Oh, what are the digital drawings that i have done on procreate so without further ado, let’s get into it Music. So this is a stack. This is some drive that i have done this one is me: i have doodled on it, so cute stars well yeah, and this is a digitally recreated um photo or drawing that i have done and yeah. Now there is our. I love this cat it’s, so cute let’s get out of the stack now. So these are the wallpapers that i have done this one. I set it on my ipad it’s on the home screen. I love to do this marble effect. I will watch till the end to know how i make this it’s so interesting. You know so satisfying to watch, and this is a wallpaper too, which i haven’t set it yet okay, so it has written jack because my name is jacqueline and they call me jack and mountains. Untitled artwork it’s an envelope some flowers coming out of it, which is so creative bubble, tea, a cozy cat, some florals guys. I love drawing digitally because it’s so relaxing satisfying to do and it improves my art skills and some technology skills because i’m, knowing how to use layers colors brushes, i know how to create new brushes and yeah, and this one i accidentally put this and i can’t Undo it so yeah, and here we go some lights and some creepy house i mean not some the creepy house, these stuff, i added it and in every drawing i have put my signature, yep Music, the layers when you duplicate and stuff yeah there’s a lot of Stuff on procreate, we need to learn it one by one.

I love this pic there’s, a cat sitting by there’s, a reflection here like right here. It looks like it’s polished, well yeah and we have a buningas which is among us, a bunny among us. Well, yes, and it has a carrot, because bunnies love carrots, Music, a balloon, puppy or dog it’s, my first drawing on procreate, so it isn’t the best. You know yeah i’m learning procreate and i’m starting to get it and watercolor flowers, which is so pretty, and i love it. So next we have a stack which is wallpapers and final. This one, which i already showed you now i’m, going to show you how we create a marble effect. So yes, so first you go to these colors. I have some of my colors here: let’s go to the palettes. Let’S use the pastel colors minimize it. So yes, i’m gon na use it now i’m gon na do the galaxy. Now. Oh let’s change the brush. Oh okay and either undo that i want straight lines there we go and fill it in, go to this purple, or maybe this purple, because we need some difference in you know. So this is how you do marble effect first and this pink so cute when you do it and finally, we’ll choose this one: okay, now let’s do the marble effect go to the layers, we need to add a new layer, and then you put some other color On top of it, Music, first let’s liquify, it liquify Music, hello, Music.

So this is how you would do marble effect, which is so cute. All right, we’ll, put push it’s so interesting, see Music and yeah we’ll go to the new layer and put something on top of it. So we can like draw something else. This color and now you take the eraser let’s choose a different brush. I created some of my own brushes, and this is one of them.