This is the digi now digital tablet, it’s ten by six and a quarter inch and allows for you to do some sophisticated drawing from what i’ve understood in what i’ve read online about it so i’m going to do a box opening then i’m going to do a Setup and i’m going to show you some samples of how to use it full disclosure. I got this freely to review it and i’m going to do an honest review. The people who sent this to me are not going to get to see the video ahead of time. They will see it when you see it it’ll be an honest and straightforward review. Believe me, if you get anything out of this video, it would be helpful if you at least consider subscribing to my channel i’ll talk more about that later. So why don’t we get started and open this thing up and see what it comes with. Okay, let’s open! This thing up and see what we got inside okay looks like it opens up this way. Maybe i did it upside down i’m, not sure. Well, that should be right. It’S got an user guide. I have to read through that and find out if there’s anything, i need to know different about this one let’s take this thing: oh it’s, really nice and thin let’s pull all this stuff out of here. First i’ve got two usb cables. It looks like a usbc to a standard usb adapter usb a to c adapter and it’s got a looks like a micro usb to usb a that’s.

What these two look like here anyway for me, yep that’s, what they are you can connect it. A lot of different ways looks like here’s the stylus. The stylus does not need batteries very similar to the the star pad that i reviewed recently so you’ll see a link at the end of this video to an end screen to it. There we go yeah it’s got a stylus already on it, and it looks like i have some replacements here supposed to have. Eight replacements and it’s got the tool that you use to replace it with inside a nice little plastic case, that’s good. I guess it’ll be less likely that i uh that i lose it. Okay, put that in here and save that oh it’s got a stylus holder, that’s good. Oh, it looks like it snaps together like this and the stylus can, i guess, can go either way. It can go like this or it can go like that. That’S nice. Anything else in here may be it yeah that’s it. Okay, let’s, take a look at the pad. Now it comes with an attached usb type. A. How long is this cord it’s about five feet? Long pretty good that’s, a nice size, it’s, a canvas coated it’s got a red and black pattern. If that matters – and here you go, it’s got a bunch of buttons over here, some of which replicate a mouse, so the mouse up and down. It looks like these two buttons here: it’s got each one is like a dual button.

You can go space, tab, alt control, there’s, a oh it’s got a tear on it. Let me go ahead and take that off is that a yep definitely get a tear. Let me see how that sounds, that wasn’t bad looks like there’s some screen buttons here very similar to like audio controllers, that you would have at the top of a keyboard. You could mute, you could make it quieter louder. I have to test all that out. Okay, that’s what’s in the box uh. Let me go ahead now and hook it up to a computer and see how it looks. Okay, let me go and plug it in now and see what it does. It suggests that i plug it into the actual usb connectors on the motherboard, so i could go around to the other side. All that reached good thing, that cord is five and a half feet long. I was able to reach around to the back, let’s see what it did. Oh, it opened up a window here and in this window it shows a readme text and autoexec and a bunch of other stuff. Apparently, this tablet has a small sd memory to it, not very big. It looks like it only has the size of just a couple of megabytes, but enough to support. You know whatever files they have here. Let me open up. The readme tells me some stuff about the graphics tablet where it runs on what operating systems talks about known issues like mac, os and android.

There might be possible issues with that. According to the instructions i have to run. This thing tablet setup v4, okay, it’s going to go through a standard windows setup. It looks like here and it looks like now it’s installed and see. If i could run the tablet here, it is says, graphics, tablet. Let me click on that and see what i got. It looks like here’s, where you can configure it, you can actually configure the stylus too. It looks like there’s the two buttons that are in the stylus and you can set the top one for any custom control function that you want. You can also assign how hard you have to press right now, it’s set for zero, but i bet you can go up or down here yep and go down to whatever you want, and then it has an area here that looks like it’s for testing the style. Let me try that right now, let me use the stylus and see what it does. If i come in here and i i’m pressing and i get to say oh here, we go: oh okay, so you get to see how hard you’re pressing! What if i come over here, i’ll get an area here where i can practice writing at clear this out. This area is for testing purposes, only not a painting software okay, i’m, using a mouse now, and you can change the language. However, you want a lot of different choices here, defined screen mapping, so i have three screens and right now: it’s centered, on my main one here, that’s actually got this particular program displayed in it.

You can redefine it here. You can crunch it down, expand it whatever you want to do or you could grab it up here. It looks like and you can make it cover more of it other screens as well. Okay, that’s interesting. What is this? Oh, it went to full screen there when i did all screens what’s this one here. Oh it makes it different size default. Drawing areas. 16 9 looks like full screen there and smaller and then over here it has another one defined keys. Now these are the keys that are on the tablet in the left hand, side so there’s, a key that’s labeled e, with a big e. I was wanting it for that, i guess to say the letter e. I guess some applications that might be a very common key to use for a particular function in the actual drawing application and there’s a b, a b button as well. It tells you which button we’re pressing. You got your control and you can do the mouse wheel up mouse wheel down. You can use it to simulate the mouse by using those two buttons on the pad and those are all the buttons that are, on the left hand, side of the tablet i’m. Going to reset it back to the way it was and then get out of here, and then here it looks like if you have this windows ink application as your drawing app. You can check this.

It must enable special functions for that to work properly. You could define it as left handed versus, i guess the default was right handed and then it shifts the buttons over to the other side and you can turn it upside down. So i think that covers all of the basic features of this one. Let me go ahead now and bring up a drawing, app and see how it looks. Okay, i’ve already shown you this during the box opening, but i wanted to point something out specifically here, and that is the writing area. So if you look very carefully, you see the writing area with four little triangle corners here, two here and two here. That is the wide screen writing area that the stylist will have access to. However, there’s one here for an android smartphone, so you got two more right here and right here and that is the size of the android screen. So, if you’re, using the android to read this particular device and edit or create some sort of graphical object, then that’s the area that you’ll have to work with. Okay, what i have up here now is paint 3d and i’m going to use my stylus here and let me see if it starts writing. Oh, it does. Okay, if i want to change let’s say i want to change the color. I would come down just have to hover over it here i’m using a stylus, and let me pick this red here.

Let’S pick this and i can come in here and write in red. If i want to change the type of brush that i have, i can come over here and pick it, and then i could change the thickness i want to that brush and i’ll change the color as well. Let me change it to a nice green okay. If i want to pick a 2d shape, i can do that. Let’S come over here and click on 2d shapes and then i select which shape. I want let’s pick a triangle and i can come over here and i can just make a trial triangle on here and i click anywhere in here and it will save it. Okay, that’s a quick little test, i’m, not an artist by any stretch of the imagination. I just wanted to show you how this worked and i have the inset. You know showing what i’m doing the actual pad here. Okay, so that’s pretty good! Well, that completes this review of the diginow digital tablet, pretty good don’t.