Ive tested the ASUS Scar, 15 gaming laptop in 20 different games at all setting levels to show you how well it performs. Ive, also compared it against other laptops, so that you can see the Differences and decide if the Scar 15 is a laptop. You should consider buying.. All testing was done with manual mode enabled, which basically maxes out the fan, speed and applies the following: GPU overclock. I havent tested with undervolting as its not a default option available through Windows and is locked to software like Intel, XTU or Throttlestop. However, you can undervolt in the BIOS. Ill test that out in the upcoming full review, video so make sure youre subscribed for that. Well start out by testing the Scar 15 in 20 games then afterwards Ill compare it with other laptops and check out screen response. Time. Watch Dogs Legion is a new addition to the testing lineup Ive tested here with the games built in benchmark tool, but once I finish playing through the game, I might change this to actual gameplay anyway, even the highest ultra setting preset was just able to run At 60 FPS in this test. Microsoft, flight simulator was tested in the Sydney landing challenge., Even the lowest setting preset wasnt able to deliver 60 FPS in this one, but its still quite usable, even with the ultra setting preset, which was delivering 30 FPS for 1 low. Red Dead Redemption 2 was tested using the games built in benchmark tool and as another resource heavy game.

Ultra settings wasnt capable of reaching 60 FPS here, though, its not too far off. So this is quite a nice result and we could almost hit 100 FPS with lower presets. Death, Stranding wasnt running all that differently between the different setting levels. The 1 lows in particular were quite close together, so might as well just run it at max settings, which was still around 120 FPS. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode and the highest ultra setting preset was still above 100 FPS and playing fine but Ill use. This game to compare with other laptops shortly, so you can see how the Scar 15 compares. Control was tested with and without RTX. Ive got RTX off results in the purple bars RTX on in the green bars, which was much worse. Comparatively then, RTX on, with DLSS enabled in the red bars, which is able to offer a good mixture of, looks and performance. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the built in benchmark the highest setting preset was only just shy of 100 FPS, which is an Excellent result for this test – and this is another title well use to compare with other laptops, soon. Apex Legends was tested with either all settings at maximum or all settings on the lowest possible values, as it doesnt have predefined setting presets.. Even max settings was hitting above 100 FPS for the 1 lows, so no problems running it at all. Call of Duty.

Modern Warfare was tested in campaign mode with either max or min settings for the same reason.. No problems running it at max settings as youd hope with 2070 Super graphics. It was only just under 100 FPS, with not too big of a gain with minimum settings. Fortnite was tested with the replay feature. It doesnt need much to run so with the good specs. In my test unit, even epic settings had 100 FPS for the 1 low with an average that would be a nice match up for a 144Hz panel. Ive got 300Hz, though, and even low settings wasnt quite able to get us all the way, but its still ultra Smooth. CSGO was tested with the ulletical FPS benchmark and low settings arent too far off 300 FPS a good match for the 300Hz panel in my unit, but still this could easily be higher if ASUS offered the option of disabling optimus, as that generally boosts FPS in High frame rate titles, like this. Dota 2, was tested playing in the middle lane with bots its performing similarly to laptops with far lower specs. As this one plays fine on moldy potatoes. Overwatch was tested running through the practice range. The 300 FPS frame cap was hit with the low setting preset so between low and high settings. The 300Hz panel would start being a bit more useful compared to the 240Hz option. Rainbow. Six Siege was tested with the built in benchmark using Vulkan, as is typically the case, theres no real difference between most of the highest setting presets, which are all easily over 200 FPS.

Definitely no issues at all running this one. Metro Exodus was tested using the built in benchmark. Most parts of the game perform a fair bit better than this, so dont take these results as a good indication of what to expect throughout the entire game. Its more of a worst case that can be compared against my other data. Borderlands 3 was tested using the games built in benchmark. This is a resource heavy test too so above 60 FPS at the highest setting preset is a great result for a laptop. Assassins. Creed, Odyssey is another that was tested with the games benchmark and it was right on 60 FPS with the highest setting preset. Another good result for a resource heavy test, or perhaps one thats, just poorly optimized. Ill drop. This one for the newer Valhalla soon., The Witcher 3, was running above 100 FPS with ultra settings, but it was possible to boost this by 33 by stepping down just one level to high settings. While low was close to 200 FPS., F1 2020 was tested with the games benchmark tool again quite good results here too above 120 FPS at max settings and nearly 200 FPS once more with the lowest setting preset. Far Cry New Dawn was also tested with the games Benchmark and 100 FPS was possible with the low preset here, though, ultra wasnt all that far behind. Now lets take a look at how the Scar 15 compares against other laptops use.

These results as a rough guide only as they were tested at different times with different drivers. Ive tested, Battlefield 5 in campaign mode at ultra settings and the Scar 15 is highlighted in red.. I dont have too much other 115w 2070 Super data yet. Compared to other machines. This is a nice result, though. The Infinity W5 aka Eluktronics Mech, 15 G3, with the same CPU and GPU, was one FPS ahead, but it was about 10 FPS higher in 1. Low. Probably a result of being able to disable optimus, which the Scar unfortunately does not offer.. These are the results from Far Cry 5, with ultra settings in the built in benchmark.. The position of the Scar 15 drops back a bit now compared to the same selection of laptops.. This test tends to be more dependent on the processor and its the lowest result. Ive got with the 10875H here, so it will be interesting when I test CPU performance in the upcoming full review. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was also tested with the games benchmark tool with the highest setting preset.. The Scar 15 was back in the same position as Battlefield V now, as this is more of a GPU heavy test, though its still 7 FPS below the machine above it with the same CPU and GPU again, due to the tweaks that one offers, but regardless still A pretty good result compared to most of the others.. My Scar 15 has a 15.

6 1080p 300Hz screen, no FreeSync or G Sync.. The ASUS Armoury Crate software gives us the option to enable or disable panel overdrive, which affects screen response. Time., With overdrive off were getting results that are typically closer to what wed see from 144Hz screens, with an average grey to grey response time of about 7.4ms. Theres, a link in the description. If you need an explanation on these numbers., Once we enable overdrive the average response, time lowers to 4.44ms, so still a bit below the 3.33ms. We need for all transitions to occur within the refresh window, though some transitions were under this. When compared to others. We can see its actually using the same panel as the Razer Blade 15 Advanced and ASUS Zephyrus Duo 15. So Im guessing were just looking at some variance between the panels. Leading me to believe results may vary. A little bit. Gaming performance from the Scar 15 was decent. This level of hardware can run any modern game with high settings no problem, but to get the most of a 300Hz panel in esports titles, we really need the option of disabling optimus, as this is one of the main reasons. High FPS games are capped from doing well take CSGO for instance. Now for more information on our sponsor Squarespace. By now I’m sure. You all know that Squarespace is a powerful online platform for creating websites, but did you know you can also purchase domains with free WHOIS privacy and a beautiful parking page too? Squarespace also gives you easy to use analytics to see where visitors are coming from what devices they’re browsing with and more useful pageview trends.

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