I found on aliexpress and i ordered it about a month or so ago it took about half a month, i think of maybe three weeks to arrive to my front door and since i survived, i was keep testing it and playing around and just see. Is it worth it to spend? I think it totally cost me around 170 dollars for all this. So i have my talking point here talking points here on that separate monitor that i want to cover in this video and then hopefully, by end of this video, you will. Basically, you will feel if it’s a right choice for you to go and purchase or you’re going to just carry on and looking for something else. So let’s begin with inside the box content inside the box was 18 watt european style adapter with uk adapter. I am not you, i haven’t used them at all during this testing pro period because they just don’t feel safe enough. I just don’t want to put my house on fire and the uk adapter is missing the third pin, so i decided not to use them at all, and i was using the same adapter that arrived on my next dock too, which is 60 watts and charging still Was rubbish of this portable display? I will cover in a second. Besides the charger and adapter, there was obviously a detachable keyboard as i because i ordered that extra this detachable keyboard cost extra, fifty dollars and i’ll.

Let you know if it’s worth it or not, i’ve watched two usb type c cables. One is for charging and one is for connecting your galaxy device to the side of this portable display user manual and obviously the actual display itself. So before going over and talking about display, i want to go and talk to you about the keyboard as soon as i picked this keyboard out of the box. My first first thought was: oh well that feels cheap and it is it’s, basically plastic, fantastic thing that i paid 50 dollars for that and to be honest, uh straight away out of the bat, is not worth at all 50 dollars. It’S, a nice bonus thing to have for the money monitor because it acts same as the as a screen protector, but as a keyboard. Okay, as the keywords are right to type one or two sentences there and then that’s it, but not to be used as a let’s say, a permanent import device. This keyboard has the progress style connectors here the same as you can find. On the some microsoft surface. Pro devices it’s not backlit keyboard, it sounds plastic when you’re, trying to type and it’s great uh and for top bit is plastic the bottom bit. It feels like fake leather, which slightly like stops the old device to moving or sliding across the table. It’S not like really sticks to the table, but it just stops for moving around.

There is three magnets. I think there are two here and one is here which keeps the keyboard attached to this display and without, like it’s gon na protect the screen, basically that’s that’s a fifty dollars. Fifty dollars worth of protection protecting screen protector, not the keyboard, i would say so – it’s just properly clips on and it’s free, because the fourth one is missing, as they really needed to put the buttons here so there’s a button. So they not put any magnets here. What is really annoying me about this keyboard is, there is no function keys, there is no escape key and there is no a meta key. Basically, these buttons, the most important buttons on any keyboard. They are missing and i mean why okay function, keys, i’m. Sort of can live without using samsung dex in some way, but escape key and the meta key they’re like most used keyboard keys. For my during my use i mean why why why this being decided to remove – and i mean it’s – really really annoying me, so this is biggest downside of this keyboard and you spend fifty dollars on this. I mean this costs fifty dollars and this one will cost you about fifty dollars as well on amazon and if you can find this on sale, it’s going to be even cheaper. So why spend fifty dollars on this uh plastic thing when you can spend fifty dollars on logic k380, which has a lot of buttons? It has meta key, it has escape key and, yes, all the functions keys as well, and you can connect to three different devices and switch between them on the flight so that’s.

Basically, the keyboard it’s 50 dollars of of a piece of the plastic right let’s go to a fun bit, which is a portable, monitor. Let’S go to my bullet points on about the monitor right ports on the right right hand, side. We have headphone jack and usb type c for data, so it’s. Like otg connection, i tried to connect the keyboard, mouse game, controller, usb keys, etc, and they all worked. According to the manual, the data port on the right is usb type c version 2 and data port on the left, uhd type c version 3. But, to be honest, i haven’t noticed any difference between them. They worked exactly the same for me at the top. We have power button volume rocker, which acts like a osd menu navigation buttons, and then we have osd button, which you press once you will see a battery life. If you press and hold it acts as a back button and then inside the osd menu when you’re navigating pressing once it acts like okay or entry button and on the left hand side, we have usb type c for charging. We have usb type c to data, so that’s, the second one. We have usb type c to connect to galaxy device and then we have mini hdmi. There are two speakers located ones on the left and the right, and i expected them to be rubbish, but they actually quite good they’re about around average just over the average quality.

Um they’re not like super amazing speakers: you’re not you’re, not going to enjoy uh every rich detail of the music that you’re going to listen, but they’re, really decent speakers actually they’re much better than a you perfect x. Speakers that i reviewed just recently and those speakers are on the x band x are much better than your perfect x. According to their website. This live portable display has 10 000 milliamps battery. According to the manual, this portable display has 5 000 milliamps battery so which one to believe. Well after my testing, i would say, it’s very close to 10 000 milliamps battery, because this portable display fully charged lasted for around five hours during my video playback time. Exactly the same amount as the upper effect x did, which this definitely has 10 000 milliamps battery. So, like i said i wasn’t using their supplied power brick, i was using the next dog 260 watts uh power, brick and charging this live display was really slow. It takes forever to charge it by the way, because maybe i use the the more powerful one more powerful wall plug than what they supplied this area. Where is the charging port? This area was getting pretty hot. I mean it wasn’t, really like hot worrying hot, but it was a bit toasty. So maybe just like, i said because my power brick was too much powerful or just generally that’s. What should happen on this monitor, but it was getting a bit hot, so um during the testing of the battery life, i fully charged this display.

