Hanim will come back to TR HD. Today, I’m super super excited because I’ve got the DJI teller on my desk. This is DJ, is new mini drone, it’s smaller than spire, and is very affordable, it’s actually made by a startup company called rice tech, they’ve partnered up with DJI and Intel for flight control system and professional processing and made a new drone called the tillow it’s. A super fun to fly drone and costs only about 99 dollars in the US you’re getting a DJI power drone for 99 dollars, and it also has a 5 megapixel camera with electronic image. Stabilization like how cool is that really awesome let’s check out the box packing. You can see the drone through the box let’s see what’s written at the back. You’Ve got a picture of the tillow here and some of its features below that it has a 13 minute flight time. 720P live HD transmission, 5 megapixel photos back to with electronic image. Stabilization, it can precisely hover with VPS multiple flight modes, very easy to operate and is also programmable with the Telo SDK you’ve got a list of accessories here, but you need to buy them separately. You have a remote controller, so you can also fly it with an RC. A battery charging hub and different snap on covers on the right. You’Ve got a QR code over here to download the Telo app on your phone it’s available on both Google Play, Store and Apple App Store, so that’s pretty much it about the box.

There is nothing else written on it. Let’S get started with the unboxing. Let me grab my knife and cut this tape over here. Alright, let’s open it, oh you’ve got a silica gel packet at the top. Some documentation must be a user manual. Quite a thick book make sure to read it for all the info on the product and below this flap you’ve got another packet, looks like you’ve got a battery and some other stuff inside we’ll check it out later. Let’S first take the drone out. The dome comes out only from the top. Let me cut the seal and take it out, and here is the DJI. Telo comes nice and safely packed. Oh, my god, wow this drone is so tiny. The body is very small compared to the spark it comes in three colors I’ve got the white one with me: you’ve got the Telo branding on it. Let me bring it close and show you. The built quality. Looks nice it’s completely made of high quality plastic to keep the weight and the price down? Okay, we’ll check out the drone in a moment, let’s keep it aside and see what’s in the packet you get 1100 milliampere a lithium polymer battery. Now the company says that you’ll get about 13 minutes of flight time on a single charge, and these batteries are very cheap guys. Each battery costs about 1200 rupees. You can buy any number of them and keep on flying.

Along with that. You get two pairs of extra propellers and also a propeller remover tool, so these are all the items you get in the box now let’s check out the teller. The teller feels very light in the hand. It weighs only about 54 grams without the battery and with the battery it’ll weigh about 80 grams. The belt quality is very good, considering the price, the top core of the drone can be removed. It just comes out like this, and you can replace it with the different colored snap on covers DJI offers. Each of these snap on covers cost only about 9 dollars. That would be around 600 rupees. Okay, let me just snap on the top card there you go, you’ve got the Telo branding over here. Let me show you, the arms they’re hollow made of plastic and are not foldable let’s check out the camera. The camera is over here on the front it’s a 5 megapixel camera and also has electronic image stabilization and beside that you’ve got a multicolor LED status indicator on the left side. You’Ve got a microUSB port for charging the battery there’s, nothing else here and on the right side, you’ve got a power button. You’Ve got the battery compartment at the back side. This is where you need to insert the battery. Let me just show you how to do that. You need to insert the battery in this position and just push it that’s it guys your teller is all ready to take off.

Let me show you how the bottom looks like you’ve got the vision positioning system here, which includes the IR LED IR sensor and a the center. The bottom part is also made of plastic. Okay, let’s check out the propellers. It’S got three inch propellers, and these are its motors. I don’t think they’re brushless motors and you also get propeller guards pre installed on it, so you’re telling and big nerd friendly out of the box all right. Let me power it on and show you you just need to click the power button once to switch it on it’s, got a multicolor LED indicator and to power it off. You just need to press the power button once so. That was our overview on the cello. Now let me show you the app that you need to install any phone to control this drone. The name of the app is Tello. Let me show you it’s available on both Play, Store and Apple App Store. I’Ll show you how to pay the drone with the phone first, you need to power on the drone, then, on your phone turn on the Wi Fi and go to the Wi Fi settings here you can see Telos open, Wi, Fi network. You need to connect to it once that’s done open the Telo app on your phone. This is how the app looks like Music. There you go guys. You can already see the live: video transmission on the phone there’s very minimum latency in the video preview.

The video quality looks nice on the phone, but why is the preview and for h23 they should have gone with 69 anyways. Let me show you: the app interface you’ve got two virtual joysticks on the screen. The left, joystick controls the altitude and the yacht, and the right joystick controls the direction you want to fly. The drone in at the top you’ve got the auto takeoff, an auto LAN buttons. These are the different flight modes. You’Ve got on it. You’Ve got two n go mode where you can simply throw the drone and it will automatically start flying in midair. You also have eight D flips on it up and out mode 360 degree. Spin circle fly and bounce mode, so these are all the different flight modes. On the tillow now let’s check out the settings. You’Ve got flight, speed adjustment. You can switch between slow and fast modes, it’s also VR, headset compatible and the Telo can also be controlled with a Bluetooth, joystick let’s check out the more section here. You can change the units, the photo quality, low battery indicator exposure and the bit rate it’s currently set to auto and the max bitrate is 4 Mbps. So these are all of its settings. The top of the app shows if the drones battery level Wi Fi signal strength, glue to status, speed in mate of a second and the distance on the right. You’Ve got the gallery photo and video switch and the shutter button.

