I just want to talk you guys through and answer a question that some of my viewers have long been asking me, which is what is an adapt subject like do dabs make a difference. So even my viewers who understand that sources make a difference, often wonder about devs and Ive, had recently Ive recently had the pleasure of having tried many dabs, like I dont, have the pictures that I took with me in front of me right now. But these are some of the dabs Ive tried in images from the internet. The kind N8 Mark II is another picture of the N8 Mark II, the astral and current SP 3000, the Asylum current sp3000, again uh, channeling, M9 and, of course, the ibasso dx320x, which is just a beautiful looking dab, so yeah I just wanted to you know I Havent tried all these Android apps that Ill, you know, do a written review of soon, and I have my own pictures, of course, just for convenience Im showing you pictures of the internet, and these are adapts. I personally happen to own right now. The Aslan current SP 2010, which has three modes tube solid state, I mean op, amp and hybrid mode, the kind n6 Mark II, which is the cheapest of the bunch here, but it still holds its own honestly and uh. Finally, the Sony wm1 zm2, my favorite dap right now, the latest Flagship from Sony, a wonderful app. This is Android functionality, um, so yeah I mean to Jump Right In guys like IEM stabs have come a long way over the last few years and have have become as important to Portable audio.

As you know, full size, stacks and amps are to headphone enthusiasts, like I personally, like I said, Ive owned or tried a lot of Android based uh Flagship dapps for the last several months, uh. So a quick disclaimer, guys um. I do want to say that once you go past a certain price point with depths like the differences do become razorary thin. I mean theyre listenable, I mean theyre theyre perceptible and once you hear difference between a kind and an asylum Kern or an asylum current and a Sony, you might never want to go back, which is what happened with me so like when I was a being between My SP 2000 and T which comes in that 2500 and the Sony which comes in at 3, 600 dollars uh twelve hundred dollars more. I wanted to not like this more than my the one that I owned. I wanted to save money like most of you, so I or perhaps all of you so, but I honestly, you know once Id heard the Sony I kept going back and a being between the Sony and the AK. And finally, I just just couldnt unlisten what Id heard, but when I listened for the first time or even for the first two times I was, I would be hard pressed to say I mean the difference is honestly were not night and day. They were small but sort of like deal breaking differences between these depths.

I do want to mention that so to my subjective tastes, these differences are small minute, even but massive in their own way, but for you they could just be small differences, so thats worth keeping in mind guys so Ill just refresh to talk about the kind which Is the cheapest app I have in my possession and – and this is about twelve hundred dollars. So this is interesting, because this has swappable modules guys. I have tried the a01, the t01 t02 and currently its got r01 installed, which is an r2r module. The one that Ill discuss is r2r module the r01 thats inside this because thats, I think, the best sort of module that this comes with, or this can sort of house the r2r implementation of the kind n6 Mark II is a bit different from the usual sound Characteristics that people associate with r2r in that its not warm or Lush guys its not as analog sounding as other adapts, Ive heard, even at different or lower price points. I want to say this kind. M6, Mark II is neutral, bright, far more neutral bright, then its the updated Flagship, the kind N8 Mark II. This is actually neutral. Bright done right in many ways. The details here and technicalities are amazing, thats, something I give mad props to this dap, for it is like 90 or maybe 95 of the other Flagship dabs in terms of detail and Technical performance. But again, like I said, the last five person can make or break an experience, uh its a fantastic dab, its a Snappy UI, its of course Android enabled very compact form factor and – and it does synergize extremely well with my Aroma, audio jewel, which has a bit Of a relaxed sort of uh thing going on when it comes to pentagain and lower treble so because the guys here at the aroma, audio jewel are, like I said, a bit relaxed in in terms of pentagain and lower treble.

