Today: Music, hey guys, Im, Gabby, youre, watching race, Studios and today, Im going to be comparing the Godzilla album with the next play. With the aura photo frame, so these three digital photo frames are quite popular nowadays, this one coming into the market very recently, but it makes a pretty big splash. I reviewed it not too long ago. You can click right there to go. Watch that review. So you have some unique features, but lets see how we compare to some other photo frames. So lets start with build quality lets begin with the aura, so there are scenes relatively solid, but as you touch it, you feel a texture and that texture is kind of feels like something came out of a 3D printer Im, not saying its bad, but I wouldnt Says good either then we have the mix play and the next place looks kind of fancy looks like you have a gold on the side. I, like the, how the the texture is a little bit too complex. For me, I like more simple, minimalist, canos designs but yeah. I guess for some maybe older people they might like this style, the ones that I dont quite like about it is that even so, it looks like it could be expensive when you touch it feels cheap and then the stun is not particularly great. Its very flimsy. Now lets take a look at the concealer, the Godzilla Hub, a design that remind me a lot of Ikea products or even Apple products, is very clean and, once in very remarkable, is that they went with a hundred percent recyclable materials and even so its recycled materials.

You will think okay, maybe the quality is not good, but quite the opposite is the one that feels the most solid out of the tree. So I guess point to the concealer: when it comes to the screen, they all have a 10 inch screen and this one is not touch sensitivity because you have a touch bar here on the top. This is touch sensitivity same as the concealer up, but I believe, like the Cozy lab, have a better, more intuitive menu that is easy to access, especially for the elderly. Another great feature of the concealer alone is that they have a light ambient sensor so its the light dims in your home, especially when you go to sleep or youre watching a movie. This will also dim the screen and these two digital, the frames dont, have that and I think, thats a pretty big deal because having your digital photo frame in the same room where you sleep, you dont want it to be like blasting, a lot of slides. It will bother you, while youre sleeping so having ambient sensor is pretty useful. The other thing is that we also have a gyroscope in this one and this one well, this one doesnt. So if you want to go into landscape mode, it will automatically adjust the picture for that. When it comes to storage, they all have onboard 10 gigabytes, but these are unlimited, free storage on the cloud. Well, this one, you need to pay a membership that will cost you 50 dollars a year.

Aura also have unlimited free storage when its gone to uploading photos into your digital photo frame. All three of them have a dedicated app that you can upload pictures easily. You can also send pictures to an email, and you can upload that way, but the concealer wont take it a little bit farther beside these two methods. You can also have Google photo and Instagram when it comes to special features. There isnt much to talk about the aura or the next play, but there is a lot to talk about the concealer album thats because it has Alexa picture this youre washing the dishes you run out of liquid detergent and you go hey. Alexa buy some liquid detergent. Its that easy, you can also use it to set, alarms, reminders and just listen to stories. Listen to the news check the weather. I mean this is very smart. You can also create memo. Dont forget to bring a towel so its like little knots, like sticky notes on the on top of the the pictures that you are displaying, and that is very helpful, not just for yourself but for any family member lets say you live early to work. You want to live left a memo here for your wife or your kid, or you can create memos also for your parents even without being at home. You can do it in the app with your phone, so incredibly helpful. Another special feature: does this one? Have a digital clock? Not just one have a few and some pre loaded artwork.

So lets say you have some guests coming to your home and you dont want to show all your private pictures to everybody right. So you can quickly change to uh. Basically, any digital clock that is already preloaded here by the way: theyre really nice, really nice, looking digital clocks and another thing is that this can create channels or libraries, like you, would in your iPhone. So you can have, for example, of the pictures of your kids. Then you can have all the pictures of your wedding, all the pictures of your trip and you can create albums according to whatever easy that you wan na. Look at that time when it comes to price. Currently, because we are approaching Black Friday and maybe by the time youre watching this video were already uh, Black Friday is done basically, but currently as it right now. The concealer album is not just the smartest and, in my opinion, nice, its looking its also the most affordable at 149, while this is 189 and this is 179 dollars. So the price here will constantly change because there are promotions Black Friday, like Mothers Day or whatever its going to keep changing all the time. But I said right now: the casino along have the best offer, not just on price, but to be honest in quality and features. Okay guys. I hope this video have helped. You make a purchase decision when it comes to these three photo frames. I will put some links in the description down below and if you havent subscribed yet to my Channel, please do so.

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