Okay. I have used my ipad pro for about half a year now and i use it every single day, but the ipad is very, very expensive if you’re a student. So in this video we’re gon na look past all the aesthetics and be brutally honest in talking about all the pros and cons of using an ipad or ipad pro in college i’m. Gon na be mentioning a few points that i’ve not heard in other videos. So be sure to stay tuned for that before we continue i’d like to say that we have a sponsor for this video if you are not an spm student, please skip to this time. But if you are an spm student, listen up. Edukarji is offering an amazing five month program for spm students sitting for the new ksm syllabus you’ll be receiving live interactive, zoom classes taught by experienced teachers that have been very accurate in predicting topics that came up for previous espn papers if that’s literally not convincing enough You’Ll also be receiving notes for every single subject and so much more. The first 1 000 students who sign up for this program will get free, sajara notes, created by a teacher that was literally involved in creating the kssm syllabus. They not only offer you amazing services, but they’re literally eighty percent cheaper than normal tuition prices. If you sign up before 30th of april you’ll get 20 off and also you can use my code fee 10 to get 10 off.

On top of that, the link to sign up for this amazing program will be in my description box below now. The first pro and con of the ipad is that it’s excellent for note taking and planning. However, you might not like the feeling of writing on the ipad and it will not completely replace paper, at least it didn’t. For me personally, the ipad pro has been an absolute game, changer for note, taking when you’re taking notes on an ipad. You don’t need to rush in class so that you do not miss anything. The teacher is saying you don’t need to worry about running out of space on a page or needing to print out countless pictures. Let me explain: there are two popular apps for note taking on the ipad. That is good notes and notability. I currently prefer good notes, because i find that it’s more aesthetic and convenient to use you can change between colors and sizes of the pens and highlighters more easily than notability. However, when in person classes resume, i will definitely be using notability more often because it has this incredible feature that allows you to record audio. While writing your notes so that you won’t miss anything. Your lecturer says subscribe on top of that when you’re taking notes on an ipad, you can choose between so many templates, colors of pens and highlighters. You can move things around easily change the sizes of pictures and words, and all of that.

The biggest change for me is the ability to easily drag and drop images from textbooks or websites directly into my notes, which not only saves a lot of time but saves a lot of ink and paper leave a comment down below. If you want me to make a video on how i do my notes on my ipad pro so we’ve established the fact that the ipad pro or ipad is amazing for note taking, but you might not like it. Firstly, it took me almost a week to get used to writing on an ipad unless you get a screen protector that feels like paper when you write on it. The ipad sort of has this odd, uncomfortable slippery feeling when you write on it, but the thing is: not only does the paper screen protector usually cost more than normal screen protectors, but your apple pen tip will also wear down as you write on it. So you need to get it replaced every so often, which will add to your cost and the ipad is already very expensive. I will be talking about how much it actually takes to own an ipad later on in the video, so stay tuned for that, because it will shock you. Secondly, writing on an ipad may not feel as natural or fun if you’re the type that loves to use a lot of pens and washi tape. In your notes, there is this tool on good notes that helps you zoom into the page, while you write, but i never got used to that.

So i have to keep moving my screen every time i need to write so that might be annoying to you. I just got used to it, but it’s, something for you to note. You can also use your ipad as a planner, but i still prefer the feeling of writing all my to do lists and deadlines on my physical planner. Instead, also, some of your classes and lecturers will require you to submit work that was handwritten, so your ipad can’t really fully replace paper if that’s the case. The second pro and con, which is arguably the most important, is that yes, the ipad does save you a lot of money in the long run, however, up front, it is really really expensive, especially if you’re a student aiming to buy the ipad on your own. With your own money, as you can see here before my ipad, i used so much ink and paper to print out all my worksheet notes and assignments. Inc is really expensive and in university, you’re gon na have five times more things to read and write. So i can only imagine how much that would cost to print. Also, you can opt to purchase ebooks instead of physical textbooks, because ebooks are usually a lot cheaper or sometimes even free. This sounds great, but at first glance you would think that you only need to buy the ipad and the apple pen if you’re, buying the cheapest and most basic ipad pro that will cost you around 4, 000, ringgit or 900 usd in total, so that’s already expensive.

