This is Carl from technical goodies and today we are going to take a tripod and a tablet Mount and take my iPad Pro here and set it up for recording. So Ive got two things here: Ive got the Aura Day, mini tripod for my desk and Ive got this kdd tablet Mount so lets so lets go ahead and just jump in and open these suckers up and see how they look well start with the tripod. So I really wanted a small little tripod for my desk in my wish unboxing that didnt work out too well for me, so I went ahead and just picked one up on Amazon, like I always say, Ill put the link down below so in the box. We have the mini tripod, it looks pretty nice here so far. The reason I got it was that it is pretty slim pretty easy to use the legs do Bend if I want to, but right now Im going to go ahead and keep them the same. If I want a lower profile, thats fine, so first of all the legs obviously go in and out so you can use it as a portable tripod. The top here can rotate upward in sort of a ball joint so that you have a little bit more freedom to be able to position whatever youre putting on here and again the legs just pop out, and it is ready to go. It does come with this small little phone.

Mount right here looks like its a spring loaded foam Mount, which is nice, but thats, obviously not big enough here for my tablet, so thats why I went ahead and got this kdd tablet Mount and this is compatible with the iPad Pro. It does come with. Another ball mount which I may or may not use in this rig, but its always nice to have an extra one of these sitting around in this small little package. Right here lets see what this is. Ah, okay, this is actually pretty nice, its a GoPro Mount. So this comes with a little Mount, so if you toss it on here, youre actually able to use your GoPro on this tripod. So I think that thats, a pretty nice little bonus there, and it also comes with one of these little Bluetooth, remotes, which I never seem to use so bye, bye. I just never use them Ill, obviously pick that up later so weve got our nice little tripod set ready to go. Weve got our camera mount, which I wont be using with this particular video today. Neither with the GoPro set these to the side. For now. Oh by the way, Im using my little LED screen, if you want to go ahead and like And subscribe, get that little number up a little higher. That would be much appreciated. I did another video on this if youre interested these are pretty fun little gadgets to mess around with so getting this sucker open.

Sorry, Im, not a knife user because of my hands inside the kdd tablet Mount we have like. I said the small little ball joint. Also in the Box here, just obviously the mount and our favorite, the useless user manual, all right so lets go ahead and open this up and it looks like its a pretty standard tripod phone mount. This one is actually a tablet Mount and I wanted to get one that was pretty beefy, because this is the iPad Pro Max and I wanted to make sure it was pretty securely kept in here. So it looks like this one has the old screw top that allows you to basically unscrew the top to make enough room for the iPad and Im going to be doing this for a while hold on a second all right. Three hours later, I oh Laughter all right. One thing I did not know is that this extends also, so I guess you kind of get it in the rough position and theres a tension spring that allows you to be able to connect the iPad. Oh thank God. I didnt unscrew this thing all the way, all right so lets get it close here. So I didnt mention that these little things pop up good for travel, so pop these up and you can see the inside is padded quite nicely. So is this back part? This is padded, it might actually accommodate a case if you have one so lets go ahead and mount this in.

I dont know how difficult this will be. Oh not too hard made a little bit of a big deal out of it and I didnt need to all right so there it is from the front and there it is from the back. Oh Dusty, all right lets uh hook it up to the old tripod. So on the bottom here you have the standard tripod mount well go ahead and just screw this on and heres how she looks thats, not bad. I guess the top needs to be a little adjusted here to make sure that its nice and that its nice and tight, so that theres no wiggle room for the tablet and setting it up here on my desk odd, because I can bend these legs. If I get it in the right position here, thats not too bad thats, pretty much exactly what I wanted and again I wanted the ability to have the adjustable legs. If I want the camera to be higher or if I want the camera to be lower, all right so using this lets, go ahead and open up the camera app and obviously there is proof that I sit out on my deck always have to contend with the Birds with the lawn mowers, With the Wind, with the rain, with all that kind of stuff, but I enjoy it. I have no problem with it, but so far yeah. I think this is going to be a pretty good solution.

One good thing about the iPad is that it has a really good camera on the front facing camera over here, as well as the rear facing camera, so you can always decide exactly which one youre interested in using. So I guess I can also use this as a walk around carry stick. If I wanted to oh yeah, oh for sure I need to take this on my next vacation. I can walk around use it as a selfie stick. I can record with it. No itll. Be super inconspicuous and no one will even think a thing if Im walking around like this all right, anybody and again the reason I kind of do these videos is, I kind of just want to invite you to my desk. Show you what stuff Im working on the new gadgets and goodies that I end up, picking up, show you how they work, show you the functions, the features, the functionality and maybe youll, find something useful and youll find something fun, and also, if youre, a subscriber. Thank you so much, but if youre not subscribed to the channel yet go ahead and consider me drop down, give me a like hit subscribe. We can see this number jump where I need to get a new screen. That would be nice, but anyway Id appreciate it. It helps me out a lot, so this is a desktop tripod. A iPad phone mount in my iPad Pro 12.9 inch itll work for what I need.

Both of these are pretty budget friendly, Ill put the links down below, as always, but until next time.