This is the e Matic 7 inch Windows tablet that I bought at Walmart calm for about 60 it’s. Now, on there for about 70 or 80 dollars, so the price must go up and down based on our promotions that are they’re, doing or whatever, but here’s the problem, because everyone’s going to want to upgrade their tablet to Windows 10, which this will certainly let you Do but once you do that the touchscreen gets completely out of whack, so you can see here as I’m tapping on this side of the screen that little dot that’s flashing down on the other side of the screen is where the tablet is registering my finger. It’S completely out of alignment, there is no way to realign it. Cuz I can’t even get back into the tablet. It’S a driver issue that I’ve seen on other tablets like this. That typically is solved with a driver update. However, not nobody from Ematic is getting back to me as to where to find that driver I’m getting caught in a loop with their automated service robots that they have on a Zendesk ticketing system I’m, going to show you that in a second, so completely useless. Right now, after you upgrade it to Windows 10, and I fear that a lot of people are going to buy these or already own them and upgrade them to Windows 10 and have something completely useless. It worked fine in Windows 8, but once that upgrade was done, it was unusable as you’re seeing right here.

I just can’t get into even unlock the device because I can’t get my finger in the right position so be warned now. I will talk a little bit about the hardware because if it did work, it wouldn’t be so bad for the price as a 1024 by 600 IPS display. It looks very similar to the display we saw on that 50 Amazon tablet. I wouldn’t be surprised if these are being made in the same factory overseas, in that it really does look and feel very similar to that device, at least as far as the display is concerned. I, however, on a Windows tablet it’s running below, like the Windows target resolution of like 1200 by 800 that’s, typically the minimum for these things, so it’s actually scaling that resolution down to this display looks kind of weird when you’re in there, especially we have small type. So it’s not the most ideal reading platform, but on larger things like you’re, seeing here with the login screen, it does look fine and of course, the touch screen is doesn’t seem to register anything. There is an SD card slot here on the back. That was how I was able to upgrade it to Windows 10, because it only has 16 gigabytes of on board storage, orange and one gigabyte of RAM, so it is on par with other sub 100 Windows tablets, we’ve seen out there and as we’ve seen in the Past it actually could run it pretty well, if, of course, you can get into it there’s a camera on the back here.

I would test that if I could, but I won’t be able to there’s a power switch here which is self explanatory, a headphone jack. Here the USB port is for charging and also doubles as an OTG port. But of course right now, we’ve got power plugged in to charge it up, and we have the volume rocker here up and down for adjusting the volume on it. So really pretty much. A big disappointment: I want to show you what happened when I reached out to Ematic now there is no way to call them. They don’t give you a phone number to reach out to the mat. There is simply a trouble ticket system that you log into to file your complaint with them, so I about a week ago filed this ticket. They do promise a response within 24 hours, which did happen. So what I did is, I wrote in – and I said, hey I’ve got this part number. I did make a mistake here by referring to the windows 8 upgrade now. What happened, though, is I didn’t put in here factory data reset device. This was put in automatically by apparently by their Zendesk ticketing system, so it looked for certain keywords in my request of them and I tried to come up with a solution. So I get this response back pretty quickly from riah here who says you can reconfigure your device to its factory default settings by you know getting into the charms on the right side of the screen, blah blah blah blah, which is not applicable to Windows.

10. Of course, nor could I even get to the charms because of the issue I have with the screen, not registering my finger taps in the right place. I responded back and, I said hey. Let me explain to you again after installing Windows 10, the touchscreen isn’t working properly. Can you get back to me and, as you see five days ago, is when I posted that and no one has touched that ticket since so what I decided to do was fill out another ticket here, so I created it with the right problem. This time saying it was a Windows, 10 problem and once again I am getting the same response this time from l’s. On and again I wrote back and said: hey: can you guys actually respond to this question and unfortunately, after three, more additional requests? I’M, not getting anything back from them and because I gave these folks the benefit of the doubt actually ran past the return period that Walmart has for this. This is like a 14 day return period on this it’s like two weeks or certainly less than a month. So they were initially not even going to give me a refund on. This was going to be stuck with a brick. I complained a little bit more kind of push back a little bit and they relented and agreed to give me a full refund on the product which I will be doing tomorrow, but again, just really poor practice here that they have a customer service place that really Doesn’T have the capacity to respond either selling tablets very inexpensively at volume, 2, America’s largest brick and mortar retailer, and they are not equipped to deal with the customer service issues that arise from that as we can see.

In fact, if you look at the difference between when I filed this ticket and that one there’s, almost five or six hundred additional tickets that have been filed in just the seven days that I was filing my thing, so I suspect that they are way behind. On responding to people – and you will not get a response out of these folks – another thing to be concerned about on here is the warranty length. It is only ninety days, so if something happens beyond that, initial period might actually take them 90 days to get back to you with a real live human being. So if you have a problem after 90 days, you’re pretty much on your own, they will give you the parts for a year, but the labor is certainly going to cost much more than the parts will, especially when you’re repairing something like this. So it is kind of a disposable product and unfortunately, a lot of folks are going to be very disappointed once they install that Windows 10 update, which these things will be nagging them to do, and they’ll have an unusable device with really no support and no way To return it, so I would strongly suggest keeping away from Ematic I’m going to be focusing a lot more on warranties moving forward, especially from a non name. Brand products or name brand products with short term warranties and what’s happening now. Is these warranties are getting shorter and the retailers are pushing these extended warranty packages on you also to try to make even more money off the transaction, which I don’t think is a good practice either we’re going to keep an eye on this, but in the meantime, Do not buy the ematic Windows 7 inch tablet.

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