They pair really well with the kind. A lot of my friends have noticed how the kind n6 Mark II has the effect of boosting the upper mids. So this requires an upper mids boost which works really well with the kind app and it adds a bit of grit to the treble, because the treble can be somewhat uh. I dont want to sits gritty treble. It is a resolve incredible. It is. It is not the smoothest, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, because it does pair well with the treble that requires some um some grid, like the one here so but see I wouldnt pair the kind n6 Mark II with something like the Empire ears. Legend evos, which have a shouty upper mid range uh, or for that matter I wouldnt pair this with the odins from Empire ears because they also have somewhat of a forward upper mid range. So Synergy map makes huge difference, guys so thats worth keeping in mind a very quick discussion on the uh kind N8 Mark II, which you know like Ive tried, like I said, but I dont have in front of me. Ive taken pictures myself but Ill just take you guys through some internet pictures. So the this step has a dual rohms ROMs DAC core New tubes of various. You know Nifty features which you can you know, filter, add filters for the sound its a bit beyond the tube mode and the solid state mode.

You have the P plus power mode and you have like four or five permutations. You can, you know, sort of you know flip through or permutate into um, Android, 9, its quite powerful between p and p. Plus. I think you can get all the way up to something close to 750 Milli Watts at 32, ohms and 1200 milliwatts or 1.2 Watts or 16 ohms, so through the balanced headphone out. I do want to say that the form factor wasnt for me, like you, see some of these lines and curves that I feel like were not very ergonomic for me to hold, so this needed a cover very much. When I tried this, I was not a fan of this very blingy volume dial this just wasnt my thing and the uh, the headphone connector, the headphone outputs are at the bottom, which was a bit weird for me, because Im used to having headphones output at the Top uh its a bit of a chunky boy, this guy so its thicker than its wider. So the I mean its wider than thicker, of course, but its thicker than I prefer my adapts to be so that was another issue with this tab and overall, the sound wise. It does improve the n6 Mark II significantly in many ways, but it doesnt necessarily give me the sound that I need in my stable. The kind n6r N8 Mark to some people are saying is neutral, bright and that could well.

That could well be the case if you have not tried the n6 Mark II, because the n6 Mark II is more neutral bright. The N8. It sounds Lusher even of the solid state mode than the n6 Mark II uh, its more resolving, of course, its its. But overall guys it just wasnt my cup of tea. They ended marked too because that was the sound I was looking for and but you know a lot of people like it. A lot of people think it looks very premium and feels premium. So you know so thats there now moving on to the aksp 2010, which is adapt, Ive won for the longest time. Ive never thought Id sell it, but I have a buyer for this now. Im only selling this because Ive bought this only recently, so not the best experience when it comes to um. You know user interface and all that, but you know its. It is uh an AK adapt and AK adapt sort of bridges. The gap between you know a pure Android, app like an ibassel in some cases and some of the non streaming apps and they do sound very good. This SP 2010 particular also looks for you its light. It has a large screen size or some. You know a relatively large screen size, this part lights up in a very cyclopsy kind of way. That shows you the sample rate of the track that youre playing its you know its good to hold its got.

Nice leather covers that Ive recently Ive bought for it. Its got es9068as a quad ESS DAC Arrangement, its fairly powerful. I think six vrms from balanced and – and you know, quorg new tube 6b1. Its got three modes hybrid mode, and you know solid state mode and all that which you can flip through, like this hybrid tube and op amp, theyre very Nifty. To have so what happens with this house sound of AK? I feel like um, its its AKA sounds transparent, but they have their own own sort of twist on transparency, so they have a way of sort of pushing back the mid range or the vocals rather and sort of pushing forward the instrument. So this has these sort of opposite effect on your IMS than the kind n6 Mark II does right. So if you have a shouty, I am or an image already upper mids like an Odin or or a legend evil. This is the dab you turn to, because this has the effect of raining in the upper mids, because the vocals are pushed back on. This instruments are forward uh. This does not have the blackest background. I feel uh a few other adapts too. Like uh, you know the sp2000 definitely has a blacker background than sp2000t and the SB 3000 has a blacker background, but this is slightly warmer and Lusher than the sp2000 and the SP 3000, however, does do warm and Lush pretty well in many ways, sp3000 marries whats Good about the sp2000 and the SP 2000t uh um, so thats worth keeping in mind.