I connected my galaxy s6 and then i done the same testing with the note 9 and i noticed that this tab. This display is not outputting enough power to keep my galaxy device charged as well. So my note 9 and my galaxy s6 we’re losing around one percent every 45 minutes. But if i was supplying the power to this monitor and then passing the power to galaxy devices, both devices tab 6 and note 9 were getting the power. So battery was getting charged at a rate of one percent every an hour, maybe 45 minutes to an hour. So speed charging speed of the galaxy device connected to this is not great at all. Next thing is: build quality, uh, all aluminum backed very comfortable to hold and won’t gon na slide from your hands, but the finish is so easy to scratch. This already has uh two three four five, six seven is that the scratch eight eight dense, scratches. Oh nine, here literally, oh no that’s, just a just a piece of dust, um metal kickstand. At once, you open it looks like a very flimsy and wobbly thing, but it’s actually quite sturdy, and you can open somewhere at around 140 degrees, all the way so it’s very comfortable when it’s, fully open to use for gaming or just interacting with an app on The display that requires the screen inputs, but another thing about this stand. So if you’re gon na obviously use this way so that’s great.

But if you just open open slightly just a bit and then interact with the screen, the display will just slowly go down to fully open because it’s all metal around it’s going to scratch your desk very very easily. It doesn’t scratch mine. But just in case, if you have very very gentle desk, this might might give you a couple of scratches on there um the metal thing. What happened with the kickstand when it’s closed there’s a magnets here goes around the around the edge. So when you close it, it sort of shuts and magnus keeps in and there’s a metal channel here, which is, i already decided to peel off after one hour to use so put a lot of gorilla glue in here just to keep that in one place. So, just one of the things to mention to you just in case you’re, going to get this monitor, you will know that this piece of the metal might fall off right. Let’S go to the fun bit now. This is 13.3 inches ips panel, which runs at 2k resolution, which is 2560 by 1440p. Yes, my friend, you can connect your galaxy device and get yourself a 2k samsung dex output. My note 9 on the desk 1080p for some reason, but my galaxy tab is 6 dust, 2k output and i was using this portable monitor with my samsung samsung galaxy tab. S6, all the time, because it’s 2k resolution i wanted to uh test it out because come on this portable monitor selling point, i would say, is 10 000 milliamps power battery, and it runs at 2k resolution for productivity 2k resolution on this 13.

3 inches display. For my personal use, it’s just bad – i mean everything’s, so small and it’s just it’s not comfortable to use for productivity it’s, just not when, when you’re reading a big, lengthy wall of text or something or editing or writing documents, i just found that um. I always kept increasing text size and the websites keep zooming in just to read text properly for productivity 2k resolution on this monitor is not for me, but for media consumption and gaming. This is amazing screen for me. The consumption i was using to watch um like netflix and youtube, etc. Everything looks perfect so for media consumption, yes, and for gaming i decided to test two cloud gaming services. With this portable display. One is microsoft, microsoft, xbox, game cloud, a game pass cloud thingy and i was playing forza 4 horizon one thing about game pass all the games. Outputs are by default, the 1080p 60hz and you can change resolution. It looked alright, 1080p on this monitor right, but when i went and changed to shadow pc and shadow pc had unloaded forza for horizon using microsoft store, and i changed resolution to everything max to 2k. This screen was showing forza 4 game. Absolutely amazing. I enjoyed the playing the game so much. It looked super great overall if you’re looking to buy yourself a first ever portable display. This is a really good choice for you to go for 2k resolution. 10 000 milliamps battery your galaxy device might work at 2k.

Might not so that’s one of the things to consider, but overall you have two usb type c data ports bonus. You have 2k resolution bonus. We have a kickstand which is an m, but you can open all the way out and use this as a touch tablet. Sort of thing on the samsung decks come on keyboard bonus, so it is a decent choice if you’re looking to buy yourself a first portable display anyway, like i said, it’s it’s, alright screen i’m gon na keep using this as a media consumption, but nothing else. Another thing i have here on my nose to mention to you that if this video that you just watched till the end, which i appreciate is you’re still not sure if this more portable monitor is for you, i’ll leave a link in description below which will take. You to samsung decks subreddit group and there is a post by rt stila, one of our members. He’S he’s has exactly the same portable monitor and a keyboard and he’s done a very well well written written review about this unit, so go and check it out that review so two opinions a better one one. Thank you much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video hope. This video gives you enough insight about this display and the keyboard, and thank you, don’t forget to subscribe to samsung dex subreddit group is almost 13 000 of us there and obviously click like on this video and subscribe to my channel.

Thank you much for watching.