I like the concept of an ultra portable computer, but this feels like its a first generation product and has some notable quirks that just make it odd, but I received a lot of questions and requests in the comments of the original video, so heres. My opinion on this device it feels durable, it doesnt feel like itll break. If you use it frequently, theres no flexing or soft plastic feel to it. If you leave it in a cool room, the frame feels cool to the touch, so its definitely full aluminum. While this is under load, bottom can get really warm. It uses the aluminum chassis as part of the heatsink. It seems like so this might be a good heater during the winter, but if youre wearing shorts, this could get really warm on the legs. The weight is mostly at the bottom of this unit. It doesnt feel like its going to tip over when youre typing on it. You can be on a desk, it could be on the couch. It feels like its sturdy and stays put. The mouse button is a good option for short term use if you dont have a mouse of your own or need something more precise than your finger on the touchscreen. But for the most part you want to have some sort of Bluetooth, mouse or wireless mouse, or something with it. The keyboard is a membrane style, theres, no switches that you can replace to adjust the clickiness, its a modified style of keyboard, which is expected for a smaller device.

The majority of the letter keys are not much smaller from other full size. Keyboards Ive tried its. The number and the special keys that are all smaller and theyre moved around the board, so it takes some getting used to Ive noticed that the keystrokes dont always register also theres, no tactile difference between the regular keys and the power button. I found myself just having to hold the power button down until I hear the fan turn on to know that its powering on speaking of the fan, this does move some air pretty well to cool the unit, its also not completely quiet. You can hear it when its speeding up and you need to get used to it, because unless the unit is hibernating, that fan fan sounds like its full speed, full speed all the time, all right. The battery, the good thing about the battery is that uh. Well, they say last three hours of use and theyre honest about that Ive easily, gotten that and then some while doing some simple web browsing or coding, but anything that puts it under load. It does suck up power pretty pretty quickly, which goes to the bad part, which is that charge port this using a barrel Jack to charge limits its actual use. When you combine it with the battery life, I have no issue with having a smaller battery. It was able to be charged on the go with a portable power pack or by a USBC or hell, even with a micro USB something something that is also portable.

But if you take this with you on a bus to a coffee shop, unless you pack that large plug for it youll be in battery saver mode on the bus ride back home, the audio so were talking about the speakers and the microphone the good it has Them the okay sound from the speaker is a tinny which is to be expected from a small device like this youre, not going to get giant USB speakers or anything fancy the bad every. So often you hear a pop sound that seems to come from the speakers. If you mute the device it doesnt happen, but if the volumes on it randomly occurs, the microphone its not consistent, and it picks up the sound of the fan when its moving, which the fan is consistently moving. This thing has a mini HDMI port in the back. Actually not too bad, you can hook it up to a monitor, mirror your display. It doesnt seem to have much latency or any issues with it. So I really dont have anything to complain about this. It works decent. I tried testing it 4K video other than it. Having a smaller resolution to kind of match this, the laptop screen, it seemed okay to me, Ive worked with much worse, so this is fine, some of the Oddities. These are the things that I have no idea why theyre set up like this? It comes set up in the admin account right out of the box.

Nothing like the standard Windows, 11 setup, the SSD its set up as partitioned. So I have a 256 SSD that split three ways: they did 50 gigabytes for Windows, 69 gigabytes for the local drive and 119 gigabytes for the new volume Im, not a computer expert, but I know that for ssds, theres really, no reason to partition them just seems Like extra work and extra modifications that dont need to be there another thing, thats extra is, I found this text document called dump stack it didnt. Allow me to open it, which was concerning at first, I had to Google what it was, and I found it supposed to be a hidden file, but its visible. So Windows has been modified and has hidden files visible. That might not mean anything since it originally comes set up in the admin account, but its not how other larger oems set up their PCS and its just one more odd setup choice that doesnt make any sense. I didnt mention in the unboxing video, but there is a web camera thats placed on the left hand side of the screen, its not great. Basically, everyone has a smartphone these days and any modern phone has a better front facing camera than this. The camera isnt good enough to use Windows hello to log in so Im, not sure why its really here other than a selling point to say it has one. One of the questions I got quite a few times is: can it run Linux? There is a comment about someone installing Ubuntu Linux and oh something about the battery, not lasting long, so theres that, for me, Im not very proficient in Linux, so I would more than likely brick the PC Ive used raspbian for a bit and I would say, maybe Its easier to just get a pie and oh yeah, never mind so I tried Minecraft on it and it wasnt horrible running Minecraft on the normal settings seems okay when it first loads the game, the CPU usage, spikes up dramatically Minecraft by itself, uses about 60 percent Of this little Celeron, once its done with the initial loading it reduces and levels out on the smaller screen, it actually doesnt look too bad.

It performed well, but that was on some really reduced settings. The trunk loading was close and everything was very basic. After about an hour and a half, the battery was down to 35 percent from close to 95. When I started, the bottom of the unit was also ridiculously hot. Ive also seen some comments for people talking about comparing it to an EPC. So this is the 7 inch laptop next to an Asus EPC from the Jurassic age. I would say: Ive used this thing up pretty substantially its been beat up pretty well, I used to carry this thing everywhere and I was kind of hoping that this mini laptop would kind of semi replace this but uh it cant theres. Just too many weird issues, while researching for this video, I did find a listing on Alibaba for this device. It looks like this is the actual manufacturing company for these laptops. They wholesale them for two hundred dollars. If you buy bulk quantities, they will even put your company logo on them for free. If you want how nice of them, the very first thing Im going to do after this is try to reinstall Windows. If you go in settings, it says this maintained by your business administrator, which is odd. So then I figured Id try and just get it straight from the command line and it seems like there is no activation key, at least nothing on this device. So Im gon na have to contact the seller and see if I can get an activation key so for now Im at a standstill.

I cant recommend it for everyday use. This cant, be your primary computer Im thinking about taking it apart or taking the back plate off and seeing whats inside. If that is something youre interested in make sure youre subscribed, so you can be notified when it gets posted. Give this video a like if you liked it or dislike, if you didnt, if you didnt, let me know how I can improve it.