This is sort of a reenactment Ive had this actually for about a three weeks, I think its a digital scale and uh yeah. My scale I found out was off by about six pounds. Um, let me show you here its pretty old scale: old school analog scale, but its pretty hefty. So when you get on this youre, pretty uh, confident youre not going to be going anywhere or this isnt going to be slipping out from under you, but um yeah. I went to sorry, I went to a doctors office or visit and hes trying to tell me I weighed 209. I said no, I dont weigh 209.. It ended up. It was the old fashioned scale with the weights and uh. So that prompted me to go. Get this because found out that my scale was off too um. When I thought I was at 179, it was actually weighing probably about 184., so um yeah. I started walking again and I wanted to make some accurate measurements a gauge of my weight, and so this is. This is the new Styles, I guess, and its one of those products, thats sort of promoted by Amazon, among others, and you can see how thin it is so, its so small my feet toes stick out a little bit over the edge. I guess Ill show you some video of my weight loss progress so far. I just I was going to try to extend it longer, but I just finished about a 48 hour fast, and so it takes some AAA batteries on the back here, which came with the unit three and reading the comments, I did see one of these shattered.

So if youre a larger person, I dont know, I feel a little timid when I step on this, they have warning labels about. You know wet feet, obviously, on a nice smooth surface as opposed to the large larger analog one which has the sort of rubber textured surface or where your feet go and its touch. So as soon as you um press down on this and step off at zeros, you get a zero reading and uh just step on it. But I dont, you know very careful and mindful, when I step on this and doesnt, give you the confidence that a unit like that would um. I guess I didnt scroll enough through the list of scales. There are analog scales, but youre up into the 50 over 50 dollar range. This one here now is 19.95 high paid 21.24 for it um Im thinking, I would have paid the extra money to get the larger one, so the analog ones, a good, maybe 13, wide by 17 long but its you know its got a good comfortable room for Your feet, this one here your feet, you know Ill show videos of my Wayne my progress so far, but yeah I mean this is what you get. I was kind of surprised. You know its hard to gauge when you look at some of these pictures. Um advertising. These products and realized when I, when I got it, was just going to be this thin light unit but Im getting an accurate, hopefully an accurate measurement of my weight and yeah.

I just wanted to do a quick video on this is what to expect for these new digital scales. If you want a digital scale like this nice and thin, like I said, I did see a picture one of these broken where the glass had shattered and if youre a heavier person a larger person over six feet. Yeah, I think Id want something more substantial. Like a larger analog scale to step on, I wouldnt be surprised if there have been. I dont know for certain just conjecturing that some people have probably had accidents with these and they give you a warning label on there for a Slippery When Wet, and I think I would have personally paid the extra money still might in the future. I found out that I really cant see any way to gain access to this analog scale, to try to recalibrate it or make an adjustment other than the wheel that is available, and what I do is I move it forward like five pounds, five six pounds and That correlates to zero plus five six pounds so um. I just have to keep that in mind when I use the analog scale but yeah. Let me in the video here. So is it what you can expect for the low priced around 20 range digital scales that seem to be the new uh Norm for bathrooms? I dont know how popular these are, what yeah thats, what to expect. So I hope you found this video helpful, informative.