The first thing i want to talk about is the fact that ive gotten to play on pc playstation 5 and playstation 4.. I want to talk a little bit about the performance and how i think performance is across these platforms. Lets talk about pc first. This is probably the best platform to play on. In my opinion, the graphics look more sharp. They look more crisp, theres. Obviously, a lot more uh customization options when it comes to graphics. So if your pc isnt top of the line you can adjust, it make sure you have a smooth performance, i will say i didnt feel like i was getting huge performance out of the game for the computer that im running on my corsair one pro. I was getting about 80 fps on mac settings at 4k, which is okay, but i felt like i should be getting higher for a game thats running on a 20 year old engine, even though its upscaled or converted to a you, know more modern version or whatever That engine i felt like i should be getting better performance than what i was getting, although it wasnt bad. The other thing playing on pc gives you a lot more lobby options that you dont have on console, for instance, uh on pc. You can actually create lobbies that are password protected, or you know just create a regular lobby that anyone can join or join other lobbies. This isnt something thats available on console, so it can be a lot harder to find people to play with that are trying to do specific things and so thats.

Another reason you may want to consider playing on pc talking about ps5 for a minute. I got to play on both the quality and performance settings. This is kind of your standard, higher resolution, less frame rate, lower resolution, better frame rate setup – i think probably out of the two performance – handles a bit better, its a bit smoother, although it plays okay on quality, but i would recommend playing on performance if youre gon Na play on ps5, it just makes for a better, smoother experience, even if it isnt quite as crisp and then. Finally, i also played on ps4 pro this isnt the base ps4. So i dont know how the game plays on base ps4, but on ps4 pro, the frame rate was good enough. In my opinion, it was probably hovering somewhere around 60 fps, or at least it felt fairly close to that, if not exactly 60 fps and the graphics werent, quite as good as ps5 as you might expect. But it played relatively well, and i dont think you should have any problems playing on this platform. A couple issues with console that i think people might run into are are finding people to play with might be a bit more difficult uh, because you cannot create lobbies. The way you can on pc uh youre, either forced to find a random game with like a specific quest setting that people are on specific quests or you are going to have to invite people or play with people.

You know, specifically, i think, theres going to be quite a few people who play with their friends, so that may not be as big of an issue. But if youre somebody who doesnt know a lot of people or you dont know anyone who else whos playing diablo 2 resurrected and youre trying to find people to play with youre going to get kind of a crap shoot of what you get online. Another issue is the fact that the chat uh you have to chat with controller, which takes a really long time to say anything um and that theres no in game voice chat. So youd have to invite somebody to chat outside of the application, which may be a problem uh. You dont typically invite people into a you know a party to chat with them that youve never spoke to before uh. So i dont think a lot of people are gon na be comfortable doing that which is going to kind of hinder playing with random people on the internet. Beyond that, one of the biggest issues playing online is, of course, shared loot. If you didnt know, diablo 2 has shared loot. That means anything that drops is up for grabs for anyone when youre playing with random people or even your friends, uh people tend to just grab whatever, because they assume the other people will grab whatever its probably a safe assumption. So a lot of times you get screwed out of loot and it makes it for a less of a fun experience.

Then you know maybe, if youre playing with somebody, you know or a family friend or a good. You know a couple of good friends and you guys are playing different classes, so loot distribution is rather easy. Playing online with randoms is going to wreck that loot experience for you and might dissuade you from doing that. Its one thing to have the loot issue, but its another not to be able to communicate. So if youre not going to be able to be able to communicate, and you have a loot issue, you cannot resolve that issue. You cant say like its not going to be as easy to communicate. Oh im looking for this gear or that gear or somebody else to have a dialogue back and forth like and gain trust of somebody, so that you guys can play together. Even though you just met so thats, probably going to dissuade a lot of people from playing online with people, they dont know, and i have serious concerns about what that means. For the longevity of the game, beyond playing with your friends in some ways, i almost feel like blizzard or the diablo 2 resurrected team got some bad feedback here, because i feel like shared loot is something that should have been changed. I understand that there is a sense to preserve the original essence of diablo 2, but if youre, a new player coming into this game, its seriously going to dissuade you from playing with other people and i feel like theres a fine line between not changing anything and Preserving the essence of a classic and making it better.

When you have the opportunity to do so, and i dont think youre gon na see tons of people complaining about changing shared loot, sure maybe youll get some really loud individuals. That say it changes the whole game. But realistically, youre gon na have far more people complaining about shared loot and it would absolutely extend the life of this game if people could play online. Without that worry, and there are other things i feel like they should have changed as well. It doesnt end there, for instance, if youre playing on pc and youre using controller. You can auto sort your inventory. However, if you switch back to keyboard and mouse, you cannot do that. Why can you do it on controller, but not keyboard and mouse is beyond me. I mean you can literally pick up a controller, auto sort. Your loot then go back to keyboard and mouse in a couple of seconds and be done. If you can do that, why not just give people the option? Is it to just maintain some semblance of the original game that you literally cannot add an auto sort? That sort of thing is beyond me. I mean thats so minimal. Why not just add it other things i would have wished that they would have changed as well. Are i wish you would have more inventory space or created a separate inventory space for charms as much as again, they want to preserve the essence of the game, going back and forth to dump your inventory every 10 minutes or every five minutes since you get more And more loot is not exactly how you want to be spending your time.

You want to be out there, farming and killing monsters, and i dont feel like you would have ruined the experience for anyone to have a larger inventory or a separate inventory for charms. I am extremely happy: they increased the storage space and added uh tabs for transferring equipment between characters that you can also use to stash up. That is a huge improvement, so kudos there and i dont want to make it seem like im, just knocking the negatives, because that is a massive improvement in my opinion and id love to see stuff like that. Another issue that i have playing multiplayer – that i you know i forgot about – is basically that you get body blocked by other players all the time. There are a lot of narrow corridors and doorways inside diablo, 2 and a lot of times. You and other players will block each other, get blocked in by enemies and you can get your teammates killed uh or they can get you killed and the more players. You add to the mix the more likely it is for you to get frustrated and body blocked. One little change they could have made is making it. So you can pass through other players. I dont know what the ramifications are for that for pvp, but in terms of pve, that would have made the pve experience better. All in all, though, i really really enjoyed the beta, i my best moments playing the beta were from co oping with friends of mine, where we were talking on.

You know in discord chat so that we can communicate who needs what i have this weapon. You need this weapon and i feel, like the bulk of people are probably going to get the most fun from playing diablo 2, either alone or with close friends, and the the sort of greater online community playing with randoms is probably not going to be such a Huge thing, particularly on console, because its just too difficult to do and theres not a lot of incentive to do it for those of you who have played the closed beta. What do you think so far? Are the multiplayer issues on console dissuading you from wanting to play with random people, or has it not been a problem for you? Uh is the shared loot a deal breaker? Is that something you wish they would have changed, or is it something that doesnt really bother? You and it doesnt really matter that they didnt change that at all. How has your experience been on console? Have you tried playing with controller hows xbox? I havent got to check that out.