com and then youre going to be welcomed with a login or sign up button, and when you click that button, you enter your mobile number and Then your email, once you set those up, uh youre gon na, be asked to enter either a debit card or a credit card. I dont have a credit card, so I just used my debit card, which is your standard card for your bank account and you enter the details and you pay um the subscription fee. So these are the subscription fees you have 369 per month or 2950 per year. There is a cheaper version, I think its like a hundred eighty nine per month, if youre only going to be subscribed on the mobile device, so basically youre only going to pay 189 per month, but you can only watch or use the Disney Plus app on your Phone you cant use it on your computer or youre. I think also on the tablet, so its only available on the mobile device, so yeah um. If you were only watching your titles on your device, then thats, probably the best choice or best option for you, but for me I like to watch my shows on the TV or in my laptop in my computer, so yeah I subscribe to the 369 per month. I think um this right here is all the inclusions in this subscription uh plan. So you have four uh concurrent devices that you can watch at the shows.

So basically you can watch um up at up to four devices. At the same time, you can download, of course you can make seven profiles thats good. So if you have a friend or a girlfriend or your family, you can uh just basically subscribe to One account so yeah uh, what else? So we go back here to the home page um, so these are the five franchises that are available. You have Disney, of course, Pixar Marvel Star Wars, not Geo and star Im not very familiar with star, but uh. Well, take a look at each of them. So basically, this is the home screen. It looks pretty similar to Netflix, but I would say this looks just you know better. I dont know why. Maybe just I dont know the colors, maybe its a bit. You know more lively, even if its dark blue but uh the the text and the the side uh this one, the side panel looks looks uh better for me. So yeah lets go to Disney lets. Look at the available uh titles here. So you see. Okay. This is actually my first time seeing these okay, so these are more like the family, movies and stuff yeah, okay uh. I myself Im not gon na, be really focusing on these titles, but maybe my little sister. If she um wants to watch these movies, then yeah. She could go ahead and still watch them. Lets go back to the home.

Page lets go to Pixar, and I think this is also kind of the same with Disney more of the yeah more of the children movies for kids yeah. But you know I actually havent seen uh light years, so maybe Ill watch that next oh cars, yup, probably my favorite and theres a list here. Okay, so lets go back to my personal favorite here. Why I subscribe to Disney plus the Marvel and Star Wars franchises. So lets go ahead and look at Marvel. Yep. You see the latest titles here: okay, thats good Thors already here, um, so Ive seen one division all coming with the soldier Falcon. I mean uh Loki Black Widow. What if all of these are like super super good uh? Oh phase, three phase, two phase, one wow, okay, this is very interesting. I I am excited to watch all of these Uh. Oh, I thought MCU in Timeline order, wow. You could actually watch all of them up until Avengers. I think the end is end game for now. Wait wheres, end game, Infinity War, oh here it is so this is phase four already. Okay, is it yeah all right, so lets go back to the home page lets, look at Star Wars, Star Wars, okay, Star Wars, boom yep, also very excited to be watching all of these things. Okay me personally, this these uh franchises are the reason why um I subscribe to Disney Plus Marvel and Star Wars, so these two made it worth it for me.

Uh lets go ahead and look at Nat Geo, Nat Geo, okay, nice. These are very uh interesting shows. I would love to watch some of these, but Im pretty sure Im not going to be really spending most of my time here. Maybe once a week I can watch in in the Nat Geo section last one star, I dont know what this is. Okay, all right! You see here, Ugly, Betty, oh no thats, not an Asian, show sorry uh, okay dramas, okay, so yeah. If youre into these type of shows, then yeah Disney plus has it for you, I guess so yeah thats Disney Plus for you guys um for me personally, its really worth it its better than Netflix Im, still gon na be subscribe to Netflix for The Originals. Like stranger things – and you know The Witcher and all of that, but like in general, the library you know Disney plus just just – is way better for me, so yeah.