. Its got the gnome 43 shell and it comes with loaded notes of stuff. Apparently its already got. Rpm Fusion enabled, but having said that, it aint got an awful lot of screencasting software available to it. The only one that I could find in the repos was vocal screen NG and I just dont get along with vocal screen audio cuts out or becomes garbled. After about 15 minutes, regardless of the version theres something wrong with it, it doesnt quite work, and it never has for me. So what do you get with this? You get lots of stuff, you get audacity, you get blender, you get a load of things for cgns nodes, whatever the heck that is cgns. This cgnis that cgns this cgns plot. What is it if you know you probably need it? If you dont, you, probably dont, you also get cheese webcam, which is you know its a nice toy. You get a Color Picker you get dark table which is fantastic for processing your raw digital images, absolutely fantastic. Second to none. You also get um diagram. Editor! You get entangle and I forgot what that is. What is untangle its a webcam thing, help about tethered camera control and capture software, so thatll be a few like home security stuff, I guess and security cameras and so forth. Okay, uh youve got the Fedora media writer for writing. Usb images and isos to USB sticks, youve got font, Forge for managing and creating font.

Nice youve got the gmix stuff, which is a whole bunch of special effects, and things do you make a cute? I dont understand because the is gtk and weve got GMC cute. You get GMAC filters for the um more often than not. So I would Im amazed at the cute ones, but there you go. Youve got your hugin batch processor for doing the same effect on a whole bunch of photos. You can basically load a shed load of photos in and run one effect, and it would do that effect on all of them. Useful and youve also got the Panorama Creator. There youve got inkscape, which is a drop in for coreldraw or Adobe Illustrator nice bit of Kit, like it a lot used it a lot. Youve got krita, which does the same but its more for your kind of anime stuff, and it has got it very functional and useful uh bitmap export function as well. So I mean you can export them. Theres, really high quality. Bitmaps youve got your Libre off his LibreOffice in press, everybody offers writer and thats all you get look at it um. I dont think you get draw. Youve got a PDF arranges: youve got TV, um, video creator, your linear, video editor and creator Pomodoro, which is your time management software. So if youve only got to be on your computer for a certain length of time, this will let you know when that time is up and so forth.

Youve got rhythm box for listening back to your audio files. Youve got subscribers for your desktop publishing shot well for looking at your pictures, synfix studio for creating complex animations, its pretty damn good, but complex, High, sharp learning curve, but worth it once you get there text editor for your little text. Notes. Youve got your to do list. You got a tour theres vocal screen, which I tried, but I didnt like got xernel, which I dont know what it is. What is it tell me its the Next Generation Ive got no idea what this is. So I guess, if you know what it is, you know what it is it looks to me like. It might be something like. Maybe, if its impress is it for making presentations slideshows whatever, if you know what zonal plus plus, is you let me know, but anyway, this is Fedora Design, Studio or design Suite based on Fedora Linux, 37, its pretty Swift actually on this old machine. This is a an old I5 satellite pro has donated by Zippity boss, a long long time ago, 2017 December still going strong, zip um and it seems to like fedori designs win.