It was sent out to me from a company called dhgate. It arrived really quickly and the spec of this laptop has the jasper lake, so its got the sauron in 5095, with its four cores, its a 10 nanometer chip paired up with 12 gigabytes of ram and a 256 gigabyte ssd. It didnt sound too bad to me as a 15.6 inch, affordable, laptop it didnt mention if it has an ips screen, only that its a full hd screen and the build of it metal in this red color, as you can see, so is it a laptop that Is okay: well thats? What im here, of course to find out and let you know and a little bit of a spoiler here that uh no its, not one! You want to be considering or shortlisting, and in fact my review will probably help you want to avoid this model and youll see why so inside the box. Apart from the laptop, we do actually get quite a few extras that they have included. So weve got the power supply for the m11, which is a two pronged style. They include a cheap, webcam im, not even going to test this out. It is the d ri or the dairy brand and a cheap mouse, a usb 2 hub – and this right here too, which is some stickers over the top of the keyboard there theyre in spanish, and they even include a mouse pad for us and then our user Manual, this color is there red.

Now it is a red that at certain angles, leans towards almost looking like pink, especially when we look at the keyboard which well get onto shortly, so the top of the lid. This is made out of alloy. It has a matte finish to it its going to be very easy to scratch its a very soft alloy. So this is just a sticker right here. We should be able to pull that off without any problems at all and lifting this up, one handed. No, you cannot do that. You need both hands to do that so keyboard layout here, full sized keyboard, which is good now typing on it, the keys, arent too bad and pressing down. There really is no bounce and theres no flex in the middle, its not a bad keyboard, but i wouldnt rate it as high quality. It still feels a little bit plasticky plastic keycaps. They do curve in slightly ever so slightly and you can see that weve got all our shortcuts. There screen uh scroll, lock there print screen button dedicated one and then full size. Arrow keys is good to see, and then our number keypad here too, as well the power button away at least its not right next to the delete key or where the delete key is with some units status led is at the top here for our power battery Life and the caps lock and yes, it is a backlit keyboard, so you can see right now.

There are the keys lit up now its not that clear just around where some of the keys are like enter here and shift so uneven distribution of that back lighting. But it is good that we do have at least the backlighting there with this keyboard. Our palm rest is made out of alloy again and we do have a touch pad that is really quite large in size, but its not really that good. Okay, i find that the more sensitive movements the cursor can sometimes lag a little bit, so you move and it doesnt register quite as well as i would hope it can be a little bit jumpy at times, so a frustrating touch pad, so the fingerprint reader thats There and its good, and it is a focal tech brand one and it seems to work okay. I dont really have any issues with that, at least now it does have left and right clicky mouse buttons built within it. It does not rattle the touchpad, but i would certainly be using a mouse, maybe thats, why they gave us a mouse in the box because they know its a poor, touchpad and youll see here on the right. We have our microphone, which is kind of an odd location on the right hand, side you see, we have our dc in there for charging. You can see that it doesnt quite line up perfectly that dc plug there. The bell plug usb 3.0 hdmi, which is 2.

0, so this does 4k 60 with the jasper lake and the uhd graphics. And then this is data usb 3.0 type c. So its not type c, it supports video out. Unfortunately – and you can see they try to make it look a little bit slimmer here by doing this with the design, and how thick is it well? Measuring right here is 19 millimeters, and the weight of it is 1.7 kilos for a 15.6 inch laptop weight. Wise is actually not bad and the thickness is well its okay, its definitely not as chunky as a gaming laptop, but its no thin ultrabook and on the left, weve got gigabit lan, so that is good to have, because you dont normally get that anymore. It does have wi fi ac, built into this, a combo 3.5 millimeter jack there usb 3.0 again and then an sd card reader. This is good to have, but it is only usb 2 speeds this one as i expected it is slow, so it caps out about 24 25 megabytes per second read and writes then gaining access to the internals, which is something you dont have to do, because weve Already got our boot drive right there thats all you can change, because the ram is not upgradable, replaceable and youll see you do have to remove. However, these two screws that are under that large rubber rear foot. Once you do that this rear panel, then it should just lift off okay like so, which is good.