However, I do want to say that um overall uh, this sound, was very much to my liking. I loved it for the longest time uh the relative lack of Blackness of background wasnt a deal breaker for me. I loved pairing it with the IMs that I mentioned. I wasnt. Ultimately, the biggest fan of the SP 3000, because sp3000 is so much heavier its. So much chunkier than this or any other Flagship dab that Ive tried that Ive decided the SP 3000 wasnt going to be for me so thats worth keeping in mind. I also want to say another thing that you want to notice about. You know AK daps that I dont think people have talked about as much is AK dabs dont do bass as well, so let me qualify that they have a very different take on base, so their base of a kid apps are somewhat textured, so you do get A certain sense of texture, or if someone wanted to be critical, they dont have as tighter base as as Sony dabs do or even ibasso dx320 does and Ive Im saying this guys with no bias against akf for the longest time been a you know, Ive loved The SP 200t here, but having tried the 2000t, the 2000 and the 3000. They lack the last bit of bass, depth, impact and tightness compared to, I want to say, an M9 a dxb20x, a Sony, wm1 zm2 or a kind N8 Mark II.

Even the n6 Mark II has a stronger, deeper bass than the SP 2000t or the sp2000. Even so, thats just something controversial that I just wanted to get out there, but thats what it is they do pair really well, though, like they have an extended Airy treble, so they do pair really well with something like Legend Evo, extremely well, in fact, but yeah, I mean you know they can be laggy, because the weak are cake, sort of software and and all that so thats. What keeping in mind the sp3000 wasnt for me, because I didnt think it was a massive improvement over the SP 200t or the sp2000. The sp3000 also is you know its stunning to behold. Its got much better Aesthetics in my eyes than the kind in a Mark II, the stainless steel stuff going on, and the volume dial here is actually very sexy. So this stuff is awesome to look at guys. But, however, I honestly wouldnt buy this because um yeah, it was just too heavy for me and the overall SQ the sound quality improvement wasnt as significant to my ears compared to the other depths. So that was something the channeling M9 I do want to say was an amazing dab, which I really wrestled with the idea of buying, but I realized that I could EQ this to bring about the good features of this. So This the M9 for one looks super Sleek, very, very uh, beautiful.

Looking I love you know the sort of curved lines and all that its nice to hold its not super heavy. I wasnt a big fan of the leather cover. It looks kind of cheap and I wasnt a fan of the shape of the leather cover, but you know it just feels amazing in the hands great to use Great Sound. This sounds like Delta. Sigma done right, so some people are saying the M9 is warm. So my definition of warmth is that, overall, the sound signature has to be clockwise tilted for it to be warm which wasnt the case for this. I dont think this makes the sound thing which are more clockwise tilt than it is. I think what people are perhaps going to say is that uh, its a very Bassy tab, its a very Bassy tab, so maybe that warm people talk about it comes from the fact that they think its Bassy. However, the M9 also has a very extended treble, so he does have a certain thinness to the sound, a very slight ever so slight relative thinness that perhaps the other Flagship dabs dont have. But his Everest was slight and its only visible or you know perceptible when you a b – and I do want to say the M9 is a wonderful rap. It has ak 449 EQ DAC chip, which of course became rather rare after the akm fire interchangeable output, Port supporting 2.5 2.3.5 4.4 outputs and its uh its fairly powerful its.

I think, 9920 uh Emily Watts at 32 ohm through its balance, but a standout performer guys. M9 is a wonderful dab. I do know that some people were disappointed because the specs are quite similar to the M8, but it does sound better than the M8 to me, its better tuned, its got way better bass extension than the M8 does so thats. Where keep in mind, if youre wondering if you should upgrade from the M8 to the M9, finally guys, I do want to very quickly talk about before moving on to it, the Sony that I owned, ibassador dx320, which is another adapt that Ive you know considered buying Of ab this week with the others for a long time, the first thing is that this is perhaps the sexiest looking dab out there. Aside from the Sony, I just love its shape and design its got, this wonderful lines that they call it a liquid metal finish or something just for looks alone. I would buy this uh and its quite powerful. I think its about 1200 milliwatts of 32 ohms. This also, like the kind has you know, a ROM deck chips and and um yeah its just a wonderful smart phone like Sleek design that you know, I feel, like a lot of people are going to find very good. Looking its got, an amazing base, its a warm presentation, its interesting because the treble feels extended, but its a way of raining in Airy or very too extended travels that are perhaps peaky.