But on top of that, you’re gon na need to buy an ipad case and a case to house all of your ipad accessories with your ipad. If you want to bring it around, if you’re interested in anything that i’m showing in this video, i will link it down. In my description box below my case was around 50 ringgit and my bag was around 140 ringgit, not including shipping, and if you want your ipad to be fully portable and kind of replace your laptop you’ll need a bluetooth keyboard and a bluetooth mouse. I can survive without the mouse, but the keyboard is absolutely necessary if you want to type essays on your ipad. I have the very popular logitech k380 pebble wireless keyboard. This all costed me around 250 ringgit and there are also additional costs for the note taking apps the paper screen protector and the apple pen tip because, like i said, the apple pen tip does wear down and you need to replace it. So the total comes up to around 4 800 ringgit. Of course, if you buy a cheaper ipad, the total will be lesser, but then again, this is just the bare necessities and i’m just trying to give you an idea of how many extra things you need to buy. When you get a single ipad, i swear. If you don’t know already apple is the type of company that will sell you a car and then tell you that the engine and the wheels come separately an advertisement might play in the next few seconds.

So if you want to support this channel, please do not skip the ads. Thank you. Next. Everyone really raves about the fact that the ipad is really convenient and that’s true, but what they don’t tell you is that the level of convenience decreases greatly. If you do not have other apple products such as the macbook or the iphone, it is super easy to organize your notes, assignments and files on your ipad on good notes itself. You can see here that i’ve separated all my materials to different folders one for each class each week and each assignment you can also split screen. You can watch a video, a lecture or read your textbook while doing notes and writing your assignment also, instead of having to print out all your worksheets and then scan them when you want to pass them up, you can just annotate them straight away on your ipad And then export it no hassle. However, i do find that the level of convenience decreases greatly when you don’t have a macbook or an iphone. You see most of the time i read my textbooks and watch my lectures on my laptop because looking down, all the time hurts my neck and, more importantly, some platforms. Don’T work well on your ipad. This means i have to screenshot my on my laptop every single time. I want to add a picture or a lecture slide into my notes. Transferring pictures, documents, slides or anything from a macbook to an ipad is super easy because of airdrop, but if you don’t have a macbook or an ipad, you’re gon na have to email the document or pictures to yourself first before adding them to your ipad.

This is something that i’ve noticed, because i take subjects like biology and chemistry that uses a lot of photos. The next pro and con of the ipad is that, yes, your ipad can do almost anything, but it will never fully replace a laptop. Most universities will use one platform or one learning management system for everything it’s. Where you pass up your assignments, you attend your lectures and so on. Sometimes these platforms or any website are not compatible with the ipad and everything just looks kind of wonky, for example, for biology. My university uses this website. That is just very glitchy on the ipad. Also, an ipad is somewhat comparable to a laptop, but only if you have the necessary necessary necessary if you have the necessary accessories. If you don’t have a bluetooth keyboard, you can’t type essays on your ipad and if you don’t have a bluetooth mouse, it’s really hard to navigate through websites. You can splurge on the magic keyboard, but we’ve already sold one kidney for the ipad okay, and for that price you should just invest in a really good laptop. If you do not have a laptop, but you really want the ipad. I suggest that you invest in a two in one laptop. I attack and gadget noob so i’m. Sorry, if i get any terminology wrong but it’s, just basically one of those laptops that allows you to flip over the laptop and it turns into a tablet or the kind that allows you to detach the screen.

Please do your research before buying anything, but the advantage with these is that they come in a lot of affordable options and you don’t have to sell both kidneys to afford one. You can have the best of both worlds where you get the function of a laptop and the convenience of an ipad. In conclusion, if you already have a laptop and you can afford an ipad, then definitely get one you’re gon na love it so much we’ve come to the end of the video. If you’ve made it. This far comment down below an apple, emoji and i’ll be sure to reply. You to all my muslim followers be sure to like this video subscribe, so that you do not miss out on more productivity and study tips. Also turn on your notifications and set it to all so that you do not miss out on any future uploads.