Ah, but there we go. You can see, of course, weve got room, then to install a set of three 2.5 inch drive to screw that into place so thats. The only reason youd really want to open this up here, build quality, looking yeah pretty average. A lot of tape around here. Holding down some of those cables pcb quality doesnt seem super high end, as you would expect, and you can see theres a fair amount of copper on here, which is good, and now this one is configured as a 10 watt chip, the sauron 5095.. We are off to a bad start here when you take a look at the display. Now the website did state that its just a full hd screen, thats it they didnt, say ips. When they dont mention ips, then you know its probably going to be a tn panel, which it is look at this colors shift out. It looks very washed out. You have to look at it directly if you dont, it does not look great and the brightness on it. Okay, this full hd matte coated anti glare panel, only 166 nets, thats crazy, low, okay, 166 nets. Full brightness im almost on right now is not good, were not off to a very good start at all. Color coverage here, adobe rgb of only just 42, that is really poor. Okay and then ntsc of 40 thats bad and 56 s rgb. So a super low end low grade extremely poor panel that theyve gone with in the m11 here moving over to screen capture now its just a little easier for me, because that screen is not great to record.

Ive had a bit of difficulty doing that, and we can pick up on this a lot better too. With the screen capture. You can see that when i bring up the start menu that it comes in a little bit, laggy now its not actually as bad as it looks here, because it would be in 1080p. So this is maybe causing a little bit of that slowness there and it could be because im capturing too, but its external capture card that is connected up to this. So under our device manager here uh, you can see task manager, sorry that ram. We have a look at the memory, it is a dual channel and it is running at 2933 megahertz, which is good thats, going to help the uhd graphics, and we have 156 gigabytes dedicated to that 11th. Gen uhd, graphics there from intel now the m11. It does. If you look under system here, ship with windows – 10 pro okay thats – what it is, you need to run updates. However, windows 11 support, ive just confirmed and ill. Do it again with the pc health app that it is not running, unfortunately secure boot. So you see now when i check uh. Oh, this pc does not currently meet windows, 11 system requirements, so that means without a bias, update to enable that secure boot. This is not going to be able to run windows 11, so that is bad there. Okay, hopefully they can correct this now that drive.

I showed you before the king fast say to three spec ssd 256 gigabytes, its, not amazing, those speeds, but its okay. I mean it is sata3. So if we had pci 3.0, that would be a lot better. A lot faster, perhaps a little bit more expensive, would have been nice to have, but really with this chipset, i dont think it matters too much so free space, 206 gigabytes is what you will find and just to point out too in our devices here with device Manager that the lan port and the wireless is real tech. Okay, now the adapter is actually sorry its courtship, this one which ive never seen before chip adapter in there. Now this realtek adapter its only about 320 megabits per second wireless 6 – would have been better. So this is wi fi 5 spec wireless ac, but ax would have been better, but we do not have that and our processor youll see it in here at sauron, so the n50 95 maximum turbo single thread is 2.9 gigahertz. So its a step up from the old gemini lake and it does have now a 10 nanometer process instead of 14 intel, has finally moved away from the 14 nanometer process, even with these entry level system on a chip geekbench 5.. I ran this with the power connected, of course, if it was just on battery, it would be a lot slower, so 6′ single core score and just over 2 000 multi core score here, 15 watt processor.

So it is a little bit faster than what we had previously, especially with those gemini lakes that were only configured to just six watts. It certainly has a little bit more headroom there with that power limit of 15 watts and the fan inside so its an okay score, but still very low in there. This is not a powerhouse of a laptop at all video playback. I have noticed now that, with this jasper, lake youd expect it to be well just as good as gemini lake, if not better right, so a few stutters in the beginning and its still doing it its dropping frames here, so the performance a little choppy now. It is a super demanding file hevc and the fact that its a high bit rate too 140 megabits per second and 10 bit now its smooth, but it does need around, like seven eight seconds to smooth out and then its running fine. What about 4k 60? This is another one of those demo clips that i always test out now this particular clip you can see that it seems to be in slow motion a little bit its definitely there. We go its lagging okay, thats, not running at 60 frames per second now it is and then its just dropping frames like crazy and become choppy. So the video performance not good. Now i dont really have anything in the background running at all. Ive just got a spreadsheet here, just to show you that this is really what this kind of laptop is ideal for is very light things, so documents spreadsheets, google stuff, like that chrome, okay, you dont really want to be taxing this because its not a powerful laptop.

