First we’ll try the dnr okay i5, just here, Applause, turning it on now with it turned on you’ll, see the little bar graph up here populated you can kind of see some of the different settings here: kilo, india, 5, juliet uniform foxtrot kilo, india, five, juliet uniform Foxtrot over here copy location is abilene texas. Your call sign, please copy, that your call sign copy that i have a copy on you. Okay, we’re uh, a good contact, five by nine uh. Could i have your call signed one more time. Please sorry that’s lima, uniform 3 hotel sierra copy that lima uniform, three hotel sierra. This is kilo, india, five juliette, uniform foxtrot, abilene texas, thanks for the cute thanks for the queso. Thank you so i’m going to also demonstrate the couple other settings. The dnr is turned off at this time now the dnr is turned on, and that was my uniform 3 hotel sierra. So what we’ll do next is we’ll. Try to the shift operations, 1641, zulu, so here’s. The shift see how we’re able to bring him in a little bit clearer there as i’m shifting i’m going to move it over a little bit there’s another station coming in. We have a station right there, so what i’m going to do i’m going to clear the shift out we’re going to go back to dnr Music. Here we have the station right there. Thank you. Try to bring him in on the dnr whoops Applause, julia, um, Music, radio.

Where are you located? Music Applause? Located Applause? Oh Applause! There we go now. We got a pretty good signal on him right there with the dna, so we’ve got the dnr set to 10.. So uh 1 000. So you drop down to about two Applause. Charlie Applause he’s got another contact there. So we’re going to move down here a little bit Applause, so there’s tango india, one kilo he was calling earlier so we’ll move along here. You can see all the chatter going on here it’s a lot of it: Applause uniform foxtrot cq. This is kilo, india, 5, juliet uniform, foxtrot, cq, Music Applause copy. That may have your call sign again. Applause, please copy that this kilo, india, five julia, uniform foxtrot, abilene texas – may have your callsign Applause unable to pull him out there. We’Ll move down the line here, a little Applause bit: Applause there’s the station let’s see if we can get him brought in Music kilo. India, five juliette uniform foxtrot, cq cq kilo, india, 5, juliet uniform foxtrot. I thought he said kenneth, echo 4., canada, echo 4. This is kilo india, 5. Juliet uniform foxtrot, cq kilo, india, 5, juliet uniform foxtrot. May i have your call sign again copy. I have canada, echo 4 again. I’Ve got charlie echo 4, juliet zulu oscar here copy. I have charlie echo for juliet zulu oscar over copy that the name is steve here: i’m in abilene, texas, i’ve got you five by nine and uh have a good day.

Seventy three qrs uh we’ll keep moving down the line here. We’Ll try one more thing: we’ll uh try the shift here. We’Re gon na go ahead and put the shift back to zero and now we’re gon na narrow the band see how that makes a difference. We have a narrower bandwidth here of 1950, now we’re expanding it back out, so it makes it a little bit more sharper all right. Well, this has kind of been a quick videos. Propagation was running so we decided to go ahead and put it up. I’Ll put everything back to normal i’m, going to put everything back where it is i’m, going to put the width back to 2400, which is the default and i’m going to make sure. The uh shift is also a zero and it is, and the dnr i’m going to turn it off. Applause Music really does make a difference. Okay, this is kind of just we’ll uh hope you enjoyed the video it’s kind of a live demonstration. I do have some bad news, though. Unfortunately my yaesu has experienced a problem on the fm uhf side. We were transmitting and getting very little power and we started smelling smoke coming out. So we decided to go ahead and try it on the hf side which it seems to be holding. So i think, from a troubleshooting standpoint, the factory can at least focus on the vhf and uh side, but unfortunately half the half of my rig is dead.

So all i can talk on is hf right now.