So when I first did my first review and I've been using this phone now for a well over a week. I called it a game. Changer has my opinion. Change. Definitely not. This is a an absolute game. Changer this one here now would have called it the best 5g phone for the price. However, for me here in Europe, it doesn't have LTE band xx and for those of you in France that need band 28 it's, also lacking apart from that this phone really has it all. So, if you haven't seen my first video, I recommend you do watch that. Please it has a 3.5 minute, headphone jack. It does have pretty much everything you want in a phone, a 48 megapixel camera that can take good photos and it really surprised me with some other photo quality. The optimization that we've got here from both media, tik and she'll me take a look at this. This is the red hibiscus flower. I love to take photos of this one because even really expensive flagships can mess this one up. But no, not here with a readme 10x, did almost a perfect job. It got the read correct and that is quite hard for a lot of phones will have it coming out a little bit pinkish, just the wrong kind of tone of red and a lot of them will clip the red. So what I mean by clipping is you don't see the different shades.

It would just completely smudge out and kill the details and just have it all one read in one area but know this captures the different shades of red. You can see the little veins you can see the darker patches. It did an excellent job, it's an omni vision sensor that a lot of people concerned about how's it going to be compared to the Samsung's or how is it going to be compared to say the Sony IMAX series it's somewhere in between them? I feel and not a bad job at all in even portraits. This photo example here that you're looking at I don't think it's bad for the price of this phone. You hear me saying that a lot it's about 300 euros imported this one. I got from trading chinjung, so performance is very, very good. It'S got a gigabytes around my model and 128 gigabytes of storage and, as mentioned 300 euros offers. So much now there are can some concerns about the battery life, which I want to get on to which I will let you know about in detail. But there are a lot of people that just were very skeptic, and I understand why being a media tech, how can Chris say it's so good? How can it have the speeds and wireless speeds of a flagship phone that is just impossible right, it's, not possible? How could it be, how could it have the same or even better random reads and writes on the storage, so I want to do just a couple of little tests here and I've done those tests already so we're talking about wireless performance.

This is where it is quite impressive. You want to look at these maximum and then the minimum speeds here so spot one is spot to actually here this one is the fastest that's right next to the router that I can push through here. It is just under 700 megabits per second with the poker f2 pro k, xxx Pro that I have right here so that's, a snapdragon 865 mobile by the way, it's impressive we've got a 300 US dollar phone with a chipset, the dementia T, 820, basically beating the Flagship phone here, which is pretty crazy and it goes on into other areas as well that's the entry to score by the way which is not bad at all. So here we have GPS. A lot of people did ask me about GPS performance. How can the accuracy be bitter? Well, the accuracy is not what we always look at. You want to also focus on the average, and it does work really well. Media techs GPS used to be let's, face it crappy, terrible before until the g9 TT and really improved things well, in fact, they got a little bit better with some of those previous Hallett Hellyer ones. So one meter accuracy is possible because they don't have restrictions due to some sort of weird law. I think it is an America that Qualcomm is not allowed to have better accuracy than three meters, so it's capped there and very good signal strength.

Now because this one does get sixty satellites, the snapdragon 865, because it has dual frequency gps. So that is why so really good in terms of gps performance and what about the storage speeds as well. So storage I've got a benchmark of bets also right here and I did benchmark it on the flagship. Now this flagship has ufs 3.1 storage, so it should and will be always faster. Well, not always look at this so for random, reads and writes here: we get an impressive result on this: cheaper phone with that domen City 820, so random reads, are a little bit slower actually and then the random writes on the flag very interesting with ufs. 3.1 storage, but look at the sequential that's where we gain the speed, but even this sequential read of almost a thousand megabytes per second. That is excellent, so you do want to do a little bit of a live test here, as well with that GPS. So I'm, just going to bring up what I used to test this, which is why the sweet spots a lot of people but then entrust do those screenshots I've manipulated them. So it's already got the results there for some reason, but I'm gon na hit start here and we get it just a reading from where I am connect it up to my router, so it's getting around transfer speeds of 11 megabytes per. Second, you can see right at the top okay, 300 megabits per second, more or less and we'll.

Stop that one and start this one and look at this. This is what I'm talking about it's just been so quick on downloads and everything that is so much quicker. So much quicker, very good, so those I think just enough to show to people that I'm not talking rubbish here, that it is a very good phone for what you're getting the build. Okay does have a plastic frame around it, but it does have a fully laminated, of course, AMOLED screen fingerprint reader is in screen and it's, probably about as fast as the K 30 Pro here. So let's just test it out. First on this one that's quick, it takes a second or so because of the animation lag, and what about here, el Poco, if ii, pro, which is the k 30 pro very quick as well now this one does her calls have a much better screen. It is a bit of screen it's brighter. This one tops out about a thousand nets. This one's around, I can't even remember off the top of my head. Now, I think, is about 720 nets. It does have a sunlight, boosting mode as well, so very, very good. What is on offer here so believe the hype about this new chip, that it is a game changer that was not hype from me – that's, not clickbait, but now let's get on to what a lot of people, probably here for the battery life. So here is my result: it's not amazing, to get 14 hours and five minutes, but it's not bad at all for a mediatek chip again and the demesne 'ti 820.