Its for basic computing needs now onto our chrome performance looking at youtube here. This is a 4k clip thats, not even running in 4k yet, and it is dropping frames, okay, so its not a good sign at all to see this. Okay, that was in 1440p, so lets put it into 4k 60. Is it even going to be out of hand you can see that cpu is just maxing out 100 memory is fine, okay, but its not even full screen at the moment, so swap it over to full screen mode and look at this dropping a lot of frames. Oh yeah, thats, constant and the playback is choppy so just like the video there quite disappointing performance now i have updated to the latest intel drivers ive done all of that got it from the intel software update the live, update tool and its not that thats to Blame its just that cpu is having a bit of trouble here playing such demanding resolution through chrome. Now an egypt would probably be quite a bit better, so ill get out of this and just go into standard google and have a look, a quick search and see how many tabs we can open and what kind of performance are we going to experience out of This particular spec, so taking a look here at cats and lets open up about. I normally run about 10 tabs youre going to have to control that not because of the ram not ram managing but really down to just those course being maxed out its only a quad core.

If it had eight threads, it would be a little bit better here. Now, thats, okay, swapping between these tabs, thats, fine and ill just scroll down here, because theres, an embedded video – and this was in the mini pc video too. You can see now yeah that feels choppy scrolling down our cpu still maxed out starting to drop down. Now. To 50 percent and then going through these tabs again, i think that performance now i mean this is its okay, but i wouldnt call it flawless, definitely with the embedded videos and lots of content, lots of images that scrolling is okay, but now all the images some Definite noticeable lags. You probably want to run really a few less tabs right here. This will be the only game, ill, be testing on this spec here so im going to run the lower resolution here, not the lowest, but i mean 720p thats, pretty low there lowest possible visuals and well take a look and see how the dust2 competitive map is Going to run on this jasper lake here we go so around 30 frames per second, i have seen it get down to 25. This performance is not amazing, semi playable. Here i hope it sticks to more like 60 frames per second, but oh, oh, oh, oh and yeah. I got killed anyway all down to 20., so not good for gaming. This jasper lake, even though yes, its 15 watts, this performance is very, very low end.

As you can see, finally, some good news – and that is it – doesnt – go over 66 degrees and it pulls about 10 watts here, according to hw info now, ive been pushing it hard benchmarking, gaming and the fan does come on. You do hear it its not that loud and its not a hot chip, either its only a 10 watt processor. So with that fan, these thermals are great. It does have quite a bit of copper in there, so thats one area theyve actually done something decent. The rest of the laptop, however, well yeah, if youve been watching, not so good, okay battery life. What is it like on this particular model? Well, its not amazing its only a 38 watt hour battery and youre looking at i struggled to get over three hours with this, with my general kind of work on it. So if you watch this, video content and youve got the brightness down, which is already loaded start well. If youve got it even lower uh, then yeah you may be able to get a little bit more than that, but its terrible, its not good at all. So linux that does actually work no secure boot on here i tested a live image, boot image of linux, mint, it worked uh and hey, you wont be getting this laptop anyway, so i just thought id mention it that i have actually tested it out. So true disappointment here, i thought it might be better than what it looked like on their website, but that is also what im here for theyre, not everythings, going to be amazing and a positive review there, certainly isnt, and now you know, of course, to completely review This to completely not consider it – and i wasted here quite a few days – testing this out, which is very frustrating so if you dont see any more just belake laptops or these affordable laptop reviews from me in the channel – and i just start focusing on products that I think are going to be good and start getting quite nitpicky and selective or what i agree to review.

You know why, because units like this are just a waste of your time, a waste of my time. Oh and i can see with the lid here too now – this is a new thing. There is this stuck on bezel look its peeling off from the outside of the screen, oh wow, what a laptop, what a webcam that its got in it too.