I recently received a package from the good people at capable. Now these guys make smartphone cases. Ipad covers laptop sleeves tablet covers and eReader covers, but these aren't, your everyday type of, covers k. Scible allow you to customize. They have a wide selection of designs to choose from, and you can even upload your own design or photo, which is very cool. Now you can check them out at case of all calm. Now this is a giveaway video, which means that case. It will have kindly offered a lucky subscriber can choose a case of their choice from the case herbal range. Now these aren't basic, cheaper cases, these ones allow you to be totally different from everybody else, so it is a fantastic prize. If you want something different to reflect your style, all you need to do to win is check out case of allcom. Have a look at their range then follow tech based on our new just launched facebook page and leave a comment about what device you want to protect and you could win a unique case to protect their device. Links will be in the description below and this is open to everyone in the world, so they sent me a sleeve for a 13 inch laptop and also a hard case for a phone now this case isn't exactly manly. My wife does love it, though yeah, but it gives you an idea of the colorful looks that you can achieve now.

Although this design is a little girly for my taste, it does look very nice. There is a soft kissable logo on the inside, so we'll just pop the phone in it's a perfect fit. It holds securely and it's still pretty easy to remove, though when you need to. If you like this particular design, it is called dialogue with the sky. If I remember quickly now looking at the sleeve, it is a neoprene, it is neoprene, I believe so here's good heading and the zippers nice and chunky with the cable logo there. Now this particular design is called nebula. I actually chose this design, but I think if you're going to get a customized case, I recommend you go for something with some color, because a design like the one I chose just doesn't stand out. Color would give it more impact, especially on something sighs and inside is a soft velvet type interior to prevent scratching. It seems to be quite roomy. This particular severs 4 13 inch laptops and it will easily fit any of the 13 inch. Macbook range I've got a 13 inch MacBook Air 13 inch MacBook Pro Retina and the theater of the new 2016, a 13 inch MacBook Pro and they all fit fine. I even managed to stretch the neoprene to accommodate two mech books, so larger laptop shifts that, like a glove it's, a very nice sleeve so check out our case of all calm. And if you want to win a cool customized case of your own.

Remember to follow us on Facebook and leave a comment about what device you want to predict. A winner will be chosen at the beginning of February.