Here, I think, has performed well, but you always will get a score that is lower okay. It is going to be lower than say the Snapdragon 7 6 5 and in the meet in light 5g, I got close to 16 hours the same exact test with the displays always calibrated to 200 nits of brightness. I think it's bad are not bad at all. I think that's fine and I will take this slight battery – sacrifice over the performance we gain here versus, say this net bragging is seven six five. This one just runs so much better now the charge time so they charge the four thousand five hundred twenty million power battery. It took exactly 79 minutes, as you can see down the bottom here to go from three percent to 100 again. This is a fine perfectly acceptable result here: it's not gon na win any speed tests, alright, it's, no real me x2 Pro, which charges in 35 minutes to 100, but overall, that isn't bad at all. Alright. Now on to what you're? Probably here for – and that is my thermal test now there's been a lot of channels and others that claimed that this phone and the MIDI tech chips like the last year in the Holly og9 TT, would get up to 50 degrees Celsius that it would be the Hottest phone out there with thermal tried all run into all sorts of problems, and I wanted to check that.

Maybe it is true because I game for one hour before on high settings and I didn't have any problems. The thermals were excellent, as I reported in my review, but what I will do here is – and I have done – is I've set the phone here to ultra high settings now, which is the most demanding, and this is quite a you could say, almost a poorly optimized Game, but also very up to demanding game air as well 60 frames per second, of course, so that's maximum frame rate to generate maximum possible heat and I'm gon na hit start here on my timer, and I will break out after two hours of gaming or close To it, whatever I can put up with testing and we'll see exactly how hot is it gon na get? Are those people just click baiting and saying that no, the demesne 'ti 820 is going to cook itself? Is it just all four views or clicks or is it valid? Maybe I was wrong. Of course I make mistakes I'm human – maybe it is going to get up to 50 degrees, so let's find out the phone to the touch right now it feels cool. I wouldn't. Even say warm, I may be tiny a little bit there, so let's game now, I'm in a game for two hours and I'll come back with those interesting results. Alright, oh, it has now being well it's close to two, as you can see right here, it's coming up to two hours: I'm, not gon na, do an exact two hours because I think that's just ridiculous, and this is long enough.

Now I haven't been in this exact same position for almost two hours. Gaming lies down on the I'm a sofa, but I have been gaming non stop, and this is performing really well so I'm, not actually seeing any what I will call lag or throttling it has. The sack same performance here as it did when I first started this when the mobile phone was cool, so really really good in terms of the performance. The thermals okay let's, have a look I'm gon na break out my thermal imaging camera to take a look at it properly and see just how warm it is, but I can feel yes, the phone is hot, it does feel quite hot. Am I just about to die here as well, so we'll take a look exactly what kind of temperatures you can expect for one hour and 50 minutes of gaming continually here, Shadowgun legends on there that ultra high setting that I showed you at this start all right. So I have calibrated this thermal camera here to make sure that these are the most accurate results. I can give you so 25 degrees is my ambient incher temperature here more or less now. If I move this around to the hottest point, which is the brightest color here we are seeing there, we go forty four point: five, almost 45 degrees, after a continual two hours of gaming. Now I did not let this rest the phone at all.

Okay, I didn't get out of the game. When I got my camera, everything read, it was already prepared ready to go so it's had no break no time to cool down, and I think that these results are acceptable. I think welcome chips would be the same kind of temperatures here after two hours of intensive gaming on the highest ultra high sitting there of Shadowgun legions. So what about the rear? Because the rear of it does feel like it is getting also quite warm to the touch right there. You can see so let's just move this down now to monitor that so it's actually a little bit cooler than the front, so the front of it is getting the hottest there. So we're, seeing approximately close towards about 43 and a half almost up to 44 degrees. There, on the back, so again it is getting warm. Is this a heating issue, as a lot of people are commenting and other people? In my comments on the first video saying that I'm doing some sort of cover art behind some sort of media tech conspiracy to make it look, no – and this is just the results – are home to speaking from and speaking facts here – that it's perfectly fine temperatures in My 25 degree ambient temperatures I have in this room, so there we go guys. This phone has absolutely stunned me. Really it is a game changer, as mentioned that's, not clickbait. It true tears for this price.

Remember this actually sells in China for about 226 US dollars, but when you import one, of course they add their cut on top of that. So, thank you so much for watching this video do check the full review or I go into a lot of detail with this particular phone and now all we need is just a global release of this one. Hopefully, xiaomi is watching this video.