So the noble Viking Ragnar, which I feel like, can destroy the listening experience of even the most Ardent treble head. If you do not have a warm Source, because a Ragnar is just crazy in his trouble was somehow tamed by this. The Ragnar sounded transparent, lucid and Bassy and bastier than the Ragnar has on any other adapt. So this is like an amazing pairing with the Ragnar that I just want to do a shout out for, and this build quality is exquisite, so yeah, so thats uh. You know all I have for the ibassador dx320x, guys Ive. I have a b, the 320x with the 320 and I think the 320x and the 320 sound the same. Although I also claims that uh between 20 aspects of the better housing perhaps sounds different, which was the case in my experience. Finally, last but not least, my favorite dab of all Labs that Ive tried disclaimer is, I have not tried a hippie R RS8, the latest r2r dab from hibby. So keep that in mind. I love the Android functionality here its honestly. This dab is in a class of its own. I think this has the perhaps the best base production of all the dabs that Ive tried, because it marries base depth impact texture really well, it tames the upper mid range of a lot of shoddy iems. It does have very nice air and extension. When I first listened to the Sony, it was sounding slightly um darker, but I think its opened up a lot and it doesnt sound as dark as the previous version, the wm1 zm1.

It does have the most amazing EQ, not in its sort of uh, how feature rich. It is because its not a parametric EQ, but its a wonderful EQ in the sense that if you EQ your IMS with this theres, absolutely no fuzziness, no Distortion whatsoever and the Blackness of background for this type is just amazing. And some of you will know that Sony, just you know, does not hold back when it comes to internals its just got the finest materials, whether its PCB capacitors, the whole chassis. For instance. The chassis is 99 of the copper. All the internal wiring is done by Kimber cables, Aesthetics wise, of course, its just very refined. It does sound. It does feel a bit more, like you know, to me, like its very its more luxurious than other other adapts and much more so than the kind, and it marked to in my mind, because I ended marked, was a bit tacky. I think and not ostentatious in the right way. I dont mind the gold bling here honestly, I dont think it looks as ostentatious as it might appear. I think just looks tasteful and its Tastefully done the gold which can be tricky and uh yeah. I mean guys this to me is amazing, and I do EQ this, though, with a lot of IMS, because when I EQ this with the over Mario drill, this becomes just a living legend um, because I do Boost the upper mids.

A bit add a bit more air and add a bit more bass, and this becomes amazing. I I use this with the audience without any EQ. Its amazing, with the unique Mark IIs and the visionnaires V7 with EQ, is just phenomenal uh with the Sony dap. So thats it guys the Sony dab is my favorite and dapps do make a difference. Your minuscule marginal rays were thin, but once youve heard them, especially in my case its impossible to unheard, the difference is, but it does sometimes take a bit of time to appreciate the differences. So if you just someone sat you down, and you were a being between this and this you might not first of all in order to differences right away, I think I did but not everyone does. I know this because some of my friends did not uh, but even some of these friends after they a b this over several days, they came to the conclusion that they couldnt unhear what they heard on this, because this does sound better. So once you take something away from a chain thats, sometimes when you perhaps miss it more. So after a being these two for several days, I was missing this a lot and I wasnt just able to listen to this anymore. So I decided to go and pull the trigger and I bought this Sony. Wm1 cm2 and, like I said, Ive also listened to the other Android Beast apps before deciding to buy this.

So a lot of very good apps out there guys you take your pick in terms of whatever its on signature, youre, looking for and whatever synergies youre trying to achieve, but the Sony wm1 zm2 happens to be my current favorite, so thats that so thank you for Watching this video, if you want more of these videos on dapps and sources, do let me know or any suggestions you may have for future videos Id be very happy to hear your views and you know, take your feedback and hope to engage in my comment section. So thats it for me guys stay safe and Ill.