking screenshot and saying oh theres, this many pixels I dont care. I genuinely dont care. I will go to the GameCube Ill, go to the NES Ill, go to whatever my Gameboy Advance and I will have fun Im not like. Why isnt this like the best graphics, I dont care as long as the game is fun and its playable in terms of the frame rate is smooth enough for you to play and that all gets checked here.

So there you go theres my rant about Sonic Frontiers. I want to know what your thoughts are. Have you played the game? Do you have it on a different console? Why did you buy it on that console? Why havent you bought it yet blah blah blah blah. Just answer all your own questions down in the comments, because I really really want to know and of course make sure you go and subscribe. We are doing live streams of different stuff Im playing through the entirety of Bayonetta, go check out the switch OLED handheld video here. If you want to see extended, handheld gameplay of Sonic Frontiers, running on the Nintendo switch OLED and down below you can check out. My live stream, if you want to see some doctor performance, but obviously youve been seeing all that throughout this video.