So these were all the buttons and controls available in the app now let’s go out, take off and see how this drone flies I’ll be flying the drone with my phone right now through the teller app. You can also fly it with a remote control, so let’s take off whoa. Did you see that that was so smooth guys just look at it it’s so stable and not even doing anything it’s just hovering over there on the same spot, not even flinching, there’s slight wind right now, but that doesn’t seem to affect the drone. The great thing is that the teller doesn’t have GPS on it and yet it’s that stable all thanks to the vision positioning system at the bottom and DJ eyes, flight control system, the control over the drone is very good, there’s, very minimum latency in the app the Drone responds quickly to your commands. This is actually my first flight on the Telo and I’m testing its capabilities right now. I have to tell you guys, I’m, quite surprised by looking at the drone stability, since there was no GPS on it. I was a bit doubtful how it would fly, but after seeing this, my minds blown excellent job done by rice, tech, there’s great control over this drone. Even beginners can fly this drone very easily, plus on top of that, it also has collision detection and propeller guards. So your drone is fully safe, just relax sit back and enjoy flying it.

This is such an awesome. Little drone. I just love it from every angle. Music. Now let’s talk about the range it has a max flight distance of 100 meters and the max height. You can fly, it is 10 meters now the range is not that high, but let me tell you it’s, not a professional drone, it’s, a fun pad tiny drone made for kids and beginners, and on that basis I think it’s, alright, and one more thing is even If you go out of the range and lose connection, there is nothing to worry. The teller will automatically land safely in a good spot Music. The visual positioning system was doing an excellent job, as you can see, no matter how high the drone is, it perfectly hovers in the same spot. Talk about the sound it’s not as loud as this part, but still it’s, more than regular, cheap drones. And since my camera was placed really far, you might not be able to hear it in the video the best feature I love about the Telo is auto hand landing. You just need to put your hand under the drone and it will automatically land on your hand, that is so cool. Now. Let me show you the different flight modes on this drone you’ve got a total of six flight modes. First let’s start with throw and go. This is such a fun feature guys you just need to hit the start button and throw the drone in the air between five seconds.

It starts flying that’s super awesome, but guys make sure that you throw the drone before five seconds and not after five seconds, because if you don’t match the timing, the drone may not fly and fall on the ground. But don’t worry it’s very easy to do that. You just need a little bit of practice now. Let’S do some flips and rolls the Telo can do eight D flips. That means it can perform flips and rolls in eight different directions, left to right right to left front to back and also corner to corner. In this mode, you get a square box on your phone very need to swipe to perform these flips. Just like this super easy right, the drone seems to be very stable, even while performing flips it doesn’t lose altitude and no matter in which direction it flips. It automatically corrects itself and to the initial position the auto landing. Also works very well just hit the button. It will come down, look for a good spot and land over there. This is another flight mode on the Telo it’s called the 360 degree spin. All these are called the easy shots with. The drone will record videos while doing these moves right now, it’s recording video, while spinning in 360 degrees at the same spot. It shoots videos in 720p, HD at 30 frames per. Second, we will check out the video samples in a moment, this mode is called the circle where it circles around an object and records.

Video be careful while doing these stunts, because the Telo is a big nerd. Drone and doesn’t have obstacle avoidance, so make sure you flight in open areas, now let’s check out an awesome mode called the up an out in this mode. The drone flies back in upward direction, while recording video simultaneously you’ll get some awesome shots in these modes. Flying this drone is very easy: you’ll have lots of fun playing with it. Here are a few video samples shot on the Telo. It shoots video only in 720p HD at 30fps and has a field of view of 82 point six degrees. The video quality is good. Considering the price it’s, not as good as the other DJI drones like this part, but for a 99 drone, it’s acceptable it’s. The best I’ve seen in this price range and also the video, is stabilized and very smooth all thanks to that electronic image. Stabilization, the bitrate of the video was around 10 Mbps. You can see some compression in the video but it’s. Ok when viewed on smartphones. One thing I didn’t like in the video was the exposure was changing in certain steps. It was not linear other than that. Everything else is fine, just have a look at these video samples. These are a few photo samples shot on it. Since the teller is very stable and has he is you can get some nice shake free pictures, it shoots five megapixel photos and the quality was good for the price Music.

On the overall, I definitely say, it’s an awesome drone for the price, it’s very easy to fly, beginner friendly and has nice flight modes. The only thing I was not satisfied was with the range it can flying only up 200 meters. It should have had a little more range and talking about the battery life, the battery life was decent. I was getting around 12 to 13 minutes of flight time on an average which is pretty close to the DJI spark, and the batteries are also swappable. So you can buy any number of batteries and keep flying your teller each battery costs only about 1200 rupees and charging the battery from 0 200 took about one and a half hour Music Music. So that was my review on the DJI hello, guys, it’s an amazing little drone, it’s very small, very portable, very easy to carry the ticket the size. It is so small and talking about the fight stability, it’s super stable, let’s. Look at it I’m, not even controlling it, is hovering order. Very nice. The VPS is working very good and about the camera quality. The camera quality may not be as good as this part, but considering the price it’s, doing a good job, it’s acceptable and about the prize it’s only 99. If you are looking for a Joe under 100, I would definitely recommend this drone, guys it’s very nice.