Let me show you a couple things of how to get it working, what all the awesome things it can do, um! So first, we just got it right here. We need to do a little bit of assembly. It comes with a kickstand that you can just put on the back here in this hole. Just screws right in there you go, you can see its also got wall mounts there for putting a nail on your wall or its got two screw mounts to screw a frame plate. Then all we need to do is plug it in it. Plugs in right here and then you can see heres some of the great features about it. It has its own built in 16 gigabyte memory, then its got room for plugging in a usb port, a micro usb device like uh, connecting your phone directly or as a and then uh its got a headphone jack and then its got room for an sd card. Now they say the they recommend not going any higher than a 32 gigabyte sd card and then on. The back are all your controls. So you got your power button, your different buttons for controlling the volume and going back and forth. If you wanted to see a picture or video again and then your menu button so whats great about this, is it can hold up to 15? Second mp4 videos: it does all your basic uh picture formats from jpg jpeg, bmp png so base your basic photo formats as well as mp4 15.

Second, videos alright, so lets plug it in now to the wall and just show you some of the features all right here. It comes on for us so whats great about this, is it can hold up to uh 32, 000 and plus photos just on its uh built in hard drive? And then you add, on those other uh memory, stick devices to add even more photos, but it also has an app that you can put on your phone im going to show you that in just a second that allows you to have yourself. You could, through wi fi, add photos to it or you can have family or friends get connected to it through the app and if they download the freemium app is what its called, and they too can add photos to it. So lets say you want to. It makes a perfect gift, you get to um the grandma or mom, and then you just send grandma that lives across the country. Photos directly to this through the app so shes always up to date and getting new photos to this so well. Show you that in just a minute all right – this does not have its own battery, so you have to keep it plugged in at all times, so you go through some basic stuff here, alright, so we got it on now. It wants to guide us through setting up the app and allowing other people to join. You so lets go ahead and do that its going to give us a code, tells you to give the code to your friend download the app so lets.

Do the app download right real quick, so this works for ios or android, so i we have the play store here on on our phone uh. We have android so well search for framio there. It is and well we have it installed already so well, just open that and then you can just add a friend, okay, so theres our code and whats nice about these codes is they do expire, so dont worry about stealing mine or anybody elses, but uh. So it gives you the code to add the friends, so were going to go ahead and enter the code on the phone gives you the the code option here up at the top. There you go and then the app says a new frame was added and uh were all set to go. Select this picture, send it over to framio. You can write a caption. My little girl will put. You can select the most important part of the photo there. We go got that centered send photo, your photo is being sent, it tells us – and there you have it now its over here, so this photo frame is really cool.