I have in front of me here at Q by 7 that has the secured by 7 stylist that has a screen that is stuck together, so it's not a laminated display, and this can happen in transit and often it does, because what happens? Is the courier companies and post companies will package, although packages that type together that it's actually compressing the screen and putting pressure on the tablet? And this is the result and it is actually fixable? Normally I haven't been able to fix all the ones that this has happened to it's happened to the chewy 808. That I had, and we need to do is religiously just run your fingers around the outside, of where the screen is actually stuck onto the IPS panel. Just move around here, and it should unstick itself should, and you sometimes have to apply quite a bit of pressure and it would hopefully come unstuck. This one looks like it's going to be quite a tough one. So what you need to do in that case, then, is to get yourself at one of those suction cups and put that on the screen and we'll pull it up using that. So if I stick this long here right in the middle and get a good seal on it, hopefully I should be able to pull the screen the glass digitize it away from the IPS panel there that stuck on there I mean this should happen in the first Place of course, but before you do start looking at returns and see it's starting to work now and there we go fixed and when you turn on the tablet there should be, no damage should be.

Fine up is powered on now. Okay, it doesn't have enough chance to power on, but it does seem that the tablet is fine there.